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  1. I'm with the OP on this one. Absolution PS3 was my very first Hitman game and back then I thought I had a blast. Completed the HD Trilogy Remasters afterwards also on the PS3 and kinda enjoyed them more. Then six yearls later came the World of Assassination series which is undoubtedly the best in all of the Hitman releases combined. So coming back to Absolution PS4-R was a total shock as I do not remember it being this bad. It is just a stealth game pretending to be a stealth game. Everything that DaveMCDamage had shared is exactly the same experience I had and I am sure we are not the only ones to claim this. Going proper stealth is a waste of time as the game will eventually be bias against you towards the end of the level and mess things up - no matter how very VERY careful and methodological your approach is. I am currently going RAMBO-gung-ho right after earning the Jack-of-all Trades and Challenges trophies. There is absolutely no point treating this game like a proper stealth game. It's just a pretentious insert to the series and a very inconsistent one when it comes to stealth mechanics. Aren't you glad that no Absolution 2 came out and instead Square Enix gave the IP to IO Interactive which eventually led to the highly acclaimed World of Assassination Trilogy. I just finished the Fight Night chapter, I can't wait to be done with this game. I hope Blood Money PS4-R would be a lot LOT better to play than this game. The thing is after playing the PS4 remakes, it's just so hard to go back to the old broken mechanics of the PS3-era releases.
  2. I think this may have something to do with the game's disc, despite looking prestine from the outset - no scratches, marks, dirt or whatever, there's a tendency for the disc game to be somewhat broken as NEVARRA on PST.org discussed - Countryside Glitch? Basically the left side of Paris was somehow inaccessible for him and no matter what was done - delete game save, resetting/reformatting/reinstalling the PS3 nothing seems to work... UNTIL a different/borrowed copy of the game was used only then did these problem had gone. The broken copy of the game was also said to be prestine and in good condition. I got my copy pre-owned but not just recently, probably was in 2010-11, a couple of years later when the game first came out. So technically not really used or played to death by previous owners. I kept it in my collections cabinet in its re-sealed case (as what I do to all my games for preservation) since then and ONLY took it out when I started playing it last month. It still is a clean copy and I cleaned it with water-based wipes and dried it with a proper cotton cloth before playing... and yet it still had some really nasty and broken cutscenes. Which is why I am now somewhat convinced that the game disc is broken and it is also probably the reason why the previous PS3 died as well - disc reading problems? There were two broken cutscenes in my copy of the game - Out of the Frying Pan, the cutscene at the end of the prologue where the Nazis invade France for the first time from Saarbrücken. I just let it roll as the cutscene went through all that garbled audio and pixellated CGI scenes and this took a while to finish. The second one is much more broken as the game would go through the same garbled audio then totally freezes and the closing of the console takes a while before it shuts down completely, but not after letting out multiple beeps. From The Ashes, the cutscene at the very end of the mission where Sean Devlin wins and crosses the finish line in the Paris Grand Prix. The SOLUTION for this is to SKIP the cutscene by pressing/spamming in the hope that the game will recognise this input and immediately take us back into the game. I nearly bought another copy of this game out of desperation - good thing I tried this SKIP first, should've done this earlier actually. So yeah having a good copy of the game should also be put into consideration. I am also kinda thinking that the v4.88 PS3 update we had recently which was meant to stabilise the console may have had issues with this very old game. Just like our phone's OS, some apps need updating to work well with the new OS update versions, I thought it could be the same with the PS3 as well. As most of us here claims they had no problems in the past (older PS3 firmware versions) when they played the game. I could only guess or hypothesise, it is the only explanation I could think of having played the game now on THREE PS3 consoles - Slim 250, Superslim 500 and a Superslim 12GB all having the same freezing/crashing problems. In any case I have completed the game a few days ago and got the platinum. Is it a fun game? YES no doubt about that. Will I recommend it to anyone in 2022? I don't know what to say really - on one hand I don't want fellow Playstation Legacy players to miss out on this gem... on the other hand I also don't want to be responsible for eventually breaking a console that's rare and no longer in production, especially if they really took good care of their machine. Folks just have to be mindful of the different experiences of other gamers.
