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  1. Burnout Paradise has online multiplayer.
  2. Another co-op game where co-op disables trophies. Sigh. This looks like a hard list one way or another; would it really have been a problem to let people pick up the campaign trophies with their friends?
  3. In the PS3 version, you definitely did get it by disarming him. So I would try that first, I guess?
  4. PSN store page says this: So if it's local co-op only, someone really messed up!
  5. Yup, this is how I got it too. Didn't even know it was possible!
  6. The notes for version 1.4 mention some changes/fixes to the dreaded arcade game. Does anyone know if this stupid trophy got easier in any meaningful way?
  7. Got the first hidden wisp by accident on PS3. Finished the others on PS4 during a cleanup spree. The in-game painting that you build up by collecting wisps is complete, but the trophy didn't pop. My guess is that cross-save has something do do with this? I don't know what else it would be. I don't see anyone else complaining about this trophy, but I can't imagine many people would split this small of a game across two machines like I did. Get all the wisps on one system, that's the only advice I can give. EDIT: Was able to get the trophy by loading a cloud save on PS3 from before I got the wisps, then playing offline so it couldn't pull in my glitched data. Whew!
  8. I'm shocked by how un-fun the gameplay of Metro Exodus is to me. It looks so good, and I heard such good reviews. I just apparently hate playing it.

    1. Spaz


      As someone who enjoyed Metro 2033 Redux and Metro Last Light Redux, is Exodus just too boring?

    2. rdhight


      The hardships you face are annoying hardships that I don't find fun. Low speed, low visibility, time pressure, ammo starvation, loads of fall damage, no lifebar, and even my ammo counter keeps disappearing off my screen! Every bullet and bandage needs to be manually looted. The story so far is my character getting mauled by monsters, carried out of the tutorial fight on a stretcher, chewed out in his hospital bed by his wife and father-in-law, then captured, shot, left for dead in a mass grave, and now I'm sneaking through a base so stupidly dark I can only find pickups because the prompts appear on-screen. I get it that it's supposed to be a game about all-too-human characters facing a world of hurt. It's just... dumb struggle instead of entertaining struggle.

