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  1. You can pause it everytime you want, eliminating that "random" element. For me, the worst phase was the final encounter with the Janitor, that "boss fight".
  2. Thanks, I ll start the transition to D Pad. I ask this because I have watched too many videos and, while the info is really useful, sometimes I thought it was not clear enough about how to do or what you gain. I ll change my mind when I start to beat Oxide in some places, for sure.
  3. Do you recommend to change into D Pad control? And to master U Turn and Airbraking before you start 'the real deal'? I have 9/32 in N Tropy and... it is hard to see the light.
  4. 4, 8 and 9 are the hardest. Yes, you can be revived.
  5. I got the 117% even before the Platinum (vultures and cannons trophy was the last) and I really enjoyed... while suffering. That Yeti race... it took me an hour, mainly because of my mistakes. The best of the three.
  6. I cant remember how many times I did Hangman's NOOSE to reach Lvl. 10...
  7. What happened in 2013 to have 528 awards? I have not played it yet, but it is, maybe, the only game that I would install inmediately to play after buy it. I dont say that it is good or bad, I just want to check it by myself... hopefully with an added multiplayer.
  8. Are you sure? If that is the case, really good news. I will check the store descriptions for that editions.
  9. Unfortunately, Gold is not Ultimate, you dont get all the DLCs by buying it. Thanks for the link, will check other games. Yes, you are right, it is a good price, but our personal budget can vary a lot. In fact, I have Liberation and III for PS3.
  10. It has been three years for Origins now, well, a bit more. Metro Exodus was for 20€ at the latest sales in its Gold edition. I think I will have to be patient. Thanks for the Black Flag info.
  11. Will Origins or Odyssey get under 20€ in their complete editions at some point?
  12. If you dont want a forever under 100% trophies game, just check the trophies before you start it, but dont ask to simplify the challenge after it is launched. The only unfair point is that "massive" group of players that got it with the glitch, but for legal ones, there goes my hat, pals! I have played, I dont know, lets say 250 episodes, with only 7 wins. For statistics.
  13. ICO - Castle in the Mist
  14. I think Chapters 8-9 are the hardest, and especially the instakill sections, as the Chapter 3 train. I will try hard sections as you say.
  15. Ok, quit before die, when I feel in trouble. Thanks.