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  1. New greatsword which is the highest raw GS in the game, so its amazing with the right build. Most previous events return like the HZD and the Wiggler quests. New armour sets (granted, they are really only useful for fashion hunter, not monster hunter), Weekly bounties swapped to daily for the event, Hard armour spheres (+200), new outfits for Poggie and Handler, and i think thats about it.
  2. Sly 3 and then Sly 4 (I know it said one game but since i saw Sly 4, i imagined Sly 3 would be there, plus i have already started Sly 3, so i thought saying that would be cheating :P)
  3. Enjoys a variety of games and likes to finish off ones that he enjoys/chooses to finish off trophy wise.
  4. 1. Rem 2. Queen 3. Sice
  5. Plays a variety of games from simple games to long games. Basically just enjoys any sort of game.
  6. Crash Bandicoot
  7. If in the first year the Switch can reveal some big new games to keep people excited it will most likely sell-well. But seeing as how it's launch games are basically a hyped up Zelda and re-releases. I agree with you in saying that it isn't looking good for the Switch, or just Nintendo in general.
  8. bit late, but there are differences regarding events in the main story. these being (possible wall of text) "If you have completed Hollow Fragment's story (which you should), a blue event will show up on F100. The first part would trigger if you enter the inn, while the 2nd part requires you to go to the Hollow Area. DO NOT complete this blue event before clearing the game! This blue event gives you CG 54, but if you complete it before clearing the game, you will miss out CG 47. The only way to acquire CG 47 again is to play the Aincrad arc from start to finish in NG+, and this time skipping the F100 blue event.After you have cleared the game without doing F100 blue event for CG 47, select "Continue" (not "Last Battle") from main menu. This will allow you to resume the game from just before you fought the final battle. Complete the blue event for CG 54. " - Quote taken from this source : http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/163460-sword-art-online-re-hollow-fragment/72680155 I followed both the Vita and the Above linked guide to make sure not to miss anything big in regards to story missables.