  3. What? I did NOT know about this! All along I could have skipped that dastardly Opera House AFP! This explains why the trophy popped for Fatherland Fighter when there was still a few ambient freeplays left in Saarbrucken. I thought it was just a good glitch that just awarded me the trophy. This explains it all. I still have to complete Paris Area 3... with this knowledge it would be very assuring to know that I can somehow skip those sometimes annoying 360 rooftop panoramic AFPs. EDIT: Interesting enough a propaganda speaker glitched just a while ago on a cathedral in Saint Germain in Paris Area 3 - shot it at a distance rather than blow it up on site. I did get the contraband but the white dot didn't seem to go away. I thought there was another AFP above somewhere that had overlapped another, like a postcard/poster or something so I went up there and it was just the same propaganda speaker that actually was giving out the marker with a similar one on the opposite side of the facade. Loading up a fresh save that I had just made prior didn't got rid of it and the game even froze as I tried to drive my way back towards the location to try to take it out. Only when I died did that marker disappeared, same as yours it seems. So I guess respawning at the HQ seems to refreshes/updates our current progress outside of main/side missions this way. I may probably try this as a new method since ambient freeplay discoveries save during respawn. Re-purchasing ammo and explosives should even count towards the spending trophy.
  4. This sort of thing pretty much happens anywhere in the game. In some instances the bombing spots for the train bridges don't appear and can't be ineracted with. Restarting the game always does the trick. The only annoying thing when this happens is having to go all the way back to the location from the nearest safehouse everytime we do restarts. This invisible tower glitch is very common and I am sure now that you have finished the game, there were instances when this has happened again. Those who are unaware of this might think the enemy is invisible - appearing on the mini-map and it seems to be nowhere to be seen... until you look above.
  5. Got me a replacement 12 GB PS3 Superslim and so far it had froze thrice and one was just even at the menu as the game loads up the game save. Had this silly idea that my previous HDD (from the GSOD console) would just be plug and play but as it turns out the PS3 encryption will not allow that and would ALWAYS want to reformat the HDD - so say bye bye to all whatever game data was stored in there. I may also have to deactivate all my Playstation consoles to be able to use another PS3 since we are only allowed to keep a limited number of activated consoles at any given time, such a hassle when these things happen, isn't it? What I am doing to be on the safe side is do all the FREEPLAY events including AREA 3 before going for the main/story missions. We may have to complete the (train) bridge bombing mission first to unlock the last area in Paris. This mission had also froze the game when trying to complete the FREEPLAY events on the bridge (in advance) the moment I try to appraoch and blow up the towers - so we may want to skip that area first until after we have completed Skylar's story mission - Rolling Thunder in Act II. I haven't went back to do the chateau/Aurora mission yet, Vitorre's Repo Man also in Act II - the part that GSOD my previous PS3. I'll do this mission only after finishing all ambient freeplays in the hope that this would circumvent the bug. This would be my second PS3 to have died. The first one was from a well maintained, regularly cleaned and scratch-free PS3 250 Slim (just to give an idea on how well I take care of my consoles). Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions was the game that YLOD that console for some reason. So yeah I must have bad luck with PS3s seeing how some of us here still have their PHATs working so well... can't say that I'm not envious of these lucky folks! I always get nervous and anxious when playing The Saboteur - anticipating the next time the console freezes. I can't wait to finally get to finish this game but one thing I am sure of is that I am NEVER going to play any of the notorious FALLOUT games on the PS3. I don't think it's worth the risk knowing that the freezes and crashes are much worse in that Bethesda game - no matter how amazing others say it is. I would still advice anyone planning to play this game to approach it with caution, especially if your console is known to be acting up a bit lately. Not every experience will be the same for everybody and I really hope that yours wouldn't be the same as mine. The Saboteur is a very fun game to play BUT it's also very old and unsupported on a console that has been discontinued for quite some time now and as it currently stands support for it is gradually being phased out. Not scaremongering here, just a freindly reminder of what could happen when Murphy/Sod's Law decides to photobomb the picture - based on my personal experience. I can almost hear Sean Devlin call me a very unlucky sunnovabich with my experience.
