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  1. 'Cause that trophy follows the same logic of DLC trophies in which the rarity is based off the amount of DLC owners. But I'm not 100% sure...
  2. Hi guys. I need an explanation. I'm doing the "My Kung-Fu is Stronger" trophy and it requires some long-ass grind to do. 330+ plus hours are no joke and it will take some time. I've considered to use an old PS3 to get the job done, that has a broken player but still works. Problem is that europe Store has only the standard vanilla version of the game, and 'till now I played with the Komplete Edtion. The question: are the save files, obtained with the Komplete Edition, work with the older version of the game? Thanks in advance.
  3. Anybody willing to give me a beast's demon's souls or any demon's soul of the value of 60.000 souls? I'm soul level 120.
  4. He saw them but didn't remember... Now he can see all things so probably he knows that was Jaime who pushed him off the window back in season 1. Here's the thing tho: would Bran punish the "event" that made him the being he is now?
  5. Without that push Bran couldn't become the Three-eyed Raven lol...
  6. -119 -108 -119 -108