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  1. Next game complete, Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed 100 + 70 (36+12+22) - 24.75 = 145.25 x 4 (1 base + 2 LP + 1 BM) = 581.00 points Haven't really been able to focus on much this month, always been on the go RL wise but this worked for just sitting in the car or waiting during appointments. Laid up in bed it was nice as well because I didn't really have to pay much attention. Console stuff has been really neglected though.
  2. OK, I'm going to do a little catch up but it's been a real crummy week in RL so not as much happened as should have... Game #4: Shenmue Initial/Day 3 Impressions Time played: maybe 2 hrs Shenmue looks like it sets up to be a bit of action-adventure but ultimately so far, seems to be more adventure style with, presumably, action elements. This is a remaster of an old game which is probably why it feels so derivative. You play Ryu, the son of a martial artist who gets murdered in his dojo right in front of you by a creepy guy in a robe who is looking for a mirror. The dad gives up the location when his son's life is threatened, then bad guy kills the dad. Ryu vows revenge (no really?) because otherwise there wouldn't be a game. Third person view with tanky controls allows you to move through small town environments to try to figure out how to find the guy who killed your dad. Since there was a dragon on the robe, you assume he is Chinese so you wander around asking people how to find Chinese people in town. Seriously? I haven't moved the story very far but I did a bunch of side stuff on the way. You can also practice your martial arts moves in certain areas which raised proficiency bars when you look at your stats for your moves. I haven't actually used anything in combat yet though as the first time I got into a fight, what I got was QTEs and no use of my martial arts moves. Again, seriously? This game hasn't impressed me much so far. The plot is thin at best and the conversations are almost painful. I know this is a well thought-of game but so far, I don't see it. Trophies earned: 11/29, 25% for D rank Score so far: 3/10 Game #5: One More Dungeon Initial/Day 3 Impressions Time played: 1.5 hrs Game 5 was supposed to be Child of Light but I was layed up in bed so yesterday, I started this on Vita just so I had a Game 5 played during the window. Mistake. This is a 1st person free-moving dungeon crawler that I didn't realize had been put out by Ratalaika. While I played Inksplosion and could appreciate it for what it was, I had been hoping for better here. I didn't get it. You run around a dungeon with a melee weapon and a staff but combat feels clunky at the best of times and is less than impressive. I think I battled more effectively in old 80s RPGs when I had to type in the word attack. Crappy graphics don't bother me as long as the gameplay is good but it's not. Deaths can come before you even realize an enemy is there (love ranged attacks from distance when the graphics disguise their presence). You have little health, no shield and I poke my sword out like an arthritic. My granddad used his index finger to better effect than this. Deaths frequently feel cheaper than the production values of this game. It's also rogue-like so death sends you back to the beginning. The Vita has an exploit that allows you to use the game's autosave at the start of the dungeon if you exit the game and restart when you die instead of retrying or returning to the main menu. Half that startup time is on the Ratalaika company image. Apparently this exploit does not work in the PS4 version but I won't know because I won't be trying it. This game sucks. I might come back to it here and there to try to get trophies but that's only because I ultimately care about my Completion Rate and a few golds here and there might offset the experience. How lame am I? Trophies earned: 4/16, 20% for D rank Score: 1/10 Completion Rate: 83.89% (-0.74% for the event), CR has been buffed a bit by the Neptunia game I'm playing in the background Next up: Game #6: Child of Light I have heard so many good things about this. I can really use it after the last two games.
  3. I've finished the Pirates of the Caribbean DLC and will likely work on the MGS DLC in December. Doing the KYC event this month and I try to stay focused for the most part on that. Hoping to have the 100% on LBP before the new year. I'll probably keep puttering away on Rayman Origins here and there as well but likely not seriously until December.
