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  1. XV gets my vote. It was just actively, relentlessly bad, in so many areas. Stuff like chocobos and phoenix downs just being hauled out of storage to dress up a clattering, unworthy plot. XIII certainly had shortcomings, but I actually enjoyed the "play-calling" style of the combat quite a bit. And I like the way you fight with your summons. I've always heard VIII and XII had big problems as well, but I've never played them so can't speak to that.
  2. Sound Shapes. Unfortunately, my thumbs are about 20 years too old for Death Mode, so this advice will remain forever untaken.
  3. Journey to the Savage Planet has similarities. Kitschy/campy themes. Places where you can fall a long way back down into previous areas. You might also appreciate Hob.
  4. I don't care about the platinum, I just need to bite! I'm not hungry, I'm not angry, it goes deeper than that — if I can't find anything else I'll bite myself, I just need to BITE BITE BITE
  5. 1-3 When you enter the first building in the level, you will see a small platform ahead of you. Jump up on this, then onto the fluorescent light to your left, then up again onto a hidden platform between the lights. Snake Plissken will throw you down a special SMG. 2-2 Jump down the second red-lit shaft and move right as you fall. A blaster and first aid kit await! 3-3 This is also toward the beginning. When the ground level stops dropping and starts to rise again, there will be a wooden wall with a large crack in it. You can walk right through this and pick up a heavy cannon. 3-5 Early in the level, you will be attacked by a motorcycle. In this area, walk off the edge on the left where it looks like you'll fall to your death. A small platform will catch you. You can jump to the left (even though it looks like it's too far) and get a glimpse of Kaneda, and a sniper rifle. 4-3 After the museum, there will be a checkpoint followed by a place where you can walk out into a green tile roof. Drop down and jump toward the left wall. 4-4 Once the elevator reaches the top, jump up and to the right to get a glimpse of Roy Batty and Deckard.
  6. I don't agree that crossplay is this shining feature of all features that should be in everything. Some people so desperately want it, with a passion that drives them to ignore the downsides. I don't want to become a farm animal for KBM players. There are also games where I would really really hesitate to be connected to PCs at all and be exposed to whatever hacking, cheating, modding, bots, scrips, macros they use. Being able to play with friends on other systems is great. But PC crossplay is also dangerous and should be something we can turn off.
  7. Steamworld Heist Marvel Ultimate Alliance Rebel Galaxy
  8. NG+ is only available after beating Anise on that playthrough.
  9. GVVVVVVRMMMMZ ... kshKSHHKSHKH ... bzzzzzzzzrmmmp ... VNNNNNNNNNNNN
  10. In co-op, if one player goes down, the other can revive him or finish the level without him. You are not credited with a death unless both players fall simultaneously. This makes the 100% no-death clears much easier if you have a buddy. I knew teaching my little nephew to play video games would pay off someday!
  11. Got the first hidden wisp by accident on PS3. Finished the others on PS4 during a cleanup spree. The in-game painting that you build up by collecting wisps is complete, but the trophy didn't pop. My guess is that cross-save has something do do with this? I don't know what else it would be. I don't see anyone else complaining about this trophy, but I can't imagine many people would split this small of a game across two machines like I did. Get all the wisps on one system, that's the only advice I can give. EDIT: Was able to get the trophy by loading a cloud save on PS3 from before I got the wisps, then playing offline so it couldn't pull in my glitched data. Whew!
  12. Wow, this thread is an emotional rollercoaster. It's 9/10 and 250 hours, oh wait it's 6/10, oh wait it's 3/10 and 50 hours, OH GOD ITS NOW 8/10! I feel like I need a drink, and I don't even own the game!
  13. I have finally seen the sunrise of Day 21 and earned the platinum trophy. What I learned: This is a very hard game. Possible to beat, but very hard. Klei is very good at leaving you a thread of possibility even on the large, ludicrous levels you'll face on the last days. But sometimes it becomes clear the path through a level requires a truly deranged amount of retrying, and it's just a better use of your time to attack something else. Back up your save after every mission, and revert if you get into something you can't handle. Your agents' starting items don't matter at all unless they are unique. Starting stats barely matter. You will amass a great deal of money and have many, many opportunities to gear up. I had four agents with all maxed-out stats and good gear by Day 11, and I kept improving certain things more slowly from there. Hold out for good augmentations that fit with your master plan. Losing an agent doesn't mean losing the run. As long as your remaining crew can hold out for the short term, you have time to rescue a new guy and get him fully trained and equipped. I used Fusion, Parasite, Lockpick 1.0, and Wrench 5 as my workhorse programs. Whatever programs you use, I would definitely save a slot for Wrench 4 or 5. My MVP was Central, no question. Eventually, most things will have daemons, and everything will be magnetically reinforced, meaning EMP only ever removes 2 firewalls. You will just have to grit your teeth and march on through the effects of those daemons. And guards and alarms will also be installing daemons. On an Endless run, Central is like having a nuclear power plant on your team. Nika was also amazing. I gave her a flurry gun and a stim 4. This gives her one turn where she has