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  1. Star sign: Leo - mine's different but the rest is the same. I'm not sure if these have an impact on the choices we get offered... I could be wrong but yeah got the two trophies on one go as well having used a similar profile. I don't know how one should act or behave in a panic attack, do we actually now have standards on how it should have gone? 😐 Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars, as the saying goes. I'm sure a lot of women too find some habits and attitudes of men to be irritating. It's supposed to be a cliche on a profile of characters be it male or female. I could probably say the two men are irritating as well but why would I say something that? Now that it had been established that you didn't fancy the acting in this game then you're definitely NOT going to like Night Book as well 😬
  2. Oh just remembered another one, Oxygen - a French produced Netflix Exclusive which also has that FMV vibe. All dialogue and you can be forgiven for saying it's a acting-monologue. Stars one of my favourite actresses Mélanie Laurent (from the Now You See Me and 6 Underground fame). If you haven't seen Oxygen I highly recommend it... Curveballed-plot-twists would be an understatement, if such a word indeed exists. Pretty much the pandemic had changed the dynamics on how we consume games and cinema!
  3. I'v got all of the Wales Interactive games ready to stack, but I'm starting from the newest to oldest... I'm gonna get Late Shift JP version last coz I had already completed the EU version back in July 2018... thankfully it's not that expensive, just about ¥1,507. Looking at my list Telling Lies will be after three other WI-FMV games and The Shapeshifting Detective also three games after that. Now that you've mentioned these I can't help but get a bit excited for them. Thanks for the tip!
  4. Fancy seeing you here FREE! I thought it was alright! I wasn't expecting a Hollywood calibre A-list movie but a point-and-click game. My expectations shouldn't go much higher than somthing coming from TellTaleGames. It's not perfect I agree but you have gotta give credit to Wales Interactive for reviving the FMV niche and not a lot of game devs out there have constantly brought one out on a regular basis. Just finished Playthrough 1 (playing blind) and going on Playthrough 2 right now and for sure a few more playthroughs to come before the platinum... Not really buzzing but nonetheless contented and truly enjoyed the game. Had this been a big budgeted Hollywood studio project then the plot could have made the grade. Just came fresh from a Jake Gyllenahaal film similar to an FMV, single location and all dialogue - The Guilty a 2021 Netflix exclusive film, I recommend it if you like FMVs! This film reminds me of Phonebooth starring Colin Farrell. "Some ppl love a certain movie and you may feel completely different." Totally agree with you on this one mate... Some folks absolutely love Hawaiian pizza, some others think it's blasphemy LOL. Other would kill for a Hawaiian Cheeseburger (Nitro would probably be familiar with this), I'd definitely be one of those crooks! Have a good one FREE.
  5. Well that was my lucky charm I guess and I finally got it! What I did was play an A* Ranked video on the iPad while playing and used it as a coach/guide. All I had to do is catch up with the video walkthrough. I've noticed that this Japanese gamer (funny enough he was playing on the XB) was killing the Fire Brutes and the Screaming Elisas so I just imitated all that and made sure I caught up with the pace. That worked and now I can move on to another Wales Interactive game... good riddance! Stats weren't really as impressive as the ones here: Score: 101,456 (barely made it as I was constantly getting A ranks with only 9500+). Time Played: 00:22:30 (so going a bit beyond 13 mins could work and I nearly restarted the challenge when I came in the Boss Battle at 20 mins). Hits Received: 26 (due to undecisiveness whether I use an axe or the rifle/shotgun). Heals Used: 9 Deaths: 0 Shots Fired: 149 (used the rifle more than the axe). Shots Hit: 136 Headshots: 22 (this kinda worried me a bit). Kills: 91 (missed out killing two easy Diver Helmets because of a Screaming Elisa, compensated by killing a Fire Brute and a few Cloning Electros). Accuracy: 91% (mostly reticuled hipfire shots from the rifle). What a relief... and big big thanks to all the tips and advice! Cheers!
  6. Just tried restart checkpoint has 112 kills but clocked 30 mins only equals A-Rank. Had some 90s without restart checkpoint and still only A-Ranks.when clocking over 20 mins. This really has something to do with speed and the kills. Had a 19 min run but kills were in the 70s... still no A+ Rank. I'm missing the right combination here LOL. I'll just keep on trying then... and thanks for your quick replies! Kudoz!
