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  1. Welcome to all our new operatives! May the coming year be great for you and poor for your targets.
  2. Welcome aboard! I hope you keep exploring and we see you advance during the coming year.
  3. Good day to everyone and Happy New Year! All posts since my last have been added/updated using your stats as of today, not what you posted, so numbers may be higher than you indicated given your building since you last posted here. Welcome to our new members! @Otenko_the_sage @andropol @Frescher1 And to our continuous builders! @Jamescush147 @Neocarleen @Berendsapje I hope everyone stays healthy and keeps on building and having fun! Take care and I hope to see people updating soon.
  4. So yet another KYC where I end up dropping off the face of PSNP for a while. Here’s some quick reviews of 3 games I played after my first 2 reviews. Having only touched a gaming device for 1 day in the last month due to work/COVID stuff, I almost got through my games. Game #3: Atelier Totori Plus Time played: 5.5 hrs You play Totori, an apprentice alchemist who is more adept at explosions than alchemy when you start on the scene. She lives with her sister (oh, and her dad, didn’t see him there - running in-game joke) and she really wants to become a good alchemist and get her adventurer license since her mom disappeared years ago as an adventurer. Along with childhood friends Gino and Melvia, she starts her adventure. Similar to other Atelier games, you explore nearby areas for harvesting a few points and battling monsters. In your home village (and ultimately a larger hub as well), you get quests and use your cauldron to do alchemy, synthesizing items like potions, bombs and other things to fulfill quests or aid your adventuring. This is a follow up to Atelier Rorona and familiar characters will be seen as you progress forward. The story is more simple (adventure around and make new friends) but the formula works. Everything you do uses time and I assume this will play deeper as I progress though so far is doesn’t feel as omnipresent as the calendar did in Rorona. I’m enjoying this and will likely get back to it over my next month of holidays. Trophies earned: 5/29, 7%, D rank Score: 7/10 Game #4: Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight Time played: 4.5 hrs This is a rhythm game starring the characters from Persona 3. You are brought to the Velvet Room in your dreams by Elizabeth, who is having a competition with her sisters (from Persona 5) and wants you to dance and excite the crowd so she can win a bet with them. All this will happen in the course of a night and your memory of it will be erased in the morning when you wake up. Using buttons on your controller you match up with actions on the outside of the screen, getting good, great or perfect (or miss!) and building combos for higher scores. You can also tap a joystick to “scratch” the record and build towards special dancing with a partner. This is a fairly straightforward rhythm game, the characters are fun and, like any Persona game, builds towards social events by meeting certain criteria. You can also customize your appearance as you unlock clothing and accessories. I played through all the currently unlocked songs on easy and was having fun with it. We’ll see how things go as I move into harder difficulty levels. Trophies earned: 13/42, 22%, E rank Score: 7/10 Game #5: Timespinner Time played: 1.5 hrs This is a side-scrolling action Metroidvania where you are Lunais, a novice Time Messenger, who jumps into the time portal just as your village is attacked and your mother killed. You move forward through the area you land in using a magic orb to attack with and to use a chargeable spell attack against foes and jumping through the environment. Eventually, you find magic sand which allows you to freeze time for a moment, as a device for surviving in combat and reaching other areas. I’m sure other skills will be found as I move forward. There are some collectibles and health/sand boosters to find as well. I didn’t get too far here but like what I’ve seen so far. The controls feel tight and the gameplay is good. Different orbs give different types of attacks as you find them as well while you level up killing enemies. I’ll come back to this and see whether it’s worth the journey. Trophies earned: 3/37, 4%, E rank Score: 6.5/10 Final Completion Rate: 83.70% Overall change : -0.87% So that’s a quick sum up. I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s reviews and may add a few games to my pile due to them. I hope everyone had fun and here’s hoping my participation in this event next year goes more smoothly than any of them did for me this year. I wish everyone the best over the holidays, such as they are, and crossing fingers for a better 2021. Stay safe everyone!
