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  1. I have a video on it but sadly the ninja tools got nerfed again so the build is kinda bad now smh. They patched all the OP kinda stuff.
  2. The farming method still works just need a build quick enough to kill them for Way of the demon. WotW gives 2mill and WotN gives you 2.5 mill.
  3. TBH the ninja build is literally probably the best for way of the demon (way of the wise nerfs it a quite a bit due to the bosses having about 8 buffs active) but as you mention the damage looks crazy and is crazy. This video is another example of why you should use it. Despite the grind it's totally worth it
  4. No problem just trying to help the community out because these things come and go.
  5. thanks i just got the update about 2 hour ago. i knew it was bound to happen. glad auto download is off
  6. Get it while it's hot lol this will probably be patch later Just because of how easy it is
  7. Also if you need a quick way to max out your familiarity here's a video as well. Takes less than 2 minutes
  8. so i made a guide showing how you can net 70 to 90 million gold an hour. just thought i would help the community out because gold is going to be needed alot in the new DLC for soul matching. hope yall enjoy
  9. Thanks for all the advice. I just use the 2 controller method. Takes about 30-45 mins per character like mention above. It works I'm returning this mod pack it's not worth it to me or maybe I'm just stupid to learn this shit . I got 18 characters left I believe I got 10 done so far using this method. It's good enough.
  10. If they are smart "zoners" don't even wana use the word smart but you can punish roll escapes by a low attack. Most zoners use mainly mid to high attack while zoning. If you wana get on a spammer you have two options 1. Duck + block then dash im so serious on this one. Characters like (deadshot, aquaman, darkseid, batman, superman, black Adam) use majority mid spam and you duck under them and take no damage. Beware of black Adams low lightning attack and aquaman low octopus. Be patience as well because most zoner only have one pattern. 2. Learn a tele character/mobility some good suggestions are (black Adam, supergirl, scarecrow, darkseid, cheetah) don't tele all whacky to where they read you but the moment you see the spam move tele and be ready to punish or block. With black Adam jump up to highest point and use his "foot dive" is what I call it. You dive almost if not to the opponent. You welcome
  11. You lucky man. I've opened over 3K in boxes and don't have it yet smh. Losing my drive!
  12. Am I the only seeing a video from umvc3 lol just to make sure we on the same page you taking about injustice 1 right? Because Shazam isn't in injustice 2
  13. That's crazy. That's sorta like the guy who has over 900 billion gold coins like holy fuck man if only I had that smh. Hopefully this turbo controller makes thing somewhat faster. The game is good but it's like MK9 all over again
  14. Ima have to try that method and see. I ordered me a scuff strike (trying to cut down time) suppose to be here Wednesday. Does the AI method work well with your turbo?
  15. Is that to max a character? (30-40mins) i have enough controllers but I'm curious is it winning by time out?