  7. How can we get 80-85 kills? I'm always short in Long Night. Doesn't the checkpoint restart negate the A+ ranking? I've had 19:00 mins with 72 kills and I'm about 5,000 pts short. I've had a 7 A-rank streak but nowhere near A+. yeah I've been skipping Screaming Elisabeth and the Fire Brutes and I still end up short of kills.
  8. No intention of giving shade, promise... It's the crashes that kills it for me and I'm playing it already on the Pro... I've had many occasions where the game blue-screens during this boss battle. AND I have to admit those two spawning minions gets me good most of the time as I like moving from one gate to the other while avoiding Abraham - migth be a wrong strat for most as the minions spawn right behind you. I still have to do the A-rank. Mustering all the courage to do this right now and find the best strat to do since I don't have to do stealth and farm headshots anymore. So far I've only ranked D and E while going for those two trophies LOL. There's no guarantee Abraham won't get me during the last round, I do hope however that restarting the checkpoint won't lower the rank while avoiding a recorded death.
  9. That's gonna be a bummer... good thing we don't really need any of them in Expedition 4. The starships are also easier to repair now compared to Expedition 3. Took me less than 10 minutes to jumps start my ship.
  10. I played using the DS4 in one playthrough and the App in another and switched languages (not subs) just to have a different experience for each succeeding playthroughs. I highly recommend it! As for the app, it's like using a mouse for the controls... it's smoother and has got a bigger/wider touch area compared to the DS4's TP. As what Diesel have mentioned, you can screw up selections quite easily for the touch pad.
  11. I hope they release it sometime in the future. The actress in that game was actually the producer so I kinda feel sorry for her that her investment hasn't got any return as of now. She was said to have consulted other girl-gamer streamers for this project and incorporated their inputs. It's such a shame really. Wow didn't know about Dark Nights, included it in my list now. Death Come True doesn't have a plat and I was hoping to stack this along side Shibuya Scramble, it's now grouped along side games with no plats. GZ: Texas as well as Double Switch has been noted. Deathtrap Dungeon looks good. Wales Interactive have come a very long way since Late Shift with the FMV stuff. I'd probably stack this with forthcoming WI games. Thanks for the heads up! Awesome! Kinda in the same sub-genre only that indeed they are anime. The Steins Gate stacks and sequels can all be grouped together with Root Letter and some other JP VNs from Aksys.
  12. The guide recommends combining the Dodgy Geezer (no hits) trophy and the Life Saver (use one save) trophy. In my opinion this would be a mistake as it will just make the 2nd playthrough a lot harder. Do the No Hits on the first playthrough while on EASY when searching for all the various collectibles. This way if you do get hit, just hard-close the game via and restart it, as long as you frequently save your progress. You will still get to carry-on having that 0-hit record. DO NOT use the Restart from Save option as the hits will still appear and get permanently registered... This also works with deaths but you have to be very quick to close - although there really is no point going for no-deaths since there is NO trophy that requires us not to die. My second playthrough is set for Life Saver plus the Phonic Boom (despite having the required cartriges earlier had still messed it up by not using them all before the point-of-no-return came up - meeting Elisabeth in the attic, so take note of this).
  13. Hello. Is Forgotton Anne (JP) in English, or it has English text?


    Thank you. :)

    1. Eispan


      Sorry for the late reply! The game can be played in FULL ENGLISH and the same goes with the SUBS.  I was actually hoping for JP dubs and EN subs for a different experience but unfortunately the language options can't be mixed.  There will be no difference apart from the AS controls with the EN version.  If you're no used to the :circle: and :square: switcheroo then you might get annoyed with it just a tiny bit LOL.


      Good luck, I'd recommend you get it!

  14. You don't actually have to purchase any blueprints at all... During Expeditions 3 I just hopped on another player's Pilgrim and the trophy popped (using a different JP account for trophy testing purposes). I'm not sure if this is a new bug but that exocraft is now registered as if I own it on that game save. I can summon it on the menu despite not having built its 'base unit'. I hope this doesn't get patched coz it's surely going to be useful in Expeditions. It was quick and easy to harvest materials while getting a bit of protection from storms early in the game. This too works on the other Exo-crafts - Roamer, Minotaur etc...
  15. Gamer Girl from Wales Interactive Ltd. got cancelled... now that's a missing piece for the W.I. set. Twitter and YouTube reviews killed the game apparently.