  9. I'll try to stay away from games that just don't appeal to me (i.e. all sim racers) and stick to things I might have liked. Invizimals Carmageddon Another World (cool underlying content, awful controls) Lords of the Fallen Drawn to Death Cryptark Thief
  10. The devs specifically said that release dates for new content like raids and events are unannounced. Tomorrow's patch is not the raid. It's bug fixes.
  11. I've seen lots of other games that have oddly low owner numbers, too. The PS4 population is supposedly really big, so I think this is a picture of something else. Part of it is that trophy hunters just don't like sports games. But I think the bigger factor is that people just have more choices now in almost every way. Ten years ago, I feel like there was less selection on console and people funneled obediently into the same few CODs, GTAs, Halos, etc. and played them for years, like Disneyland visitors lining up outside the same few big rides. Now, as you point out, even if you like FIFA (or whatever game/genre), I think people are less likely to roll over into the current release every year. There are rereleases, niche games, retro games, PC ports — there are just more slices to the pie.
  12. Just got platinum. Profit by my experience! Most of it's easy For the most part, Borderlands 3 isn't hard, and progressing through the story came easily. Loads of side quests give non-legendary uniques that will help along the way. A second player can come help you if you get stuck. There seem to be lots of people playing multiplayer campaign right now who can fight with you and give you legendaries. Cosmetics I had way more than 10 heads and skins when I got the trophy for 10 heads and skins. There's some unwritten rule about what counts — maybe it's only what you pick up as loot? Eridian slabs Near the end of the game, you will gain the ability to decipher the red, glowing alien marks, and you will need to revisit everywhere and read all of them. These icons do not gray out when collected like everything else. Instead, when you check one off, there's a tiny, black arch within the icon that will disappear to show it's read. When you've read all of them, if the trophy doesn't pop, go back to Tannis' lab and read the one in there several times. This made it pop for me. The firing range You need to hit all 15 targets. A long reload in the middle of the sequence basically guarantees failure, so find a weapon that can shoot in a long, unbroken stream. I was lucky enough to find an Infinity, which is what I used. Could also try a break shotgun that reloads after every shot (and reloads very fast). You can have another player come help you with this; it will not void the trophy. Slaughter... the STARS! The Eridian proving grounds are about the same difficulty as the campaign: not much. In the proving grounds, you can retreat or stay back from the enemies as much as you need to. In the slaughter circles, you are locked in and may well not be able to get through with the mishmash of gear you use on a first campaign run. I found the slaughter shaft the easiest, the cistern a little harder and more annoying, and the space one is the toughest fight in the base game. What I learned about Slaughterstar 3000: Enemy numbers scale with player numbers. Only play with other people if they can carry their weight. If you are in a group, and your buddies are struggling in Round 1, they are almost certainly going to hurt rather than help. And with 4 players, the amount of pyrotechnics really taxes the PS4. Borderlands 3 has only crashed 3 times for me, and 2 of those were in Slaughterstar 3000 runs with multiple players. I actually finished it solo after failing many times in a group. Bring powerful corrosive weapons. You won't need them early on, but you definitely will later when lots of mechs come at you. Both boss robots are also weak to corrosive. I used a Breath of the Dying, which did some good work. I did not find it necessary to have a shock weapon specifically to strip shields, or a fire weapon specifically for flesh. Because of my build, I actually ended up using cryo for most non-armored enemies. Ammo can be a real problem. You can leave the arena and buy more from the vending machine between rounds, but you'll use more and more each round as it gets harder. I was scavenging frantically at the end of Round 5. Buy lots of SDUs for your main ammo types, and consider skills/items that stretch your supply. This is another reason why it's important to have good corrosive weapons: to save on ammo in rounds 4 and 5 when you need the savings most. The Transformer shield is really good. It makes shock damage heal your shields instead of hurting you. So when the game starts sending several kinds of heavies at once, the shock heavies essentially become strong healers for you. Finding the last locations I stayed out of multiplayer until I had the location trophies, but two still acted up for me. The first was Logan's Spar or Spur, which is in the splinterlands and seems to just be very small. The other was Jason's Falls, which is on Eden-6 near an Eridian slab. It's also not literally glitched; it's just tiny. Good hunting!
  13. This was a major problem in Borderlands 2. That's why we all have a short fuse about it.
  14. I thought this was fully glitched for me until finding that "Jason's falls" or whatever it is. Probably just added by somebody as an Easter egg or in-joke without realizing what a pain it would cause!
  15. For Skywell-27, there's an spot in the underground base where you drop down into a small hidden room that counts. There's a slot machine there that's visible on the map even if you haven't officially discovered the location.
  16. It feels like on the PS3, a lot of very mainstream games, big wide-appeal games, had very hard trophies. Where it was intentional that the platinum was for mastery, not completion, and most people who "beat the game" would not be able to plat it. Now it seems like those games — The God of Wars and Horizon Zero Dawns — have made a conscious choice to reward completion, not competitive greatness. There are still bone-breakingly hard plats on PS4, but a lot of them are on smaller, more niche games.
  17. Can also do this quest in peace at the very beginning of the Caustic Caverns.
  18. I have 100% already, but I absolutely agree. Any one of these things would be a small offense. But... time-gating the trial keys, rotating out Cats vs Dinos, rotating out Boss Hunt, and the fact that CRAAAAZY Boss Hunts are actually pretty hard? Plus you can only do epic quests as fast as the game hands them out; you can only do community challenges as fast as the game hands them out; you can only enter infinity time by spending stars. There are like 5 trophies stuck behind this by-appointment-only BS!
  19. Probably Tekken 6. I enjoyed some of 7, but I don't like the direction it's taking with more projectiles and more hard/weird inputs. If that's the future of Tekken, 6 will probably be the best it ever gets for me. Honorable mention: PS All-Stars.
  20. Yeah, this doesn't really strike me as the kind of game you run out and pay full price for.
  21. I did the exact opposite of this. Unlocked all radar trackers, let a few drones get away, did not follow a guide, wrote nothing down. It sucked. Don't be like me. Follow OP's instructions.
  22. I am disappointed that so many of the featured/marquee characters involve what to me are just grotesque inputs. I understand they wanted to keep a "control continuity" with the original games of some of the guest characters. And the Mishimas have always had hard moves to pull off. But I don't think input difficulty for input difficulty's sake makes for a fun fighting game. It feels like Tekken 7 just lets itself go crazy with hard or strange controls.
  23. Apex has destroyed my trophy progress.

    1. Spaz


      You did Apex in February.

    2. SaltyCat


      @Spaz I think he means that he is enjoying Apex so much that he plays it a lot and is unable to get trophies because of that. Could be wrong.

  24. Does the glitch still work?
  25. Yes. Right now, there is a small chance for gold in her care package, but even that small chance will be removed at the start of Season 1. Try dropping Pit. The spot in the very center of Pit seems to have a large chance to spawn gold or purple armor pieces, as well as phoenix kits.