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  1. Damn its going to cost over £300 to purchase them all. WIll it be really worth it?
  2. This is a 360 gameplay, which plays differently on the PS3. There are some exploits present on the 360 but are not on the Playstation, so I am not sure if this would be applicable here. For starters dying in the game will void the trophy and this is even said to be the case on the MSBox. There appears to be a restart in that video with Rorschach deliberately jumping into the flames in Chapter 1 to restart a checkpoint. As stated below we cannot die in the game if we are going for Turbo. The video is good as a guide to show the route that Rorschach will take since most of the walkthrough videos on YouTube are mostly played with Night Owl. But to mirror the gameplay using this video to get Turbo is probably NOT suitable. By theory having a real couch-coop player to help can speed it up a bit by skipping most parts when both players go straight to the end of a chapter. But to make this more efficient Player 2 (P2) must have played the game at least once in coop to get all the upgrades of that character assigned to P2. Upgrades unlocked in single player will not carry over or apply to P2 in coop. Having the upgrades helps speed up taking down the enemies especially with NIght Owl's stun special ability. EDIT 1: Skipping a lot of enemies to advance quicker in the level when playing SOLO can glitch the game. There is the chance of AI Player 2 not doing the next task in Chapter 3 Pier - P2 Rorschach will not open the shutter door and just disappears. While P2 Night Owl will not activate the crane to move the container van and stays camped on the crane and not come down. So yeah proper COOP is definitely the better method as it can avoid this bug from happening. EDIT 2: Tried doing it SOLO and I was about 15 minutes short, though this was just my first attempt without the bug from ever happening. Maybe I will get it in the second round.
  3. NO longer FREE it seems... it is currently priced at £7.99 per episode. Almost the same price when buying the pre-owned disc bundled version for £15.00.
  4. Well in 2022 the title is now obsolete unless it is changed to the Easiest JAPANESE Visual Novel Made for the PS4... because there now exists the Sakura Succubus VNs LOL. How things have changed dramatically since then. We are now in an era of 10 minute platinums - the so called EZPZ generation.
  5. Anyone got the link for the Japanese PSN?
  6. Thanks for the heads up @Thermopyle2. So there you have it folks: UK PSN (original price £7.99) Sale price £3.99 (50% off) and with PS Plus £2.39 (70% off). US PSN (original price $9.99) Sale price $4.99 (50% off) and with PS Plus £2.99 (70% off).
  7. Anyone? I also interested to know this as well. EDIT: Got an answer below. So just like in Monkey Island 2.
  8. This is getting ridiculous with the credit threshold going higher by the day. Thinkling of playing this game along with NFS: Most Wanted... it is not going to be as easy as I thought,
  9. Damn that is indeed quick. I am already at the 2:10 mark and I am just about to finish Chapter 3. I hope I can still make it in 50 mins less so I will not miss out on the trophy. If I do not make it then I will just use your video as a benchmark that I can follow - just to keep my pace in check.
  10. @nooitzben hey man thanks for the video walkhrough which I have been referring to ever since I started playing the game again. The beauty of it just shows that even having missteps is fine for as long as we keep at it until the end, it does not have to be perfect. Kind of encouraging to keep going on... so thanks for this. Your freeze ray shortcut is a lifesaver as it is so eazy to get held back in this section and get stuck especially with stone brutes and red foot soldiers (shuriken) waiting for us on the other side. So chuffed to bits that this game is finally complete - after 12.25 years! So thanks again! @VoidVictorious I see you already had completed the game three years ago. So I will just sharing my thoughts on the Qs for any new player to refer to. It would be great to know how your methods were as well. You finished it in just 3+ days, that is amazing man! Super Krangbot is probably the easiest of all the bosses. We just have to make sure to take in an HP pizza before facing him, which are much easier to get compared to Sewer Surfing as I usually miss out on those. Krangbot is simply a 1-2-3 hit (if brave enough up to five) then immediately move to the side. Even with the rockets which the boss aims at your last location after making the hits. The turrets at the Space Station must be dealt with a dash - HOLD , a special attack or a slide attack - HOLD as soon as they appear. So it is best to reveal areas gradually by slowly moving forward until a few enemies spawn... then deal with them first before taking out the turrets. After doing that quickly take out the Yellow Foot Soldiers that throw disc-o-rangs as these ones can take out a block of health when hit. Dispatch them with a special attack . Same goes with the flame throwing rockers, when they appear I take them out first with two special attacks .and one slash attack . The key here is to not rush forward but literally tip-toe to spawn the enemies by batches. They are much easier taken out this way and prevents getting overwhelmed. Scene 7 and Scene 8 are a bit cheap and would require at least 75% health before meeting the level's boss, with the HP pizza top ups still left untouched... especially with Scene 8 Krang who can be very unpredictable with its bubble and slam attacks. Jumping out of the way sometimes works but there seems to be input lag when pressing ... and end up getting squashed. Best turtle in my opinion is Leonardo. I tried Donatello because he supposedly has a longer reach of all the turtles but seems to be slower than Leo. I do not think there is really a best written guide for I Will Survive as this trophy will solely depend on an individual playstyle. It would be more difficult threading on someone else's shadown... BUT Ben's featured video in the OP can be very helpful as a visual guide. Folks may also find a thing or two when it comes to shortcuts and new methods while watching it. It also helps to show us what to expect ahead in the level before we proceed any further. Just pause the game, watch the video and apply what we can while playing in our own method or playstyle.