  4. Game #3: One Upon Light Initial/Day 3/Final Impressions Time played: 8.5 hrs One Upon Light is a puzzle game where you play a researcher in an industrial lab where some form of great accident has occurred. The lab/factory is a shambles and you need to find your way out. One big problem arises when you realize that light touching you for more than a second or two will kill you. Why? That gets explained slowly by finding reports/newspapers at the end of levels you work your way through. You move slowly through the lab, using shadows of stationary, moving and movable objects to traverse lethal areas of light. Later, you find a glove which allows you to create echoes, areas of shadow which persist once whatever cast it has moved or been moved. It sounds simple but is still challenging and your deaths don't feel cheap. While some obstacles leave room for error, others require tight timing to get past. One late puzzle involving a timed sequence while passing under rotating beams bordered on too tight but there was considerable satisfaction after completing it. Generous checkpoints keep deaths from becoming frustrating and they never left me backed into a corner. For some reason these checkpoints disappear completely in the last (20th) level, a collapsing tunnel where you must stay ahead of the devastation behind you, clearing obstacles quickly to continue advancing. It's about 4 minutes long but restarting at the beginning each time you misread an obstacle and how to deal with it does get frustrating. The majority of the obstacles aren't difficult but a few sequences leave you toast the first few times you go through. Your vision doesn't allow a lot of foresight for solving them so repeating two minutes of easy obstacles to get to the tight ones each time is out of character with the rest of the gameplay. Overall, a fun experience for puzzle lovers and a pleasant little challenge. Trophies earned: 7/7, 100% for S rank Final score: 7.5/10 Completion Rate: 84.17% (-0.46% for the event) My completion rate took a bit of a hit on the side as I needed something casual for the Vita as I was on the go a fair bit the last couple days so I started Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed. I needed something I could just slide in and out of and a mindless Neptunia hack n slash seemed like just the ticket. It's nothing special but does the job I needed it to. This will float in the background of most things this month until I get to the event Vita games later. Next up: Game #4: Shenmue
  5. Next one finished, Call of Cthulhu, more of an adventure game but with light RPG stat elements trying to simulate the classic P+P RPG by Chaosium 100 + 68 (6+28+34) - 23.90 = 144.10 points People are closing in on me, not sure how much longer I'm going to be able to stay ahead here. Might have peaked too early as they say...
  6. Game #2: Call of Cthulhu Day 3/Final Impressions Time played: 14 hrs For the most part, I was impressed by Call of Cthulhu. It captured the spirit of the Mythos tales and put together a solid narrative. It felt a little confining at times in that you felt trapped to a certain course of action to progress though which is unlike the experience you generally get within the P+P RPGs that it was trying to emulate and felt more like a traditional adventure game in that respect. Some stealth and action based puzzles felt detracting from the atmosphere, only in that figuring out and implementing the mechanics of each generally led to slow downs and restarts following death that lessened, rather than heightened, the tension. Another small point was that you rarely saw any consequence or reward from actions where you had a choice. They were likely involved in calculating the availability of the 4 ending options once you reach the ritual but it would have been interesting to see a little more concrete exposition in the end as to the results from your choices. My last complaint is common to most multiple ending games. While there was a play out from your final decision that gave the immediate consequences, there was a post-credits scene for each ending. After a fairly in-depth narrative, trying to wrap everything up in a quick 30-45 second scene was unsatisfying and that applied to every option. Longer (and better written) end scenes would have better served as closure to the story. Overall, a good, but not great, Mythos tale that shows the great potential for the Lovecraftian genre in video games but certainly not a definitive vision. It would be interesting to see this play out with VR though the 3rd person cutscenes would have to be re-envisioned in the process. Trophies earned: 50/50, 100% for S rank Final score: 6/10 Completion Rate: 84.38%, -0.25% for the event Next up: Game #3: One Upon Light
  7. I'm sort of waiting to see how this whole temp thing actually works. If I download P5 (for example), do I still have it in February to play if my sub is active or do I absolutely have to finish it prior to then? Basically, if I still have it downloaded, can I still play it or will I be blocked from playing it by a license expiry despite not streaming? I know 3 months should be enough time to play a game but if I am playing other stuff I hate dropping things just to play what Sony wants me to play at that time. Not my style. If I can download any time during those three months and go to it when I want to, I will. Getting stuff on Now makes it look on my purchase list like I bought it and would likely block me from buying later anyway, the way Plus does. Maybe I'll DL GoW and see what happens come January. My sub renewed just before the price drop and the implementation of this new plan that, frankly, I'm not sure if I'm on board with yet.
