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  1. 5000th trophy. Doesn't matter which will be.
  2. Hotline Miami 2 (Me too. Not #MeToo)
  3. Steve Buscemi.
  4. Collectibles were easier until a few months ago. By that time, you could search for an only pistols game mode at The Penthouse, finding it by the official web, which is now shotdown. It was faster than look on bigger and random maps. The other DLC stuff is still doable... and bored. Really bored.
  5. Does anybody know how it works? You can die as much as you want, at least on long levels, and get the A+. You can get 80.000K combo points on Chapter 10, and fail. Completely random.
  6. I am on a similar situation, and my #100 platinum will be ICO.
  7. There are a few S rank battles that require several tries, as the Madara's Susanoo air fight, the Ten Tales escape section, or one against Kaguya controlling Kakashi. Keep that in mind.
  8. You spend six hours between both related trophies... The time is not a problem, but is hard to survive till the end. It took, I dont know, a week, playing an hour per day to "master" it. If you think it is easy... fine.
  9. I was very active in the store by the time they stopped to put sales on, so I almost bought everything I was thinking about, but... recently I ve seen really good reviews about Puppetter, and Sly Trilogy was always a desire, so... They should add a "Final Sales" or something like that.
  10. Good to confirm, thanks.
  11. I need Paramedic and that unique jump to get 100%. I ll do Paramedic, then move to that 36th... If I dont get it, I ll move to Cannoli', and would leave the gane for a while. Your option is not made for me, need to rest a bit.
  12. I am at 35/36, and hopefully I ve found this topic. Before search for the hidden packages, will re-do this.
  13. I have gotten the platinum, and it was too much easy than I thought. I guess that the main point here is too learn the mechanics that the game doesnt tell you about, because in the first contact you can see it as "nearly impossible", when it is not at all. Even the hardest time trial would give you no more than an hour of "torture". I didnt change to D Pad, I tried it, but it is not neccesary at all, just check for routes from videoguides.
  14. You can pause it everytime you want, eliminating that "random" element. For me, the worst phase was the final encounter with the Janitor, that "boss fight".
  15. Thanks, I ll start the transition to D Pad. I ask this because I have watched too many videos and, while the info is really useful, sometimes I thought it was not clear enough about how to do or what you gain. I ll change my mind when I start to beat Oxide in some places, for sure.