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  1. For me worked the Colter one, it was like Magic, just turn back one time and it appeared.
  2. Thanks for the advice, I need 10 missions but finally can handle It.
  3. I have all the other trophies but I am stack on mid Lv. 9 with everything done. How can I increase the level? Derbys are unfinished.
  4. I mainly focus on daily objectives, and by Day 25 I was Level 50 and have completed all the stuff. Just be varied, you have a lot of things to do, especially with roles. So, 50-60 hours.
  5. 4 AM: 13 trophies. That's all. I dislike to play too early or too late, afternoon gamer.
  6. And I guess that they can do the same with PS3 games, so why didnt choose a better and bigger edition? Yes, FPS can fall out extremely sometimes, but I wouldnt say it ruins the experience, is an enjoyful game still. About glitches... I dont remember anything important, just save from time to time.
  7. The game came out with that expanded content on PS3, by 2006 or 2007. I think that they wouldnt have problems with licenses or whatever.
  8. I think that the part into the church is harder than this section outside. Hopefully, you wont be glitched in the Police HQ, which happened to me twice. Is not that hard, as others have said.
  9. I ll have to check that sequel by myself. Hopefully, there will be a trophy guide then.
  10. I ve spent around 30 hours to plate it, but... come on, not only that damned left behind feathers, especially some of the wagon challenges and the Rextro arcades can deserve a 5/10 at the scale. Great game, by the way.
  11. I think that all of us have had the same feeling, a point where the beauty in the game gone away, and you just think in the grind. I suffered that during the challenges for 100% and Zoologist trophy. But, honestly, I could pass It, and enjoy till the end. Probably, greatest game of this gen, but for a trophy hunter, you ll get mad for sure at some moment...
  12. Pro Evolution Soccer's golden age.
  13. I think that you can play as you want, but I cant understand the "need to plate" put before the "need to enjoy". I refer to the "cheat" point. This game deserves that walkthrough in Survivor without Vitacamera. I have Infinite and this one from my PS3 days, so I ll plate Bioshock 2 soon.
  14. Finally, I was wrong about the Bull and the Ox. Really embarrasing 😅 Thanks for your help.
  15. Everytime that I have to "boost" the Become a Legend mode trophies on Pro Evolution Soccer. Cant be more boring... As others have said, skill-based trophies are not bad, you can see them as a challenge, but endless grind time... that is awful, and you ask yourself "what am I doing with my life...".