  8. Game #2: Call of Cthulhu Initial Impressions Time played: 5.5 hrs Call of Cthulhu is a first person adventure game with light RPG elements. You play Edward Pierce, a detective in 1920s Boston with hints at a tortured history. After waking from a nightmare in a dark cave, which served as a movement tutorial, you receive a phone call in your dingy office from your parent detective agency stating you need to take more cases or they will fire you. Following this, enter Mr Hawkins, rich guy that knows you are desperate. He wants you to investigate the fire that killed his son and his family on Darkwater Island. The daughter-in-law was an artist, well known for her disturbing paintings. Once you arrive at the island, things are not always what they seem. This being based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft, bizarre things are afoot. The settings are atmospheric and suitably creepy, the characters either well thought out or cardboard depending on significance and the dialogue a bit pulpy. You have stats to slightly manage in things like Investigation, Spot Hidden, Strength, Medicine which transfer over from the P+P Call of Cthulhu role-playing game. These are implemented adequately but other than the occasional failure which blocks certain routes from you, or not seeing clues which are hidden, it doesn't seem to greatly affect gameplay. The more adventure gameplay includes clicking on hotspots to get info and doing prompted Reconstructions (press L2+R2 when told to) which lets you examinely clues not readily noted in order to try to fret ermine what came before. These are interesting but simple. Finding items to use later to overcome obstacles also shows it familiarity with the genre. Dialogue works off a wheel with some extra options unlocked if you found the right objects or have the right stats built up. The story is interesting so far and hasn't felt horribly padded as yet. While slow at times, it is picking up and I found myself doing "just one more chapter" so it's doing its job at keeping me interested. The bizarreness that is Lovecraft is represented well even if current methods and themes have undercut the alien nature that made Lovecraft so ground breaking almost a century ago. It develops atmosphere though and doesn't use the easy jump scares of today to build the dread level. The soundtrack supports it well. As with any trophies adventure game, scouring for collectibles is necessary which cuts the atmosphere slightly as, most of the time, you aren't being pushed forward by terrors at your back but methodically investigating the environment, though the only investigatable objects are those clearly marked. So far, I'm having fun with this but the slight disconnect of urgency from exploration takes away a bit. Still, just one more chapter... Trophies earned: 18/50, 30% for D rank Score so far: 7/10
  9. Game #1: Sword Art Online re: Hollow Fragment Day 3 Impressions Time played: 8 hrs So, I've been enjoying this. I've played through the Hollow Area through to where I've beaten the first area boss and opened up the second area where I've seen what I believe will be the second area boss, a big bad dragon. Normal fighting of monsters hasn't been bad though I died a few times from the boss before I got him down. Hollow Missions haven't been bad so far and I've done a few implements where you have to do certain things during a Hollow Mission. This seems to activate a few events within the game where I've gone to certain areas for a quick cutscene, then ultimately directed to revisit it with a certain one of my friends for another cutscene. The main goal of this seems to be fleshing out relationships but I've found a couple of key items whose use I'm still unsure of. Some story has opened up as I have done events with Philia. We have encountered the remnants of an infamous guild of player-killers who Kirito was involved with taking down earlier in the game. These guys apparently were enjoying knocking players off until a bunch of really powerful players joined up and took them down. The survivors seems to be hanging out in the Hollow Area and continuing their activities. More to follow... Overall, this has been really good. We'll see if the story manages to keep me involved as the game progresses and ultimately moves into the grind but so far, it works for me. Trophies earned: 3/55, 4% for D rank Score so far: 8/10 Completion Rate: 84.32% (-0.31% for the event) Next up: Game #2: Call of Cthulhu
