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  1. I can confirm this. Did both "I've Got your Back" and "Polyamory" trophies inside 4 minutes. With this method is awfully fast.
  2. The latest patch added the Assist Mode which turns the platinum difficulty in to a 4/10 at worst. You basically have the ability to activate: 1) a passive bonus that will slowly refill your Focus bar; 2) a shield which allows you to take a hit without dying (that will regenerate each time you clear an area from enemies); 3) the ability to play the game in "slow mode" (enemies will react slower, overall gameplay is slowed down). EDIT: maybe not a 3/10, but definitely a 4/10.
  3. Yeah I used the Discord Cabbie Service, and the person who took me near the Galaxy Center kindly gave me the stuff to help me craft the Indium Drive. One semi-off topic question regarding the PS5 version of the game: I got both Permadeath and Survival trophies with the permadeath character, but as soon as I landed after reaching the Galaxy Center, I quitted the game and left without saving. I still have the save tho. Will I be able to autopop those trophies with save transfer from PS4 to PS5 even if I couldn't save after the Galaxy Center event?
  4. I have a question: what exactly do I need in order to warp in to the Galaxy Center with the Taxi Service as of the latest patch? I have a Permadeath character, with the HyperDrive installed and fully charged. Is that it? Are there more things i need to do first before attempting to warp via taxi?
  5. Approximately, how many matches did you do before getting it?
  6. It seems that after patch 1.10 it glitched. I was wondering if there is some kind of work around for it? Maybe if we delete the patches and play the tutorial in offline mode (and running on tree branches)? Someone should try it.
  7. You can try to regulary check this Of course you need to translate the page to be able to understand something (unless you're japanese).
  8. @NekoRave former method is working for me now (100.000 Zeni). So I must did some mistakes the first time
  9. Found this 100.000 Zeni as part of some event for each day until May 30th.
  10. So if I log in tomorrow there will be the 100.000 Zeni (until May 30th) daily reward which is exploitable, right?
  11. Same here. I’m now sitting on 8.646.000 Zeni. Sad thing I didn’t manage to pull the trick off
  12. Okay thanks I'll try this. Thanks everyone for the explanations!
  13. Is the 5 million reward still up?
  14. Oh! Thank you for the info, sir. I was actually worried that I'll have to restart from a previous save file and repeat all the grinding again. Thanks
  15. Hi guys. I recently started doing the Algernon Wasp quests and I'm currently on the second of his tasks but something bugged my mind yesterday: since the Herbalist 9# challenge requires you to pick up at least one of every type of plants, am I f*cked after I already done the first task of Algernon quest? The point is that I already picked all of the 15 orchids needed for him in that task (I'm talking about the Lady of The Night orchid). Do this plants respawn for Herbalist 9# (because I'm sitting on Herbalist 5# right now)? Thank you in advance for the help