  5. Ok, it’s been a lousy week (I feel like I’ve been saying that all year) but I managed to get 3 hrs played so here is my review of... Game #2: Catherine Early impressions Time Played: 3 hrs Catherine is a game which is part puzzler/part VN(ish). You play Vincent, an every day guy who is dating Katherine, an attractive woman who is trying to guide the relationship towards marriage (I can’t fathom why but more on that later). Vincent gets drunk one night at the Stray Sheep, his local hangout, and wakes the next morning with a different girl, Catherine, which cues him trying to figure out how to deal with his cheating and how he should address it. Throw in bar talk about people being found dead and it being attributed to a curse that affects guys who cheat. With me? At the start of this adventure, Vincent finds himself in a strange place where he has to climb a seemingly endless stair of huge blocks. He can help create and manipulate this stair by moving blocks in 4 directions (left, right, forward, back). Reaching the top ends the level, a ranking given for your score related to how fast you climbed and coins found on the way up. This seems to be the curse as the next night, he returns to a more difficult version of the same thing with new tricks like blocks which break down, contain traps or can’t be moved being some of the developing additions to the puzzle. Starting in Day 2, the puzzles contain three stages with a safe spot where you can save and new techniques of climbing can be learned by talking with humanoid sheep (who see themselves as human and you as a sheep). The first two stages introduce new mechanics with the third acting as a Boss stage with you being pursued by a huge creature, making you keep up the pace while climbing. In a confessional which moves you between stages, you get asked a question which affects a law/chaos meter. In the real world, after some story scenes, you can explore the bar, drink more (which makes you move more quickly in your dreams (though this can be more difficult for precision of movement), answer emails and talk to other patrons. Your responses affect the law/chaos meter which I assume will affect endings. At the end of the night, you leave the bar and go home, where you proceed into the next nightmare climb. The puzzles stuff is fun though it can be frustrating while learning the mechanics. My biggest issue so far is the protagonist. He’s supposed to come across as a normal guy but even putting the cheating aside, I don’t know why any girl would spend time with him. He’s completely uninteresting, doesn’t seem to really come across with any personality. The girls do most of the talking while he just mugs and looks awkward and uncomfortable. Even his drinking buddies seem to have a rather dim opinion of him. It’s hard to go through a story when you really don’t seem to care about the main character. Still, I’m early in but I don’t have high hopes for our “hero”. Hopefully, I will get back to this later and keep pushing it forward. If nothing else, the puzzle part of it is enjoyable and looks like it will be a growing challenge. Trophies earned: 5/50, 7% for E rank Score so far: 6/10 (puzzles 8/10, story 4/10) Completion Rate: 84.37% (-0.20% for the event) Next up: Game #3: Atelier Totori Plus
  6. Got a game done for this month’s theme of multiple endings. Erica has 5 endings but she doesn’t actually die in any of them, the worst being living as a prisoner/patient in a mental facility, so no HC.
  7. Game #1: Erica Final Impressions Time played: 8 hrs So I found all the endings and finished the game. Not much change in my early impressions. The last path, where I got the cop killed before the final stretch, was interesting but with its diversity came some script confusion (the killer asks me to take her to a secret door I haven’t discovered yet and i don’t even bat an eye about it) but overall it wasn’t bad. The repetitive actions you take regardless of the path you are on were really tedious by playthrough 5. More new material in each branch would have been welcome as most of the differences are pretty minor. It would be interesting to see something like this done by someone with more ambition. Not a bad game overall, though. Trophies: 34/34, 100% for S rank Final score: 5/10 Completion Rate: 84.62% (+0.05% for the event) Next up: Game #2: Catherine
  8. And it begins... Game #1: Erica Early impressions Time played: 5 hrs Erica is an interesting experiment. It is essentially an interactive live-action movie with you, as the main character, Erica. You start the game as a little girl having a story told to you by your father about your mother who could (maybe) predict the future. Your father eventually gets murdered and you wake from a nightmare, now being about 18. Leaving your flat the next morning, you find a box on your doorstep containing a severed hand holding a medallion, the same symbol carved into your father’s chest in the nightmare. You control the game with a cursor of sorts, using either the touchpad on your controller or, with the right app, your cellphone. You use the cursor to pick dialogue choices, choose a path or perform simple movement actions (pushing open doors, unfolding papers, etc). The game eases you into this and the prompts never really go away so it’s easy to do things. I’ll try to avoid spoilers about the storyline. The movie lasts around an hour and a half, maybe a bit longer depending on your path through it. The game tells you early on that you can’t experience the whole thing in one playthrough. There are collectibles in areas