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  1. On a side note - rest in peace to the man Jonah Lomu. All Blacks supporter or not - what a legend. Jonah Lomu Rugby - what a game!
  2. Rest In Peace Jonah Lomu

  3. FYI... I just completed the 4th world in HC mode. Trophy didn't pop. As the guide says it doesn't need to be in HC mode I can confirm it doesn't pop regardless so do it on Easy.
  4. Further to this, powerpyx put this up for all collectables. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=phLFTD_N2kU
  5. Nah mate, it's available from the get go. To the OP, if you've got some online mates you play with, poise the question to see if they'll assist you. I'm currently playing it on my own. I'm not sure whether difficulty (or numbers of enemies, difficulty of actual missions etc) change depending on the numbers of people in your coop party though.
  6. Mate, get it. BO was my introduction initially to this series. I also got the 1TB BO3 PS4
  7. Great game so far. Servers etc and online gaming had a lot of people waiting and dropping in and out of online multiplayer but overall it's been great so far. Personally prefer running on walls than Exo suits. Love the Cyber Core Abilities also. Currently playing it on Realistic
  8. My thoughts exactly hence my question. Let me know if you need a hand and I'll tee something up.
  9. More than six hours. I'm playing realistic at the moment and it's a mofo at times
  10. My 1TB Black Ops 3 Console!

  11. Do you have a vita?
  12. ZeroooooooOoooooooo ZerooooOoooooooo Chris Brown - Zero
  13. Sweet! I'll sus it out. Cheers.Btw, off topic, great win by the Kiwis. Unlucky for the wallabies but heaps of future potentials coming up through the ranks.