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  1. I think it might be on the EU store only unless it got updated later on NA from what I’ve heard from other people . Will keep a look out for that guide
  2. Noticed this was on ps now and wasn’t on the monthly update . Hope it helps someone
  3. so the people that do have it are supposed to be ok with pretty much being ripped off getting the same thing twice on 2 different sony services?
  4. im guessing theres a bit of behind the scenes stuff to this update like support for the upcomming trophy tracking although dont see why they needed to change the leveling so much. Yes the cap needed an increase sure but its kind of pointless when its just the same thing with bigger numbers (with a tiny boost to plat points). This may change if sony does something similar to microsoft and make them worth something (think NA had some kind of failed system so i guess a newer version?) something extremely simple like a search option on your trophy list would be nice, if youre looking for a game maybe you need to 100% and wanted to check it out without needing to hunt through 10's or 100's of games.
  5. Yeh I think it’s region locked . Only advice I can gun is the deluxe edition has been cheaper than the first dlc in the past (U.K. around 2 months ago at least ) so that might be the way to go on the region you prefer .
  6. Wow I went from 70 to 669! 392 plat 1728 gold 4738 silver 13476 bronze
  7. Seems like a solid lineup . Was interested in days gone and medieval and maybe trine 4. Much better than the ps plus games lately .
  8. Really liking trails 1 , so far think I’m a little over half way into it. Seems to be less and less good Jrpgs lately. Found out about it after playing Tokyo Xanadu ex+ that’s gotten recommended a few times already (+1 from me too) and can see some similarities with the menus and such. Need to look into the Ys series a bit more for sure.