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  1. Played the PS3 version with Patch v1.01 installed and there does not seem to be a difference in difficulty.
  2. Page 9 is the only one I am missing BUT why do we need to complete them? I got the Persistent Adventurer trophy with Journal Page 20 as suggested by the guide at PST. I would assume that you folks got 20 already so no trophy for you lads?
  3. Yeah I eventually gave in. I think the elevator scenes as well added the extra points. I just needed a little nudge to change my mind into playing the game I guess. In the end they were not too bad at all.
  4. Wow most posts were from 2019 and a few recent ones from 2020. I guess people had nothing better to do during the pandemic and tried this game. The game's forum is practically dead and none from the dev team had responded to the queries. I was in the boundary on playing this game. Played the beta and I thought it was a bit of fun except for the sniper trophy, that one put me off. I will not be even think of playing this game and ruin my completion percentage in games. There no point in beating a dead horse. The H1Z1 forum can be found here.
  5. Damn its going to cost over £300 to purchase them all. WIll it be really worth it?
  6. This is a 360 gameplay, which plays differently on the PS3. There are some exploits present on the 360 but are not on the Playstation, so I am not sure if this would be applicable here. For starters dying in the game will void the trophy and this is even said to be the case on the MSBox. There appears to be a restart in that video at 4:36 with Rorschach deliberately jumping into the flames in Chapter 1. As stated below we cannot die as this will obviously restart from a checkpoint and the trophy description says: Complete the game in less than 80 minutes, in one session without restarting from a checkpoint. The video is good as a guide to show the route that Rorschach will take since most of the walkthrough videos on YouTube are usually played as Night Owl. But to mirror the gameplay using this video to get Turbo is probably NOT suitable. By theory having a real couch-coop player to help can speed it up a bit by skipping most parts when both players go straight to the end of a chapter. But to make this more efficient Player 2 (P2) must have played the game at least once in coop to get all the upgrades of that character assigned to P2. Upgrades unlocked in single player will not carry over or apply to P2 in coop. Having the upgrades helps speed up taking down the enemies especially with NIght Owl's stun special ability. EDIT 1: Skipping a lot of enemies to advance quicker in the level when playing SOLO can glitch the game. There is the chance of AI Player 2 not doing the next task in Chapter 3 Pier - P2 Rorschach will not open the shutter door and just disappears. While P2 Night Owl will not activate the crane to move the container van and stays camped on the crane and not come down. So yeah proper COOP is definitely the better method as it can avoid this bug from happening. EDIT 2: Tried doing it SOLO and I was about 15 minutes short, though this was just my first attempt without the bug from ever happening. Maybe I will get it in the second round.
  7. NO longer FREE it seems... it is currently priced at £7.99 per episode. Almost the same price when buying the pre-owned disc bundled version for £15.00.
  8. Well in 2022 the title is now obsolete unless it is changed to the Easiest JAPANESE Visual Novel Made for the PS4... because there now exists the Sakura Succubus VNs LOL. How things have changed dramatically since then. We are now in an era of 10 minute platinums - the so called EZPZ generation.
  9. Anyone got the link for the Japanese PSN?
  10. Thanks for the heads up @Thermopyle2. So there you have it folks: UK PSN (original price £7.99) Sale price £3.99 (50% off) and with PS Plus £2.39 (70% off). US PSN (original price $9.99) Sale price $4.99 (50% off) and with PS Plus £2.99 (70% off).
  11. Anyone? I also interested to know this as well. EDIT: Got an answer below. So just like in Monkey Island 2.
  12. This is getting ridiculous with the credit threshold going higher by the day. Thinkling of playing this game along with NFS: Most Wanted... it is not going to be as easy as I thought,
  13. Damn that is indeed quick. I am already at the 2:10 mark and I am just about to finish Chapter 3. I hope I can still make it in 50 mins less so I will not miss out on the trophy. If I do not make it then I will just use your video as a benchmark that I can follow - just to keep my pace in check.
  14. @nooitzben hey man thanks for the video walkhrough which I have been referring to ever since I started playing the game again. The beauty of it just shows that even having missteps is fine for as long as we keep at it until the end, it does not have to be perfect. Kind of encouraging to keep going on... so thanks for this. Your freeze ray shortcut is a lifesaver as it is so eazy to get held back in this section and get stuck especially with stone brutes and red foot soldiers (shuriken) waiting for us on the other side. So chuffed to bits that this game is finally complete - after 12.25 years! So thanks again! @VoidVictorious I see you already had completed the game three years ago. So I will just sharing my thoughts on the Qs for any new player to refer to. It would be great to know how your methods were as well. You finished it in just 3+ days, that is amazing man! Super Krangbot is probably the easiest of all the bosses. We just have to make sure to take in an HP pizza before facing him, which are much easier to get compared to Sewer Surfing as I usually miss out on those. Krangbot is simply a 1-2-3 hit (if brave enough up to five) then immediately move to the side. Even with the rockets which the boss aims at your last location after making the hits. The turrets at the Space Station must be dealt with a dash - HOLD , a special attack or a slide attack - HOLD as soon as they appear. So it is best to reveal areas gradually by slowly moving forward until a few enemies spawn... then deal with them first before taking out the turrets. After doing that quickly take out the Yellow Foot Soldiers that throw disc-o-rangs as these ones can take out a block of health when hit. Dispatch them with a special attack . Same goes with the flame throwing rockers, when they appear I take them out first with two special attacks .and one slash attack . The key here is to not rush forward but literally tip-toe to spawn the enemies by batches. They are much easier taken out this way and prevents getting overwhelmed. Scene 7 and Scene 8 are a bit cheap and would require at least 75% health before meeting the level's boss, with the HP pizza top ups still left untouched... especially with Scene 8 Krang who can be very unpredictable with its bubble and slam attacks. Jumping out of the way sometimes works but there seems to be input lag when pressing ... and end up getting squashed. Best turtle in my opinion is Leonardo. I tried Donatello because he supposedly has a longer reach of all the turtles but seems to be slower than Leo. I do not think there is really a best written guide for I Will Survive as this trophy will solely depend on an individual playstyle. It would be more difficult threading on someone else's shadown... BUT Ben's featured video in the OP can be very helpful as a visual guide. Folks may also find a thing or two when it comes to shortcuts and new methods while watching it. It also helps to show us what to expect ahead in the level before we proceed any further. Just pause the game, watch the video and apply what we can while playing in our own method or playstyle.
  15. EDIT: 11.07.2022 Bah... started playing it anyway... I still have to get this trophy though... We will see how it goes.