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  1. 5 years for AC Brotherhood. 3 for BioShock and BioShock Infinite. Almost 7 for GT5... Also, i will take easily 6 to get 100% in The Last of Us. I think the problem is always the same: backlog. Or glitched trophies that make me refuse for a long, long while. Probably in the future i would try to avoid this lazy periods and focus on a game, but i know that the grind for online stuff in games as Red Dead Redemption II isnt a good friend for it.
  2. No order, really: GTA IV Jak 3 Red Dead Redemption Journey Max Payne 3 Black Killzone The Last of Us Metro: Last Light BioShock Infinite
  3. If 4.4 patch has to be the one that will fix trophy support, it is delayed.
  4. At this point, there are more like an stage in a youtuber tour, or a touristic place for groupies who wanna cry with nothing else than a title screen, than a serious event. You can announce games by yourself, and info is gonna be easily to gamers on internet. We are not in the 90s.
  5. 1. Crackdown 2. Fire Emblem 3. Ori and the Blind Forest
  6. I can understand the shame on it, but i will like PES to complete my collection.
  7. Castle in the Mist - ICO
  8. Trying not to be rude, i think it is all about your skills. Yes, MyClub is unfair, even against COM, because is a mode created to be some kind of Pay to Win, but if you have pattience... nothing to be scared about. Since PES 2015, this japanese guys launch a better game than FIFA, at least in its gameplay. Sadly, this is a lost war. Keep playing and you will improve. Even more, you will enjoy a lot.
  9. Since Legends Showcase cant be bought as a DLC for NBA 2K12, i will have 20 unobtainable trophies forever. Isnt a big problem, just deal with it. I try to not have a big amount of them to get, 50 to 100 can be fine, to "work" in three or five games, change between them. Also, i dont like to hide my "younghood" mistakes. Imperfection can reflect a perfect path in some way...
  10. Just Suzuka's Vettel Challenge to plate It.
  11. Metro: Last Light. For PS3. Im really tired about it. Try some of their buggy trophies dozens of times, but i was unlucky.
  12. Dark Souls III. I dont see the point to that kind of game.
  13. Same problem here. Score related trophies dont pop. It is better to wait. I guess that a patch will fix it with the next DLC for Chapter 4. New maps and modes, and hopefully, a plate to get.
  14. I have the idea that a "ConsoleĀ“s Golden Age" starts when no more new games come to it. Prices at digital store are ridiculous, so it is time to buy. Last acquistions were GoW Collections and Okami, but i still have without an start a lot of them: Shadow of the Colossus, ICO, Wolfenstein: The New Order, AC Liberation, Spec Ops: The Line, Prince of Persia: Trilogy...
  15. There are some obvious, so i ll add one more: The Shadows Rushed Me from Max Payne 3.