  11. EDIT: 11.07.2022 Bah... started playing it anyway... I still have to get this trophy though... We will see how it goes.
  12. Please no more I Will Survive trophy! LOL
  13. The trophy popped for me when I was about to go for the Deja Vu trophy. Got it on the slopey path that overlooks the lake right before even reaching it. So I guess if you did NOT get it in here then you must have missed a collectible somewhere.
  14. There is a more detailed explanation here from After The Rain on PST.org as what @HuntingFever had mentioned. To sum it up ALL of the 5x Morgan trophies can be earnt with bots, while on the other hand ALL of the 5x Mimic trophies will require at least one player to boost them. Proper boosting with a real player is only the way to be able to play as a mimic. However having two PS4s can make self-boosting a breeze. It is what I am doing right now and all I need now are just the two grindy trophies. This game is literally dead online and I would not be surprised if Bethesda shuts down its servers soon because of this.
  15. Thanks for clarifying this! Cheers! EDIT: Just finished the game on Adventure Plus! and this mini-guide is spot on. So thanks for puttin this one out... Only Speed Demon and Pinstripe God to go. Just in case anyone is wondering if there are still glitched trophies like the Not So Nice Guy which has been talked about so much in the past on other forums - it is NOT. Popped as soon as Ted had gone back home to be with Bo. Both trophies (good and bad) will pop at the kitchen when father and daughter runs outside to play. If it does not pop here then that means we have screwed up with the dialogue choices somehow.
  16. So save-scumming will not void Pinstripe God? As for the Speed Demon, will it track the console atomic clock or the time on the game save? If we reload a previous save, will we be able to turn back the clock to when we first made the back-up?
  17. It is most likely because running the PS3 and VITA PSN Stores will have overhead expenses to operate. Taking PSN access off the web was probably one way Sony could have saved some money just to still keep the stores running. So the high cost of DLCs and Digital Content is a way for them to offset all operational cost. It can be argued that had they brought the price down, surely a lot of players would buy more DLCs and games? On paper that look splausible but I personally do not think the current number of Legacy Players could justify Sony shouldering the tab and operate the store at a loss. They are not as wasteful as Microsoft. Another theory of mine is that a third party company is may be managing PSN Legacy stores or possibly were leased to them by Sony albeit only for a certain period or limited time. They pay a fee like a lease hold and it is up to them on how to recoup that investments they have put forward for the right to operate the last generation stores. As for the DLCs being costly, personally I would gamble on them despite the high price because once they get delisted then they are gone for good. I regret not buying the Scott Pilgrim Knives Chau DLC when it was still available. The same goes for the Enslaved Odyssey to the West Pigsy EU DLC though we can still get the Premium Edition at the NA PSN Store. Not getting the Monkey Island series is also one of my biggest regrets. I did a bit of panic buying myself getting the DLCs for the Dragon Age titles and Mirror's Edge when the stores were said to initially shut down... No regrets there as it is indeed better to be safe than sorry. Once these old DLCs are gone - even if we wave hundreds of pounds or dollars in front of Sony just to bring them back, there will be no way we can make them be available again.
  18. I wish they would still let us keep our PS4 progress intact when migrating to the PS5. I cannot see any reason why they should delete it in the first place. I may also add that asking Rockstar Support nicely will most likely get your request done. I too, just like you have had many favourable experiences with the Zen Desk. On Twitter though that is another story /lmao
  19. I was hoping to stack this game but looks like I will pass. Thanks to everyone who were honest about how the game is crap on the PS3. I am not prepared to lose another console just because of this.
  20. I was feeling a bit experimental so I tried a slightly different method in case the game checks if it was already played on a console with regards to this trophy - sort of looking for a handshake with the saves present to determine if the player is save scumming... So I wondered that what if I played it on a different console since we have two PS4s at home? I know it sounds ridiculous and it does seem like a long shot but there is no harm in trying. After all that effort in redownloading the game and transferring game saves - as expected it still did not work. Even closing the game via right after the trophy dings, in the hope that we be taken to a checkpoint at the rooftop will also not work - this one continues with the credits which is weird thing in itself. I think the game is not actually deleting anything instead the trophy is triggered when the game reads that it has already gone through one playthrough - as what you have said, it flags up the game save and the trophy requirement looks for this... Instead of deleting or erasing any data, it is actually saving or flagging that a complete playthrough have been met... Had there been two separate trophies for each endings, the most probably save scumming would have been possible. I guess we have no choice but to do it the normal way. There really is no avoiding a second full playthrough. ... and a big congratulations on being the first in the world! I do not think I would be able to pull off something like this! Awesome man!
