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  1. Ok, I've finished the main story so I've got the post game quests and a crap load of grind left. Story is weak and the characters truly painful to deal with. Hopefully there is minimal interaction left with them.
  2. Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed is a long way from completion still.
  3. Gigalomaniac for me as well with the Steins Gate plat.
  4. Finished off the Dawnguard DLC for Skyrim so that's the last of my triple point game. Allowed me to avoid going back to Omega Quintet a little longer. (50 + 13 - 8.02) = 54.98 x 3 = 164.94 points Guess I better get back to my idols (unless I can distract myself again).
  5. I'll see about coming up with a special emblem for Lego Rock Band but it definitely will not be included in the main titles for ranking.
  6. Finished the Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim... 50 + 13 - 10.28 = 52.72 X 3 (Triple pt game) = 158.16 points Now to start on the Dawnguard DLC and to go back to Omega Quintet (sigh)...
  7. Wow, only 5... The Exorcist The Haunting (1963) Alien Don't Look Now The Changeling (1980, George C Scott) A lot of other great films discussed earlier that could easily sneak on here depending on my mood that day. I threw in The Changeling as a lesser known quiet ghost story that I thought was incredibly atmospheric and disturbing. Never seems to get its due.
  8. This one came to me as well. IIRC there a cutscene so long it had two or three save points during it.
  9. Sorry, really slack in getting my stats for last month posted... Stat changes: April Plats: +3 100%: +5 Completion Rate: +0.77% Event Plats: 162 (+20 for the event) 100%: 212 (+23 for the event) Completion Rate: 83.22% (+1.09% for the event)
  10. Since no one has objected, I'll submit my score for Megatagmension Blanc + Neptune Vs Zombies... 100 + 70 - 25.33 = 144.67 * 2 (LP) = 289.34 points @Dragon-Archon kudos to you for finishing Omega Quintet. This looks like it is going to be quite a painful experience with these characters, though Nene's fascination with firearms is kinda cute. Once I get through the story, hopefully it will just be grind and minimize the actual interaction with them...
  11. I actually don't mind the games this month as I've held off on buying each of them before now so good month for me. Japanese choices had me worried as I have Darksiders and had no interest in Metal Gear Survive. That said, I can see where the complaints are coming from. They also felt they had to prove me wrong as I figured we were going to have at least one game a month where they tried to screw extra money out of us for MTX or DLC and this month may be the exception to prove the rule. We'll see next month if they offer My Name is Mayo and Energy Balance to keep dropping the value of the offerings down.
  12. I'll go with Mary Skelter for the skip. I'll post my monthly stats tomorrow.
  13. I totally forgot about this this month so have nothing to show for it. I'll use a skip if we still have them (first time ever for me, dash it all) and try to do better next month.
  14. Except for the RNG grind, I didn't find the after story stuff that bad. Even the RNG drop grind wasn't as bad as some games I've played (Operation Abyss and Babel come to mind on that front).
  15. OK, so I've got a few done now with my first Nep-Plat. I'll try and do the photo shots for a couple of others and then start another later. You Always Remember Your First... And They Lived Happily Ever After... The Best Director IT'S A TRAP! Taking A Form You Are Comfortable With