  10. It begins... Game #1: Sword Art Online re:Hollow Fragment Initial Impressions Time played: 3 hrs The Sword Art Online games are MMORPG simulators based off an anime series. Hollow Fragment is the first game done for the Vita. This game, re:Hollow Fragment, is the PS4 version which came out slightly later. You play Kirito, a gamer who has become a little legendary as he dual wields swords which is virtually unknown. Many characters have been trapped in SAO, a VR MMORPG, resulting in a situation where if you die in the game, you die in real life. You and your friends have fought your way through to the 76th floor where there is a village of sorts, characters setting up shops and trying to work there way to the top of the game tower. From this floor, there is no going back, only going forward. This is anime background story which you can get as exposition later. You start this game by suddenly appearing in a new area of the game (the Hollow Area) where a female character is being chased. She initially believes you are an enemy which leads to a short fight cutscene which ends in cooperation after a weakened version of a floor boss attacks you in the field. A strange symbol appears on your hand after defeating it which the girl, Philia, thinks she has seen before. You fight your way through to an admin area that serves as a hub with a teleporter to different areas, and focal area for conversations with Philia to get quests. It also allows you to return to the main game area in Aincrad here your friends are. In Aincrad, your village area has the usual shops for items and buying/upgrading weapons, a cafe where you hang out and has your room upstairs, a quest board for that world and access to your friends. You can build a party with another character. I haven't gone into that part of the game really at this point. Having played SAO: Lost Song prior to this, I have some story background on many friends but not much on Philia, so despite a bit of exploration in the village, I haven't done much in Aincrad's world so that I can focus on Philia who is a bit of an outcast as she has been tagged with an orange cursor, designating her as a player killer. I'm looking forward to how this story plays out so my focus has been on the Hollow Area. Combat is action-RPG style with a main set of 4 options, attack, dodge, parry, and a skill (currently a stun move with cool down). A shoulder button press opens up a second set of moves (all skills) and shows the settings for the face buttons which are communications to your partner (praise, use heal, use skills and switch which changes who is your up front fighter drawing attention from the main enemy). Combat can be different. It's typical action RPG fare where you focus on one enemy, though there are AOE moves. You have a burst meter which decreases with attacking and restores with rest. It also fully restores after beating a foe unless you are already engaged by another. A fully decreased burst meter decreases your attack stats so moving immediately to another foe results in your power not being what it could be. Switch allows you to back off a bit and recharge a bit but slows down the battle pace. So far, not a big deal unless you stumble into a part of an area with higher level foes. From here, just run as the majority of your attacks do virtually no damage. Asides from following your active quest, you can stumble onto Hollow Missions, more challenging foes where certain conditions may be set to complete the mission. These generally have a bonus item which can be obtained by completion. That's about as far as I've stumbled so far. The game looks great with some conversational scenes and some fully animated cutscenes. There is also a chat system where you can increase your relationship with your friends but the mechanics seem kind of vague so far. It's an interesting world that I'm looking forward to finding out more about. Trophies earned: 1/55, 1% for E rank Score so far: 8/10
  11. You can do it! If I can, anyone can. I remember when this got offered free. I had actually bought the physical at launch and it still works today! Anyone who got this free, got a steal. Great game, I was just so hopeless at the platforming that I got frustrated and walked away...a few times...over 11 years...
  12. Welcome aboard! I hope to see your travels expanding your reputation soon. I will be adding a title to the PP with the release of the latest No More Heroes title soon.
  13. Welcome aboard, Apprentice! Many new adventures await you within our quest board/mission logs. We hope to see you advance in the future. No new entries are planned at the moment for the logs (though the new Shantae title will likely be added on its release). Other new titles are welcome for review (I have noted the above recommendations) and additions may be made in the future.
  14. I thank everyone for their patience. My computer has been down for a while and trying to update the OP with my iPad has always led to problems. It's up and going now and things should get updated more promptly now. @ghost1317 @MadEdders95 @krisped1989 @RuneEyesDragon Everyone has been updated. Welcome to all our new members and to those who have advanced their ranks. If anyone has been missed, please let me know. A new Grand Architect walks among us, something to aspire to for us all!
  15. My starting stats aren't likely to change tonight so I'll post them now. Current earned trophies: 8380 Current unearned trophies: 1490 Current Completion Rate: 84.63% (my highest ever) Past KYC Stats KYC 3 KYC 4 KYC 5 KYC 6 KYC 777 KYC ∞ KYC 9 KYC X Only made progress on KYC X games but we'll see after this as we close out the year. Looking forward to finding some new games from all of you to add to the backlog. I'll be starting tomorrow with Game #1: Sword Art Online re: Hollow Fragment. Should knock down my completion for a while with this UR plat from word go. Hope everyone has fun this month!!