  6. It is supposed to be one day (in-game) equivalent to (some say 10) 15 minutes IRL time.
  7. A bit of an update and a very disappointing one at that. Is it really worth it that a 2009 game with its developers and studio already disbanded - so no patches or updates done in since then... on a console that is no longer in production and no longer supported in 2022? The last known patch was in June 2021. My answer now might be a NO - despite me saying otherwise before. The Saboteur crashes a lot and in that notorious chateau mission where it's said to happen here the most might be a literal game breaker... ... my PS3 Superslim (emphasizing this because this is the latest of the consoles released for the PS3 therefore should be able to handle the games more efficiently than the earlier versions) sadly DIED with the Green Screen of Death (GSOD). This may be due to the game constantly crashing/happening beforehand. So to those that want to play this very very old game with an older version of the console should really think hard before pushing through. Basically the crashes can nuke the console's GPU. I don't want to look like a hypocrite when folks find out that I eventually completed the game (once I feventually get a replacement for the PS3)... I WILL still play it and get the platinum even if it breaks more PS3s in the process - simply because I'd hate this game to see me defeated with it being incomplete. This shit is going to taunt me whenever I see the trophies for not being able to conquer it. It's like letting the Nazi's win! Joking aside, to anyone interested in this game especially to my fellow Playstation Legacy gamers - do approach it with caution and think very VERY hard before playing it if you still really care for your priceless PS3 console. As we all know, they are no longer in production and no brand new units are available anymore.
  8. I was kinda annoyed at this for a while and they eventually get to be a bit of fun. Reminds me of the shards we have to collect in inFamous and the parkour going up buildings and high places... also like solving a mini-puzzle in the process. Besides what not to like about killing all the evil Nazis and liberate France in the process? Sadly a reflection on what's actually happening in Ukraine at the moment with Putin's own Nazi army invading and destroying a sovereign country. Перемога Україні
  9. Like what TC has said, we need to have statistics recorded/saved on the online servers, so this means we should have already played the game prior to making the stack. On your question if the PS3 stats would work on the PS4, theoretically that would be a yes BUT I personally haven't tested this like that - only on PS4 Definitive Edition stacks have I done this. I also believe that the autopopping works ONLY for the base game and not the DLCs. I tried the reverse on what has been suggested here during my second stack by playing the base game first then DLCs last and only a random three trophies from the Solid Silver/Pure Gold stat trophies popped... But when I did this new method, I finally got to autopop all 7 stat trophies by playing the DLCs first. So based on what you have mentioned with the DLCs still left unplayed, I am doubtful that any of the DLC trophies would autopop. Perhaps you could still try it regardless and share the outcome here?
  10. Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition (AS version) Hong Kong Legend
  11. You're hardcore Tinman and that's a good thing! As for me having bought the Mechanic Gold Perk I was a clueless on why the garage wouldn't take the tanks I have stolen... forgotten about the gear icon LOL
  12. The Saboteur (PS3) - No Witnesses, You completed a mission without raising alarm. Tried getting this early on main-story missions and kept on failing, but eventually got it when I was half-arsed and was not planning to during a short side-story mission.