that only certain paths will open to you, likewise scenes which are unique to the path you take. I’ve played through 3 times so far and it’s interesting seeing the new material. That said, I’ve repeated several multi-step actions three times as well, actions which don’t really change things at all, just advance the story. These are getting tedious and I’m not done yet because I still have trophies to get. Speaking of trophies, you don’t get them until you finish the story, all the ones you’ve earned popping during the credits. Collectibles add up over multiple playthroughs, counting the uniques ones as you find them but you can’t see how many there are or how many you have found. The performances aren’t too bad but there’s no real subtlety in how things play out. Suspend your disbelief at the door and try not to groan at how obvious some plot points are. So much of what happens just makes the path so painfully obvious for all that you actually have choices. There’s also no real red herrings, things go right where you think they are going. This could have been done better, maybe developing deeper branches of plot than they did. As I said at the start, this is an interesting experiment though more about what potential was there if the writing was better and the plot had more depth. More thought and a few convincing plot bluffs could have led to a better experience. Still, getting it free with PS+ eases the pain a bit and makes it easier to look at what could have been. Trophies earned: 27/34, 75% for A rank Score so far: 5/10 (1st playthrough 6/10)
  9. I’ll participate and post my list later. It will be just the games I’ve started and I’ll add to it as I go. I might make an unstarted list eventually but it’s just too big and typing it out might be too much for my fragile psyche... Later edit: Ok, here goes. I'll start with my not completed list and then add a shorter not started list with games I have physical or that I have downloaded to the HDD already. I can add to that later as I have to. A few games which I know I'll never go back to as I don't have access to them anymore (or I've completed all offline trophies with a vanished server) will not go on the list. Not completed Not started I'll also start a completed tab once I have something to go into it...
  10. OK, so here are my starting stats. Current earned trophies : 9862 Current unearned trophies : 1797 Games completed : 281/352 Completion Rate: 84.57% (a little lower than where I started for KYC 13) As per usual, here are my old KYC stats. Not a whole lot of change but I did finish Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter and 100% for Layers of Fear so a little bit of improvement. KYC 3 KYC 4 KYC 5 KYC 6 KYC 777 KYC ∞ KYC 9 KYC X KYC 11 KYC 12 KYC 13 Ok, let's have some fun. Going to start tomorrow with Game #1: Erica
  11. Not sure if this counts but in LEGO Jurassic World, Jimmy Fallon voices himself in the game with both Jimmy Fallon and Steven Spielberg (the original director) are both playable characters. Also, T-Rex winks at the screen at one point when getting its teeth brushed. Otherwise, a skip for me this month and I'll use the plat for LEGO Jurassic World as the image.
  12. One last one from me for Clan Belmont! Finished Riddled Corpses EX just in time to turn in for Skeletons due to a number of skull-like monsters and a skeletal Grim Reaper type as a boss. I know I won't get anything else done tonight 😜 but who knows if anyone in Clan Belmont has something else ready to go? Happy Halloween all!!!
  13. I enjoyed it. It’s the pretty standard LEGO formula. If you have played a Vita version, you know they play a little different from the console versions, focusing on delivering more levels that are done quicker. Many on-rails levels in there as well where you are running from dinosaurs but still trying to tag collectibles. You can usually finish the Vita titles faster than the console ones as well as they usually have little to do n the hubs.
  14. One more for Clan Belmont...LEGO Jurassic World (Vita) to knock off Abominations. Here's my logic...Indomitus Rex is not a "natural" dinosaur but a designer dinosaur, hence it is a Creation. As a Creation, it is neither human-like or object-like, thus rendering it an Abomination (everything else). It's probably a stretch but I think the logic makes it work. Hoping I'll get another done tomorrow, working on Riddled Corpses EX for either zombie or skeletons but not sure if I'm going to make it. I finished Layers of Fear earlier in the month but I don't think it applies to any of our remaining bounties. Overall, it's been a lot of fun and I just wish I could have played more consistently to get Clan Belmont all the way through the card. Still one more day but I think I've gotten done as much as I can. Thanks to our host @Spacey Dweeb for a great event! Congrats to Mystery Incorporated and all the other participants who did what we do best and had fun playing great games! 👍😀👍
  15. I’m in again. I’ve actually got my games chosen. Timespinner Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight Catherine Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin (my first VR title!) Atelier Totori Plus Erica I’ll figure out the order as we go like I usually do. I’ll post my old stats at the start of the event as well. Not much done besides really casual stuff (lot of LEGO) the past few months with a bunch of personal and work stuff (like so many people these days). Hope everyone and their loved ones have been doing well and looking forward to a lot of great reviews this time round. 👍😀👍