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  1. Oh great! Don't have to play that again then haha. Thanks.
  2. Oh really? I thought it was based on the "Achievements" tab on Social Club, since it is greyed out as you can see. How do you know which one it counts from?
  3. Hello! I have had my tag linked to Rockstar Social Club all the time, since all the other achievements are unlocked on Social Club. I will post some pictures to get a clearer picture.
  4. Hi! I have a sorta big problem, namely that I have unlocked the achievement for Mastermind on the Xbox 360 (getting 25 platinums for Heists) and the platinum in-game is marked as completed. The achievement is not, however, unlocked on Rockstar Social Club. This, as you can probably tell, will be a huge problem when transferring my character from Xbox 360 to the PS4 before March 6th. This means that all online trophies except the "Mastermind" will pop, and that achievement was a pain in the ass. I have written to Rockstar about this and their solution to this was to go online, play for 2-3 days and then try and update the Rockstar Social Club. Since I don't want to pay for Gold for 1 month just for 1-2 playdays I don't really feel like doing this. Any tips you have for me? Halp?