  13. Has anyone in here have heard or have played Second Life? It was one of the pioneers who kinda perfected this Metaverse concept during its time. It's still up and running though not as popular as when CSI: New York featured it in one of its episodes. Playstation HOME came a few years after it, though it had good graphics it tremendously lacked the freedom to create, build products and sell them in-game compared to Second Life. All this virtual classrooms we see now were already being done back then. There were contests where we can win prizes, collectibles and even virtual cash that can be converted back into real money through LindeX - this was even way before Bitcoin was even a thing. When people back then talk about virtual currency they meant Linden Dollars (L$). This idea of a virtual world has great potential. If you have seen the anime Summer Wars then this is what the idea of the modern Metaverse is gearing up to. Having internet that's in gigabit speeds as standard helps realise this and it can be a lot bigger than what we've seen and known before. Back in the Second Life days copyright infringement was a huge problem with companies that own the IPs issuing cease-and-desist orders left and right, but now that the rules on this sort of thing has been laid out clear making creators more aware. Big companies such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz etc can have their own sims and sell their own (officially branded) virtual items - a thing that seems to be easily accepted and digested nowadays, just think about those freaking NFTs that people buy. Even big named fashion brands can have their own 24/7 virtual catwalk showcasing their apparel lineup and accessories, which users can then put on their avatars (that resembles the actual person more or less) so they can virtually fit the clothes and see how it would look on them... ... or fast food joints big and small joining in the trend where our smartphone apps will now be virtually animated (as if actually in the store) so we can order food that feels more personal and have them delivered to our home via the existing food delivery services... As for education, in any case the pandemic has also shown us the importance and significance of virtual/remote/distant learning. So yeah this could really blow up and I see why Sony has invested in this idea so quickly. The high streets are dying and everything is shifting online. Just think of visiting a Playstation sim, walk into a virtual arcade and play Playstation Exclusive games on your TV, console or handheld device... a virtual showroom that showcases Sony (tech) products where we can have a three-dimensional look at it before we make a purchase... or a virtual cinema and watch any of Sony Pictures movies - freshly premiered or even old films without having to subscribe to a streaming service while actually being in a virtual picture house with other people... or music featuring Sony Music's growing catalogue that doesn't need a Spotify account. All these that I have mentioned is just the tip of the iceberg. So yeah I believe it is a wise move by Sony to invest in this and the argument here is that it was never just about Playstation on why Sony plans to invest a $Billion into this idea - but the potential to benefit the whole company. This is surely going to improve and look far much better than what we currently have simply because of the power and capabilities of Epic's Unreal Engine can offer. No one can argue with that, even Hollywood cannot escape the lure of UE5+. It's a wise move on what Sony did here if you ask me. If the news was that PLAYSTATION had invested US$1B into this then THAT IS INDEED A VERY STUPID MOVE.... but it is SONY as a company who is investing so in my opinion and I am sure most of us in here would agree that this is well within a sensible business decision made. Let us put this all into a simplier context. Who among us in here initially thought that it was STUPID of Google to have bought YouTube for US$1.65 billion? Aye count me in, I thought Google was crazy for doing that BUT look at YouTube now, worth many times more than what they paid for and the money is still raking in for the company... I'm sure the crazy ones here were probabably Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim because they could have sold it for a lot more - with hindsight that is.
  14. If only you had made multiple saves... just reload one that gives you leeway to earn more contraband or do feats do get the perks and you're still good to go. This is better than playing the whole game from scratch.
  15. For a 2009 game it's actually good BUT let's NOT compare it with the later releases of open world games from the PS3 generation - we've had Sleeping Dogs, Mafia II and GTAV during this period and these ones are without a doubt top tier OWG. One could argue that these games may have taken a bit of inspiration from the formula or template used in The Saboteur and just added big improvements to the newer versions. At the start of the game we might need a bit of getting used to it but once we've all went past the ancient graphics and somehow had mastered its dated game mechanics, this game can really be a lot of fun - it's got all the elements of what we would expect in an open-world game. It's just the grind I'm worried about and the collectibles that comes with it. I'm still halfway into the story so my worry about a grindfest might hopefully be unfounded in the end. But yeah can't say that I'm not enjoying the game right now in 2022. It's also a good addition to our trophy cabinets especially if you're a Playstation Legacy gamer.