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  1. Sorry for reopening this (it was late and I was tired) rabbit hole I don't want to go down again. I'll agree to disagree right now and just leave it to @kingofbattle8174 to sort out the points. As long as we are consistent with the points calculation for everyone (which we currently aren't), I'm fine.
  2. The multiplier should only be x4. "Lets Play Bonus. Any game that qualifies for any of the following Let's Play Events earns you a bonus times 2 multiplier. This can be combined with a double point game or triple point game to give you a times four or times five bonus." Good job knocking off one of your bonus games. 👍
  3. The site counts Papers, Please as an RPG. I guess the decisions and multiple endings could make it RPG-lite. 75 + 19 - 11.97 = 82.03 points Should be able to hit 3000 points soon with the next game I finish. Moving along better than I thought I would be.
  4. I've read good things about these two games (and a third is coming) but so far I just don't see it. Maybe it gets better. We'll see eventually but if the story stays this bland, I might turn into a skipper to get it over with.
  5. Game #6: Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception Initial/Day 3 Impressions Time played: 4 hrs This is a VN/strategy RPG combination that so far is really heavy on the VN and really light on the combat. I'd say I've done maybe 20-25 minutes of combat so far and the rest reading through the story. I won't say I never skip through VN stuff but I generally go through the full story without skipping and then flush through it when going down multiple pathways. There doesn't seem to be that for this game as I haven't been making choices, just clicking along reading the story. So let's talk about the story. It's a fairly generic start, amnesiac wakes up in weird environment, gets rescued and finds their way into an adventure. Plot twist, the amnesiac this time is a guy. A weak guy. Rescued by a girl with animal traits named Kuon (tail, ears) who is pretty, young and kicks ass this guy can't even begin to fathom. She claims to be on an adventure, sowing oats of a sort before she settles down with the family biz overseas. Rings sort of true but you know she's hiding something. She brings out protaganist (she decides on the name Hakuoki for you) who spends most of his inside voice whining to a village. They team up with a group of warriors to help the village with monsters before heading to the capital, escorting a young attractive princess with no confidence. You find that Hakuoki has some brains and a possible skill in planning, though you still whine a lot (to himself). Kuon also has a habit of disciplining Haku occasionally by crushing his head with her furry tail, using it like a python. Lots of story and dialogue that, so far, really doesn't go as far as it should. The characters overall are pretty meh, it's hard to build any emotions about Haku other than he's a wimp who succeeds more out of luck than skill which Kuon comments on often while making it sound like a good thing sometimes. Huh? Ok, let's leave that behind since it's not very interesting. At the end of each chapter, there is a battle. Animals, monsters, bandits so far (I've finished chapter 4) and the combat amounts to moving around a grid then hitting someone. A shrinking circle with a button press gives a timed shot at a critical hit and as you level up, "action chains" become available which means your hit might be two hits. Ooh, you spoil me. Enemies can do the same thing. Screw it up? There's a rewind button where you can backtrack up to 50 moves if you don't like how the battle plays out. For giving the appearance of a strategy RPG, there isn't much so far. This has been a pretty disappointing title so far, to be honest. It looks good but frankly not much else has drawn my attention even if work and RL have kept me busy the last few days. Most gaming has been prior to going to sleep and this game really doesn't have much to keep me awake. Trophies earned: 13/44, 21% for D rank Score so far: 3.5/10 Completion Rate: 83.68% (-0.60% for the event) On another note, I completed The Bridge. The mirrored levels were either really complicated or really simple (maybe I just got lucky and saw the trick to a few of them quickly). Still, they made for a great puzzle game. The only part I didn't like was the "Collector" trophy. I found 4/7 of the wisps by exploring but for the other 3 I needed a guide to tell me where they were. They were frankly a bit of bullshit and you weren't going to find them normally. A slight blemish on an otherwise great game. Final score: 8.5/10 Next up: Game #7: The Caligula Effect