  21. Looking back at this, a lot has changed since this post. IO Interactive's doing this alone proved to be success with Hitman III concluding the World of Assassination Trilogy. IO Interactive grew even further to be one of the best game developers out there. Autopopping trophies for H2 to H3 and from PS4 to PS5... Cross-buy DLCs... generous game save mechanics... etc. It was a blessing in disguise that Square Enix had let them go. The same can be said with Deus Ex. Square Enix sold Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics in what the new owners - Embracer Group dubbed it THE STEAL OF THE CENTURY. This is a mistake on SE to let them go in my opinion. I think the board of investors at SE are old old men who want to cash in quickly so they can enjoy their retirement. They only sold them for $300M, not at lot for studios that did Tomb Raider, Deus Ex etc. "Hitman probably won't be continued at all." This notion did not aged well but turned out to be better in the end. So what is next for Square Enix? Apparently cloud services and block-chain technolgy... they have given up on games!
  22. To answer the questions. I do not think Hitman 1 progress will carry over to Hitman 2, we have to do them all over again. However Hitman 2 progress can and will carry-over for one time transfer only. We must have signed up for an IO Interactive account and have linked the PSN ID where the game has been played, synching the data to IO Interactive servers. To 100% the game, we need to purchase the DLCs. There is something about the Season Pass beign retroactive though I am not really sure how that works as I bought my GOTYs and Definitive Edition during a sale despite already having the FREE PSPlus versions - it is much cheaper to get the DLCs as a bundle than buy them separately with a Season Pass. There is also this problem with Disc GOTY DLC not being compatible with a Digital Version of the game. Take note of this as you will only be getting a "cannot purchase" message. ETA to 100% all versions? 100+++ hours I am afraid. But the game is fun. The only semi-autopopping thing (30-31 trophies only) that will happen is from Hitman 2 to Hitman 3 PS4... and full autopopping on Hitman 3 PS4 to PS5.
  23. I am having the same problem! I already had deleted Hitman III and Hitman II from the console and redownloaded the single DLC I needed, PARIS. EDIT: I have totally forgotten that the Disc GOTY DLCs are NOT compatible with the Digital Version of the game. Now I have to redownload the game data all over again. This does not make any sense if we wish to play the Digital Version we have to purchase a new set of DLCs for it. Anyway I would rather lost a bit of time and effort to repeat the downloads than having no access to them at all. EDIT 2: What a load of baloney. The disc version will auto download EVERYTHING and they cannot be cancelled. Unlike when it is a digital download we can pick and mix which DLCs to install.
  24. As for me I sort of missed the Commando Leader disguise. I swear I made sure everyone got naked is a swap disguise method and I somehow still missed it? Anyway I reloaded a recent save to get it again but even before the game finished loading the Train Surfing and the Platinum popped. What an ugly and uneventful platinum trophy screenshot!
  25. There has got to be a pattern followed. All bodyguards must be killed and not a single one sedated. The guards in the surveilance van MUST NOT be killed first because they will eventually call in some BACK-UP after being alerted by the other people in the house - this will provide the EXTRA KILLS for which I am now convinced is the reason why others fail. You know that back-up has arrived when TWO LIMOUSINES are parked outside (next to the surveillance van). I have had a total of 22 kills including the target - so that should be 21 bodyguards. I am not sure if getting a few headshots is another requirement, I had 10 though. Bodies discovered or witnesses will not negate the trophy. BUT try getting the video evidence in the van before you leave. Make sure to bring back any weapon(s) brought with you when exiting the scene and this includes being in the suit again, not that you needed to use a disguise for this. DO NOT FORGET to kill the two bodyguards in the surveilance van that were spared earlier. The key here is to go straight to the tree house, does not matter if the lady sees you and shoot the first bodyguard when he is standing next to the swimming pool - do not kill him when he stands close to the treehouse and faces it, you need witnesses to alert the other guards so they will go and check the dead bodies for you to shoot them again. Also do not kill the jogger who will eventually pull out a concealed pistol, no matter how tempting it is to kill that bastard... and the German Shepherd - leave that handsome dog alone you heartless monster! The video below should be of help in getting this trophy. I have totally forgotten about this... a very important part on how to get The Russian Hare Special Ranking. She must not be killed, burnt or garrotted. I wait for her inside the indoor pool area (she goes in after tinkering with the barbecue grill) until she takes a dip in the smaller pool. Wait for her to enter the sauna room while keeping an eye on the lone bodyguard that roam this area. Eventually he leaves with a generous amount of time left to sedate the wife, take the necklace (evidence) and hide the body inside the sauna. Just make sure she grunts or moans to know that she is still alive and just got knocked out. She must be done last, after all the body guards were killed and the target. Ignore the clown, butler and the pool boy running around but do watch out for the jogger who will most likely wait for you outside the main door. He has a hand gun as mentioned earlier and will shoot at you while going for the mission exit. Getting seen by witnessed and getting shot at will not invalidate this trophy.