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  1. This is what I did and got the trophy after a minute of screen-saver time during the end-credits level. The guide seems to suggest we do it during the (potted-flower) Chapter Select "After you finish any stage simply put the controller down a let the screensaver play"... maybe what it was supposed to say is "before completing any stage"... ... or simply suggest we do it at the start of every chapter/level/dream before we proceed further. Much easier to understand or pick-up this way.
  2. This game and the rest of the Deponia series are on SALE at the Hong Kong PSN Store for HK$7.80 each. Sale ends on the 26th of October.
  3. I bought the Steel Armour for 2,000 gems - had to go to the PS Store for a 1,000 gem top up (£0.79p) as grinding for the gems will take eternity - it is rigged this way since this is a mobile game, stinking bastards. I also purchased the Horned Helmet as you have suggested. My mistake is to not have tested the Helmet by itself to see the difference. I already have the Silver Sword when I did this. What I have seen so far - without any of these upgrades the Vampire takes 50% of our health... the Ogre Rider takes about 75%... the Werewolf takes 98%. With the mentioned upgrades the damage does not go more than 10% for all the enemies. Have not encountered a boss yet, I wonder if I would get knocked out with a single hit? I have got enough gold to purchase the Mythril Sword, might as well get it since there is nothing else needed for the gold at the moment. WARNING! This Hero mode is shit as we all know that it does NOT save our progress once we log-off. So everything we bought with gems will be lost once we quit the game. So bear this in mind. The devs if ever it would be appropriate or deserving to call them that did not fix this problem. I have my suspicions that this is done deliberately so we would waste our real money or PSN credits buying their shitty gems.
  4. Sorry for the late reply... I believe I was Level 30-ish when I faced the final boss. It also helps when we get a treasure room before we reach the final two levels. We can use the same reload trick to fill up or replenish our Mana and HP vials/stocks for max to use during the boss fight. The maps or routes that will be give to us is RNG as we all know. Getting a very good route is also a factor to getting this done faster as you have mentioned. Good thing I played the PS3 version first. Had I tasted the convenience of the Enhanced version first, playing the PS3 version would have felt like I chore.
  5. If you want to add more wear and tear to your Vita then play it on the handheld. There is NO skip feature in this slow ass game - we have to always press after every sentence to progress further. I have never abused the Vita buttons like this since My Name is Mayo. It does not even use the touchscreen feature for tapping to use as an alternative to .
  6. That explains why I cannot find it on the Japanese PSN store. I was interested to do the JP stacks... bummer as it was a decent game...
  7. ... unlike on the Original PS3 version, we can quit the game and still be able to come back to continue where we left off on the PS4 Enhanced Edition. The game autosaves all the stuff as we pick them up or collect and it also automatically remember the last level we were at before logging off. So to cheese our way out of a full Nightmare playthrough just play on Normal until the very last level - just right before the Warlock's lair. Leave the game and make a backup to a USB pen drive or to the PSN Cloud as a fallback in case we screw up and die. It is much better to redownload a good backup save to replace a failed one, rather than play the game from the very top of the abyss just to try again. Upon returning, just continue with the game until we reach the the option to turn on Nightmare mode as well as Friendly Fire in the setting settings - both are required to be set to ON for the trophy. The next part is up to us... if we came in prepared then everything should be a breeze, nothing to worry about. There will be three enemies - one big Warlock and a mini Warlock one will appear as well as random Nightmare Hero to join in the final battle. I had brought the Pendataur Knight to be the first tag with a complete set of (4 max) health vials. Having the mana bar in full will help tremendously, so make sure it is also full before jumping into the boss lair. There you go, Nightmare mode made easy with just one level to play for.
  8. The PS4 versions were much more easier to play, thank heavens for that... I am going to join you on getting the stacks - got NA and JP still to play!
  9. Cheers for that guide @Dark_Overlord 😉
  10. Played the PS3 version with Patch v1.01 installed and there does not seem to be a difference in difficulty.
  11. Page 9 is the only one I am missing BUT why do we need to complete them? I got the Persistent Adventurer trophy with Journal Page 20 as suggested by the guide at PST. I would assume that you folks got Page 20 already, so no trophy for you lads? Duh how could I have missed this... it has already been said...
  12. Yeah I eventually gave in. I think the elevator scenes as well added the extra points. I just needed a little nudge to change my mind into playing the game I guess. In the end they were not too bad at all.
  13. Wow most posts were from 2019 and a few recent ones from 2020. I guess people had nothing better to do during the pandemic and tried this game. The game's forum is practically dead and none from the dev team had responded to the queries. I was in the boundary on playing this game. Played the beta and I thought it was a bit of fun except for the sniper trophy, that one put me off. I will not be even think of playing this game and ruin my completion percentage in games. There no point in beating a dead horse. The H1Z1 forum can be found here.
  14. Damn its going to cost over £300 to purchase them all. WIll it be really worth it?
  15. This is a 360 gameplay, which plays differently on the PS3. There are some exploits present on the 360 but are not on the Playstation, so I am not sure if this would be applicable here. For starters dying in the game will void the trophy and this is even said to be the case on the MSBox. There appears to be a restart in that video at 4:36 with Rorschach deliberately jumping into the flames in Chapter 1. As stated below we cannot die as this will obviously restart from a checkpoint and the trophy description says: Complete the game in less than 80 minutes, in one session without restarting from a checkpoint. The video is good as a guide to show the route that Rorschach will take since most of the walkthrough videos on YouTube are usually played as Night Owl. But to mirror the gameplay using this video to get Turbo is probably NOT suitable. By theory having a real couch-coop player to help can speed it up a bit by skipping most parts when both players go straight to the end of a chapter. But to make this more efficient Player 2 (P2) must have played the game at least once in coop to get all the upgrades of that character assigned to P2. Upgrades unlocked in single player will not carry over or apply to P2 in coop. Having the upgrades helps speed up taking down the enemies especially with NIght Owl's stun special ability. EDIT 1: Skipping a lot of enemies to advance quicker in the level when playing SOLO can glitch the game. There is the chance of AI Player 2 not doing the next task in Chapter 3 Pier - P2 Rorschach will not open the shutter door and just disappears. While P2 Night Owl will not activate the crane to move the container van and stays camped on the crane and not come down. So yeah proper COOP is definitely the better method as it can avoid this bug from happening. EDIT 2: Tried doing it SOLO and I was about 15 minutes short, though this was just my first attempt without the bug from ever happening. Maybe I will get it in the second round.