  6. Added a pair of 3's to my list with a couple of 100% titles... 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - Papers, Please 💯 (7023), The Bridge 💯 (3773) 4 - Cosmic Star Heroine (Vita) (7494) 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 -
  7. Game #5: Papers, Please Final Impressions Time played: 12-13 hrs So the game didn't change but I found that I caught on to errors more quickly on this run through basically doing what the Order wanted me to. Got a couple of side endings that had me put in prison but the daily saves meant only a little backtracking. Still a long haul through a game like this to get a single trophy. Of course, the others were done already... Overall, an okay game but if you aren't into it early on, the second+ playthroughs will likely have you put it down. Trophies earned: 13/13, 100% for S rank Score: 6/10 Completion Rate: 83.91% (-0.37% for the event) - got some other work on Sega Hard Girls and The Bridge done as well so my CR has gone up a bit in the last 3 days Next up: Game #6: Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception
  8. Game #5: Papers, Please Initial Impressions Time played: 7-8 hrs Papers, Please is a simulation game putting you in the place of a pseudo-Eastern bloc border guard. You receive the job through the lottery and are put to work checking passports and accompanying documentation where you either approve or deny access to your country. While it starts out simple, it gets more complex as events lead to more and more documentation. You must weed out those with incorrect docs (for example, expired passports, incorrectly completed work visas) and only allow those in who have everything in order. You our can make up to 2 mistakes (or deliberate eye-turning) each day before you start getting fined. Your family in your rented apartment must also be looked after and at the end of each day, you receive your salary, tally the occasional bribe to pay for rent, heat and food. If you work well enough, your savings will increase. Do poorly and you may start running out of money. You can choose to skip food and heat but your family members may get sick and medicine drains your funds as well. I played completely through a 31 day story and the game saves after each day, allowing you to return to any day to work on side trophies or work towards different endings. In addition to just doing paperwork, there is a rebel/terrorist group also working and seeking your cooperation. Terrorist acts against your border post can be dealt with by taking a shotgun or sniper rifle out of a locked cupboard to defend your post if necessary. Your booth also gets upgrades of fingerprinting, search scanning and a drawer for confiscating passports late in the game. The graphics are old 2D when looking at your overall post but get a bit better when dealing close-up with people trying to cross the border. It has sort of a Commodore-64 kind of feel to it. The controls work fine on the Vita as you become a paper pusher of sorts. The gameplay keeps it moving well and you don't have to rush but likewise you can't waste too much time either if you want to keep your salary moving up. I enjoyed my playthrough and only have a few trophies left to obtain, the main one being for cooperating with the resistance movement. I'm going to take my time with that one so I'll mix it in with other catch up from earlier in the event. While I enjoy the game, it's not a real binge style game as I found that my attention to detail on the docs dropped after playing too long so I've mixed in some gaming on Sega Hard Girls and The Bridge. We'll see if I get any more trophies on this today or tomorrow. Trophies earned: 11/13, 78% for A rank Score so far: 6/10
  9. My apologies. My Neptunia exposure consists of spin-offs, this game and Megatagmension Blanc (where I don't even remember seeing IF but I'll take your word that she's there), and intermittent videos that I've seen and discussions I've read. I'm not well versed in the lore of Neptunia. Thanks again for the very comprehensive look into this game. I'm enjoying it so far though it's nothing spectacular. Only have a few more characters to finish fully recruiting.
