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  1. While I agree there may be a bit of exaggeration here, you can’t deny there were a lot. I started counting, I’m just finished E and I’m at 60. And I’m probably missing some. Guessing maybe 10% of this list? Anybody want to keep counting?
  2. Between this and the new under $20 sale there's not really anything for me that I don't already have. Kinda disappointing.
  3. Another game free on Plus for the only purpose of trying to sell more DLC. Hoo-ray. Hopefully, we will see two single player, and actually complete, games with the June Plus but I figure that at least one more will be designed to shill DLC.
  4. My 200th platinum! Baldur's Gate
  5. 2nd title done for the month. Completed the platinum for Baldur's Gate, also my 200th platinum! Can you use the icon from this rather than Book of Unwritten Tales 2 for this month's trophy? This is one of my favorite games ever and they ported it over pretty well once you get used to the controller instead of keyboard/mouse. The school is there but definitely doesn't play a big part (since Ulcaster School is now a set of ruins) but exploration of it is necessary towards completing a trophy. It also qualifies for the older than 10 yrs challenge as the original version came out in 1998.
  6. 5th game completed! Finally up to an average of 1 per month so I guess I'll need 26 months to complete my list? Baldur's Gate has been struck from the list, one of my favorite games of all time and a pretty good port though it took a bit to get used to using a controller and not keyboard/mouse. Added bonus? It was my 200th platinum! Ok, next up...not sure yet... 2020 A-Z Status
  7. Completed the platinum for Baldur's Gate! Still as awesome as it was 20 yrs ago though I have to admit getting the trophy for finishing in Legacy of Bhaal mode (aka nightmare) was tricky. Only two parts were really brutal, a mob of greater dopplegangers where you need to keep 2 NPCs alive that they are trying to slaughter (though you can get away with letting one get killed) and killing the 3 henchmen of the final boss. The rest was all fairly manageable with a good exported character from the regular mode. As a bonus? This was also my 200th platinum! Woo hoo! Really happy to have this for that benchmark.
  8. I killed Sarevok’s crew then ran the rest my party back and forth over the traps in the middle until I was the only one left. Saved my game and then I went and killed Sarevok by myself. Popped no problem.
  9. Hey all, I’m a Canadian gamer and avid reader. I’ve been buying ebooks from for a while now but recently they’ve been stricter about prices for Canadian customers and the prices often show up more expensive for me than for US-based customers despite using the US site. I’ve talked to them about it and they state that it’s based on my payment method info that I get different prices. I’m looking for someone who would be willing to buy me ebooks and gift them to my account when they go on sale in the US at prices that I can’t access. I’d be willing to reimburse through PayPal as needed. Example, I got notified of books going on sale through a newsletter for $1.99 each but when I go on Amazon through my account, they show up as much higher in price. I’d love to pick these up but I’m not crazy about the price gouging. Anyone out there who might be willing to help out?
  10. But the next generation isn’t only about graphics...oh wait, yes it is. My (mostly) joking aside, it does look really impressive. Now if only companies will place the same level of care into character/story development and gameplay instead of generic rehash hidden behind pretty pictures and explosions but hey, that recipe is making Marvel and Disney billions so why bother.
  11. Yeah, it was probably me. I hated the grind for this game. I went through Sorcery Saga and maybe I was just lucky on RNG or whatever but I have no real negative memories of that game. MeiQ’s grind just seemed so pointless to me, sort of like Omega Quintet’s but even more so. Absolutely no purpose except the trophy. My least favourite grind ever and I put thousands of hours into each of Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2, though the latter pissed me off so badly a couple of years ago I’m lucky if I’ve logged in once a year since. Still love the original though.
  12. Finished a few titles up. Medievil was a really good remaster of the classic PS1 game. While I thought the controls were a bit loose, they were definitely an improvement on the original’s which I came to really appreciate once on the pirate ship. I remember going a bit mad on the original in that area, often feeling like the controls were giving me cheap deaths. The gameplay gets a bit stretched with finding/helping the lost souls, essentially making you replay all the levels for the sake of a couple of trophies. Still a really good title overall. Zombie Tycoon II was a good RTS which wasn’t too hard (though a few of the challenges made you really work) and not too easy. I’m not a big fan of that genre but I liked this title. Working on Baldur’s Gate now...
  13. Finished the platinum for The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 for the monthly theme. Part of the game takes place at the school of magic. I wouldn’t say it qualifies for HC but at least I’ve got my game for the month out of the way. We’ll see if I can get another done.
  14. April only had The Sims 4 for the monthly theme as a completion. I also started it this month for that challenge. Finished other titles: Medievil, Zombie Tycoon II, Blind Men, Rayman Origins and Unmechanical Extended but none of these applied for the theme. I didn't update my stats last month so here are the update to this point. Mar/Apr: Plats: +6 100%: +7 Completion Rate: -0.01% Event: Plats: 198 (+15 for the event) 100%: 259 (+17 for the event) Completion Rate: 84.51% (+0.74% for the event) Not too bad. Lost some CR due to an abridged (for me) KYC but I've almost recovered it already. Got to come up with school stuff to finish for this month now. Don't know if I'll get through P4G before the end of the month or not, mixed in with just trying to finish other stuff and get a couple of titles done for my 2020 Unstarted A-Z event
  15. Sort of totally forgot about this event so I haven't done much since finishing the platinum on LBP back at the start of this event but I've now done the plat on Zombie Tycoon II with a 3.90% rarity. Let's see if I can get back to this with a bit more attention. Game list