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  1. Hello. Is Forgotton Anne (JP) in English, or it has English text?


    Thank you. :)

  2. You don't actually have to purchase any blueprints at all... During Expeditions 3 I just hopped on another player's Pilgrim and the trophy popped (using a different JP account for trophy testing purposes). I'm not sure if this is a new bug but that exocraft is now registered as if I own it on that game save. I can summon it on the menu despite not having built its 'base unit'. I hope this doesn't get patched coz it's surely going to be useful in Expeditions. It was quick and easy to harvest materials while getting a bit of protection from storms early in the game. This too works on the other Exo-crafts - Roamer, Minotaur etc...
  3. Gamer Girl from Wales Interactive Ltd. got cancelled... now that's a missing piece for the W.I. set. Twitter and YouTube reviews killed the game apparently.
  4. I hope they do release a 'Definitive Edition' in time for the Holiday Sale. Your prediction does make sense... I'll probably wait just a bit more...
  5. I got Mean Clean's story and the Three R's trophy even without unlocking the bonus content stories... However Cry For Help wouldn't trigger the 'mini-game' ... I enter Minorikawa at 17:35, choose second choice A Common Name 2 then B for [ Nakamura ]... waited for more than a minute (we only need to wait less than a minute) and nothing happens. Alessandro Mori has a video for this and mentions the Golden Bookmark which you'll get for unlocking all bonus episodes/content. As for the OP, the Mean Clean scenes have to be in order. Had the same problem of the jumps not appearing until I realised I skipped Kano. The order should be: 15:30 Achi - shirt 16:00 Maria - scene of the explosion 16:40 Kano - South Hill 16:40 Osawa - mystery 17:05 Achi - side of the road But since the shirt jump is the first one to deal with, this might have something to do with the jumps from Suzune [ Maria ] and Canaan [ Achi ] scenarios/episodes - they have to be triggered even if the jumps are shown as ❌.
  6. Also want to know about this... there's a FREE Hitman 3 Starter Pack on PSN. Will this unlock all previously owned trophies from H1 and H2 if you have completed them prior... or does this only apply to the Standard and Special Editions?
  7. The cons aren't really as bad as what I thought they would be. I won't be bothered that much with the graphics after all it's a VITA game. What really pleases me is the mention of controls - we're getting a bit more precise controls on the Dual Shock than a twitchy standard VITA analogue stick. Think the Bugatti event Needlepoint, which is already challenging enough on a proper controller so imagine playing that in a smaller one... madness! I've noticed you're missing the Gotta Smash Them All trophy for the platinum. Did they glitch on you? I've read somewhere that a few billboards can glitch. I hope this is not the case as this is now making me anxious. I'm also planning to play this game on the PlaystationTV so any information regarding that would be appreciated.
  8. Damn what a relief... gotta get my arse to start playing this before it goes full-on offline. I hope my old old OLD Autolog account is still working.
  9. Wow I didn't know about this. Glad I chanced upon this thread, no talk about this in other forums. I'll put a mental note on that chapter and make USB and Cloud saves just to be safe... cheers folks! EDIT: 29.08.2021 - The OP is talking about POST-GAME content, so no one has to worry if this bug affects the main game. It unlocks after finishing the game with both Normal and Good Endings. EDIT: 01.09.2021 - NO crash/data corruption for me. I went through the episode without incident. In fact I just set it to auto via and got bored with this long ass uneventful story. Left the console on and went to bed, got up and trophy was there waiting for me to sync... I played it on the UK Digital version.
  10. I'll probably give that a go! Been reading a lot from the forums here and on the one next door... trying to psyche up myself to tackle this... cheers H!
  11. I've given up on getting all gold for the DLCs... my realistic target is to at least get all the Championship trophies. I'd be happy with that.
  12. ☑️ Awakenings are the equivalent of Fluxations in I Am Setsuna and Sublimations in Lost Sphear but kinda functions in a different way. They're all still at the mercy of RNGesus whether the god of RNG decides to give them to you or not, but they seem more (super) random in Oninaki. At least with the previous versions of the game, pressing for a Momentum will somehow have a 50/50 chance for a fluxation/sublimation. With Oninaki, you actually don't have to be Manifested to get Awakenings though the probability of it seems to be greater while in it. You no longer need to press that timely for a Momentum like how things were previously. Just spam your attacks the normal way if you must while Manifested using the Skills assigned to , , and . A notification will then appear on the right side of the UI or screen whenever a Skill has been awakened, informing the player which 'time-limited' buffs are being applied during battle. Triggering an Awakening will almost certainly add an attribute to a Daemon's weapon and just like how spritnites get Fluxations/Sublimations, a weapon will be designated an Awakened skill. The Daemon weapons can hold more than 10 of these Awakenings this time and having that much in a set doesn't seem to affect the frequency to land one, compared to before when the closer you are to having 10 the harder it is to be adding more. We no longer have to trigger 10 Awakenings on single weapon for a trophy, instead the count is cummulative across all Daemon weapons - the only problem is we have to do it 100 times! It's like the Seeker of Knowledge trophy from I Am Setsuna - fluxing a 'support spritnite' which is the worse kind of RNG and now the bar is raised to 1000%, literally. If there's any consolation, we don't have to keep manually changing them as all 18 Awakenings are being applied to the weapon skills automatically albeit randomly. The 18 Awakenings (passive weapon attributes) to look out for are: Affinity, Blight, Chain, Criticality, Destruction, Elusiveness, Empower, Fate, Hasten, Limitless, Manifestation, Pierce, Quickness, Resolve, Restoration, Stun, Weaken and Wither. Everytime you use a SKILL there's a chance that an Awakening will be triggered. Go to the Daemon's Skill Tree to add a (randomly given) attribute to the weapon that has triggered it. They don't auto-equip as they normally did with fluxations and sublimations, you now have to manually do them via: ➡️ Daemons ➡️ Possessed [ active Daemon's name ] ➡️ Skill Tree, then toggle between the skill nodes to look for the Weapon Skill with ⚠️ on it. You can have between 1 to 18 passive Awakenings kept on a single Weapon Skill, we start at 4 but so far I have activate up to 6, depending on how the weapon has matured through constant use. Get 100 of these Awakenings and the Enlightened Sage trophy is yours. It's also advisable to use a different Skill once they have accumulated more than 10 Awakenings to easily get more of these passive attributes from a new skill. The trophies associated with this are: Battle Master - Triggered 10 Awakenings. (manageable and not too hard to get) Enlightened Sage - Triggered 100 Awakenings. (super grindy and super random for a bronze trophy, expect hundreds of battles for it) Omniscient - Triggered every Awakening. You can count the number of Awakenings you have by going to each Daemon's Skill Tree and individually check each Weapon Skill for a manual count... it's THAT tedious! I believe you only need to have triggered them once and it doesn't all have to be on a single weapon.
  13. Thanks for this! Really will come in handy when I start this game soon... Cheers folks!
  14. Just what I was looking for! This will surely come in handy... Cheers fella!
  15. So this is the one that's now being sold for £100.00 XD... damn the things we'd do for stacks eh? I'll think about it... Wanting so much to stack this next to Coma 2... I've already completed the EU version a long time ago. Probably delisted as well. It's no longer available. No fret, I'll just grin and bear it. Thanks for both your replies...