  10. Little late on this but we'll get it done... Game #4: Superdimension Neptune vs Sega Hard Girls Initial/Day 3 Impressions Time played: 11 hrs This is another Neptunia spin-off from Idea Factory with you playing a new character, IF, who is an adventurer who travels the wastelands on her motorbike uh, looking for adventure...yeah, ok. She saves a girl who falls from the sky and takes her into what appears to be a mysterious library. As the girl regains consciousness, she is a bit of a selective amnesiac, knowing nothing until it is convenient to do so. Meeting a fairy in the library, you find out that parts of history are vanishing, she sends you back in time to different eras to find out what is going on. You find the goddesses (Neptune, Nepgear and the crowd) are in conflict with the Sega Hard Girls (Saturn, Dreamcast, etc) in each era and this, along with a giant monster eating Time and History, are what brought about the wastelands that IF currently inhabits in her era. Got that? Good. It's not like it matters anyway. Ultimately this is a vehicle for battles and the usual Neptunia humor, inappropriate double entendres mixed with teenage girls and meta-referencing. The characters work well once you have their personalities down and you'll smile and laugh as often as you shake your head at the humor. The battles are modified turn based with you performing a series of actions (attack, skill, item, etc) during the character's turn. Enemies do a similar thing. Nothing exceptional, the animations can be a bit clunky during transition but it's fairly serviceable. Your party of up to four members consists of IF, Segami (girl from sky) and clones of other goddesses and hard girls. Skills come from classes, one initially though others can be unlocked. XP levels you up and you maintain HP, SP, equipment as per the usual RPG stuff. The rest is fairly straightforward. Missions get unlocked on a timer with taking too long resulting in them being consumed by the history eating monster, making it stronger for when you eventually battle it. Overall, not a bad game but nothing exceptional. If you don't like the characters, this will get tired quick. I like them though small doses improve the experience. I'll come back and finish this later. Trophies earned: 16/38, 22% for D rank Score so far: 6/10 Completion Rate: 83.80% (-0.24% for the game, -0.48% for the event) Next up: Game #5: Papers, Please
  11. Day 3 won't be a total write-off today but not sure how much I'll finish so here's my full update for: Game #3: Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of Arland Initial/Day 3 Impressions Time played: ~12 hrs So this is a little different from the usual RPGs I've played where what goes on outside the combat is the focus of the game and the fighting feels almost incidental. You play Rorona, a young girl with no self-confidence (though at least you aren't an amnesiac) but you have friends despite being dumb (which is pointed out frequently by other characters). You are pupil to an alchemist in a village. Your female boss apparently is very good but really does nothing all day but treat you like crap or try to get you to sleep with her. The castle has decided to close the alchemy shop unless it is proven that it is valuable enough to keep open. Your master decides that she doesn't feel like dealing with this and gives the shop to poor dumb Rorona who then decides that she can't just give up and tries to meet the challenge of keeping the shop open. The challenge comes as a total of 12 different objectives, one every 3 months for a 3 year period. If you fail one, the shop closes. You need to gather ingredients in order to synthesize in your cauldron whatever is required to meet the challenge. You can buy stuff from shops or go to outlying areas and gather supplies. While in those areas, you harvest stuff and fight monsters with up to 2 friends helping you out. Combat is turned based and simplistic so far. Your real enemy is time and how that must be managed. Everything uses up your 3 month period to one degree or another. Travelling to an area to gather ingredients uses days as does changing sub-areas within the larger area. Once you start synthesizing items, that takes time as well, more complex items taking more time. In addition to your main objective, you have optional objectives which can be met. Finishing these gives you stamps for a bingo card which can give you cash, items or stat increases as you fill lines. There are also requests from unidentified villagers to help increase your popularity in the village and from companions which increases your friendship with them. There is a bit of a story which unlocks with events as the assignments unfold. Some events are based on your friendship level with different characters. So far it seems pretty generic but the characters aren't total wastes of time so I'm still following it despite how everyone seems to view Rorona. Your dad, in particular, seems like a waste of oxygen to me, being infatuated with a widow who runs the shop in town (like most other men in town) despite still being married to your mom... I'm through the first year and just finished a festival event that I won by picking up a lot of cabbage (go figure) and am just starting Year 2. The time management of all the synthesizing is more challenging than the combat and this is keeping my attention better. Overall, my first foray into Atelier is positive and while not overwhelmingly so has a lot to keep me busy. Trophies earned: 7/54, 10% for D rank Score so far: 7/10 Completion Rate: 84.02% (-0.30% for the game, -0.26% for the event) Next up: Game #4: Superdimension Neptunia vs Sega Hard Girls
  12. That's good to hear. I picked it up a couple of weeks ago for $3CDN on sale as it looked like a good little game for just chilling on later in the summer.
