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  1. I just gotten Gold Rush recently and I did it before the end of the story as Arthur the last gold medal I got was Mrs. Sadie's Adler Widow II. Edit: this was on my second playthrough btw.
  2. You can switch the First Person view to Third Person in the options.
  3. Thanks for your (Force) Insight!
  4. Patch 1.0.1 just dropped the save file issue didn’t got solved sadly..
  5. It would be cool if Cooler reached his golden form too in Dragonball Super and the game but I doubt they will do that =P. Just hoping they will add Zamasu and all the other new characters from Dragonball Super. Would be nice if the DLC has trophies.
  6. yea that last one was a fucking pain but I made it after doing it for 7 hours straight lol
  7. 40 ton weights! You can get it on top of the PQ quest / battles tower after beating the story.
  8. Thanks for the tip! Makes the grind much faster.
  9. Yea the first one finally unlocked after doing almost all the other trophies =P.
  10. So yea I've been playing Xenoverse 2 lately.. and the game is a lot of fun. I have two questions: 1. How do I start the special training missions with Yamacha? 2. How do I do the rest of the expert missions? I only see a few on the map and I've finished those. Edit: already found a video that shows me the location of all the expert quests. It seems like I missed one since you need to complete them in order to unlock the others.
  11. Oh that's even easier thanks
  12. I think the trophy description means the challenges on all of the PQ's.
  13. I believe you need to be the race in order to obtain the Awoken skill..
  14. Yay I can confirm that this patch fixed the IDKFA trophy glitch. Finally got the platinum after waiting a month on this fix =)! After you met the requirement you need to select a mission in order for the trophy to pop after installing the latest patch 1.0.4