absolutely massive AP and as many attacks as you can afford at 4 PWR a shot. Making a massacre often raises the alarm, and this sets off Central, charging up the next shot. Other characters can do this too, but Nika is the best at it because her AP goes up even more every kill. On my final mission, she had double Piercing Scanners installed and pulled off a pentakill on Armor 4 guards! Internationale's X-Ray vision is really good. Central and Nika seemed more irreplaceable, but she's incredibly convenient and helps you do what you want efficiently. It gets really hard to sneak, because you need to visit more of the level and because the game has so many ways of alerting the guards. I got more confrontational as the days went by. Decoying them to draw them where you want is a big help, but eventually you can't just dance around them long enough. EMPs will eventually only break 2 firewalls on everything, but they're still good because devices are very dense and you're still breaking large amounts at once. At the end, I was bringing five or more, sometimes setting off three of them on the first turn because there were so many horrible devices clustered around the starting room. Shock Traps are very good. They are a small area effect and ignore armor. Their only weakness is KO resistance, because they go off on the enemy's turn, so certain daemons can get the guards back up. Still, many of the good armor-piercing weapons require extra PWR or have other painful drawbacks. Shock Trapping a tough guard can save so many resources. But the most effective late-game weapon I found is Holocircuit Overloaders. When you cloak, you will set off a little knockout burst that also ignores armor, just like a Shock Trap. And this time you do it on your turn so you can pin them no matter how much KO resistance they have. The effect goes through walls, doors, and does not break cloak. By the end, I had an agent who went in with three Cloaking Rig 3's, mostly just to set this off. Late game, it beats any weapon I ever found. You can fight back into the face of multiple guards in a way that guns and tasers don't give you. I would hang on to at least one powerful Buster Chip. When you need to find both the exit key and the battery for Incognita, it is really handy to be able to crack that one tough safe you need. When you start, you'll be taking missions as close as possible. But eventually, when you have four agents with max stats, you'll want to switch over to running only 12-hour missions, just to speed things up. Starting on about Day 16, I gave up on most mission objectives and usually just ran for the door!
  14. I had to "retire agency" the first couple times I played. On my third or fourth try, it clicked for me, and I was able to beat the expert campaign and feel like a super-cool digital spy. Campaign gets you good at most things — avoiding guards, knowing what to hack when, buying things that will help, learning what style/tactics you enjoy. The later days in Endless get so hard they almost break the game, so you have to adjust to that, but the campaign playthroughs you have to do for platinum are a good tutorial.
  15. The notes for version 1.4 mention some changes/fixes to the dreaded arcade game. Does anyone know if this stupid trophy got easier in any meaningful way?
  16. My crimes are many. I've used cloud saves on Diablo 3 and other games with hardcore permadeath modes. Did the speedrun physical-copy glitch on Uncharted 4. I once offered my little nieces and nephew a game of their choice if they'd finish Invizimals for me (they declined!). Rubberbanded my controller in FFXV to run in circles until Gladio leveled up his ability. Oh, and Helldivers glitched and give me its hardest trophy for free. My philosophy is, trophies and those who make them are too often cheesy. Sometimes the right thing to do is cheese back.
  17. Burnout Paradise has online multiplayer.
  18. Another co-op game where co-op disables trophies. Sigh. This looks like a hard list one way or another; would it really have been a problem to let people pick up the campaign trophies with their friends?
  19. In the PS3 version, you definitely did get it by disarming him. So I would try that first, I guess?
  20. PSN store page says this: So if it's local co-op only, someone really messed up!
  21. Yup, this is how I got it too. Didn't even know it was possible!
  22. I'm shocked by how un-fun the gameplay of Metro Exodus is to me. It looks so good, and I heard such good reviews. I just apparently hate playing it.

    1. Spaz


      As someone who enjoyed Metro 2033 Redux and Metro Last Light Redux, is Exodus just too boring?

    2. rdhight


      The hardships you face are annoying hardships that I don't find fun. Low speed, low visibility, time pressure, ammo starvation, loads of fall damage, no lifebar, and even my ammo counter keeps disappearing off my screen! Every bullet and bandage needs to be manually looted. The story so far is my character getting mauled by monsters, carried out of the tutorial fight on a stretcher, chewed out in his hospital bed by his wife and father-in-law, then captured, shot, left for dead in a mass grave, and now I'm sneaking through a base so stupidly dark I can only find pickups because the prompts appear on-screen. I get it that it's supposed to be a game about all-too-human characters facing a world of hurt. It's just... dumb struggle instead of entertaining struggle.

  23. I'll try to stay away from games that just don't appeal to me (i.e. all sim racers) and stick to things I might have liked. Invizimals Carmageddon Another World (cool underlying content, awful controls) Lords of the Fallen Drawn to Death Cryptark Thief
  24. The devs specifically said that release dates for new content like raids and events are unannounced. Tomorrow's patch is not the raid. It's bug fixes.