  13. Another day 3 where I'm likely going to be too busy to get any gaming in so I'll close this one out now. Game #2: The Bridge Day 3 Impressions Time played: ~6.5 hrs Im having a lot of fun with this, as frustrating as it can be at times. The frustration comes from difficulty, not poor controls. Juggling the perspective issues with the obstacles/"enemies" takes a bit of trial and error. I find tracking backwards from the objective and trying to plan things out to be the best method and then correcting when things don't quite work right. A couple of new things that the game has introduced. The veil, a curtained off area which allows you to alter the gravity that some objects are affected by without affecting your own. Inversion panels which flip both your gravity and your hue (light/dark) with keys/doors only accessible by certain hues. I'm now into a mirrored version of the world which adds a few more complications. Obstacles that weren't present in the original versions and which appear to be affected by a gravity inverted (up/down) and mirrored (left/right) of your own. This makes things much more challenging. I've been getting the level specific trophies as I go as several I just got during the course of initially completing the level, a few that I backtracked and fine tuned my procedures to accomplish. Overall, for anyone who likes challenging puzzles (a la the harder levels of Echochrome), this is a game you shouldn't miss. If you don't, you are likely to be quite frustrated by it. The challenges never feel cheap (though on initially viewing a level, they might seem that way) and there is a genuine sense of satisfaction which grows as you progress. Trophies earned: 14/20, 66% for A rank Score so far: 9/10 Completion Rate: 84.32% (-0.03% for the game, +0.04% for the event) Next up: my first foray into the Atelier series...Game #3: Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of Arland
  14. First game for the event is done. 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - Cosmic Star Heroine (Vita) (7494) 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - And so it starts...
  15. Ok, early update as I think this is going to be a bit here, bit there game... Game #2: The Bridge Initial Impressions Time played: 2 hrs The Bridge is a puzzle game, 2.5D in appearance but 2D in application in that there is a depth to the environments but you can't actively alter the depth you function at. Story is pretty sparse so far, you start outside sleeping under a tree and go into your house to solve environmental puzzles accessed through different hallways. You can walk around in the puzzle rooms but that will only get you so far. You can also alter the environment, rotating it by tilting the Vita but I turned that option off so that you rotate the environment with the shoulder buttons. I found I had better control that way. The idea for each puzzle is to navigate through the environment to the door, a simple idea that gets progressively more complex. Some levels you need to get a key to unlock the door, others have a large grinning ball which instantly kills you if you make contact with it. Another obstacle is a vortex which sucks you in either temporarily or permanently. The circle button functions to rewind time so that you can try different strategies or you can reset the level if you want to start from the beginning. The trophies range for the completion of chapters (hallways) to meeting certain criteria on specific levels (for example, complete level X without tilting the environment or not walking). It is becoming progressively more challenging as you move on. The art style is great, evoking Escher and his geometrically abnormal environments. The controls so far are tight which is good as sometimes your timing needs to be quite tight to bypass an obstacle. I'm really enjoying this (I like my puzzle games) but it's not a game I would feel right in just hammering through on a gaming binge so I'm spreading out my enjoyment. Load times for the levels are about 10-15 seconds so not overly long. At least you aren't staring at a black screen during that time like with Cosmic Star Heroine. If I have a gripe about the game, it's that the mechanics beyond moving aren't explained so there is a bit or trial and error as you work out how new obstacles work. I don't need a tutorial level for each but I could do with a little explanation of each new device works as they are presented. I'll be going through this slowly to savour it like I do with most puzzlers. Trophies earned: 5/20, 23% for B rank Score so far: 8/10