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  1. Come on Max, do one for the NFSWMV Team! Thanks for the update in here folks! Truly awesome!
  2. Please do, I always check here from time to time. Unfortunately I cannot pitch in myself as I don't want to load up the game yet just to check. Thanks for your effort in doing this.
  3. I'm just glad that Ghost Games got the boot and NFS goes back to Criterion Games. Ghost we're trying so hard to make a name for themselves but can never be as good as Criterion... heck even Black Box were much more better than Ghost. GG wanted to ride on Gran Turismo's prestigiousness but can't even make the grade to even match Slightly Mad Studios Shift Series. Good riddance no one will miss Ghost Games... they'll definitely live up to their name... getting ghosted by NFS players.
  4. I watch all NFS cutscenes... my first blood was from NFS: Undercover and they also used FMVs just like NFS 2015 and I thought they were entertaining though Black Box's Undercover was much better than this game in my opinion.
  5. Thanks for the update guys! I guess we'll just have to keep an eye on things. Hopefully they'll get this up and running soon. I've noticed that the Criterion NFS games weren't included in the shutdown - just Slightly Mad Studios and Black Box were inlcuded in the cull. I guess the online community still has a decent number of players keeping the motor running.
  6. Is Autolog now online? Online servers up and running?
  7. I've played Just Cause 2 and Just Cause 3 and 100%'d both of them and despite the latter being notorious for some hard challenges I never got bored. Both games got me hooked from the start... BUT this one, Just Cause 4? Something is really off about it and I still haven't helped Sargento on his first mission (literally I'm still somewhat at the start) and I've already kinda lost interest already. I love Just Cause franchise but this 4th instalment has boring written all over it. I hope I'm wrong and the ineterest will pick-up soon but based on what you folks are saying I fear it's gonna be a snog fest.
  8. Thanks! Just the 15-hour speedrun trophy to go and then finally the plat! Sound advice! Thanks for the confirmation and for the heads-up!
  9. Laguna Blast comes to mind! For the wing suit challenges, as long as you have the Bavarium wingsuit from the DLC you'll be fine. I wouldn't suggest playing and Call of Duty games with zombies, extinction mode - heavily dependent on 4-man coop play and those Easter Eggs are a pain. Only BOPS game I've completed to 100%+ Platinum is BOPS1... BOPS2 and BOPS3 can kiss my derrier... Skipped BOPS4 and BOPS:CW, basically ALL Treyarch Games.
  10. Yeah thanks to you I have rediscovered (and reinstalled) the app. I have taken it out from my phone when the iPhone created their own so I can save storage space, but despite it being an Apple app it's really not as good as the Google Translator. Indeed the camera translation is a godsend! I think playing Japanese games would be a lot easier now having this app available compared to before. So again thanks to you for suggesting this awesome translator app - it may not translate things 100% accurately but it's way more than enough to get us by. I made a mistake here by finishing off the Disturbing The Sleep of Kings quest. I should have left it active so I can just easily enter/exit the big door after the long bridge that leads us to the boss room - until I got all what I needed. Much easier to do it this way than to do it on the main entrance. But since I finished the quest, I can no longer do this method anymore. At least you have confirmed that the main entrance can still do the trick - though I do expect to keep doing it a million times like you've said, that's a lot better that than not get the plat at all. The DLC will definitely make the Pyrites more accessible as sometimes you can get two in one trip, worse case is to get one after every 2-3 run-ins with the Nightmare Dungeon. I still need 6 of these... so that's probably going to take me 6,000,000 times to run in/out the Barren Temple for me then! LOL By the way did you need a Japanese credit card registered on your PSN account before being able to TOP-UP your JP PSN account? I'm still eyeing to buy a Japanese stack of an EU released game, but a bit worried that despite being able to buy a JP PSN card I still might not be able to redeem it without a valid credit/debit card registered as a mode of payment on my account. -------------------- So indeed a big hooray for you for finally getting this rare and covetous platinum! -------------------- EDIT: I've just completed the 30 weapon upgrades! You're right, farming the Pyrites at the Barren Temple wasn't that bad. I didn't expect to be lucky enough to get them sooner than what I have anticipated - and without the DLC! So the tough trophies are out of the way and the platinum seems to be in the bag by the look of things!
  11. I'm having the worse unlucky streak with the Forlorn Necklaces right now. Playing the NieR: Replicant JP (PS3) version and I never had this much bad luck having just recently played NieR: Gestalt (PS3) and NieR: Replicant ver 1.22 (PS4), both of which only took me around 2-3 hours (max) to get all needed 4 necklaces. But on my current run I probably had 5 hours yesterday and got only one... and today around the same hours sunk in and got none! The RNG of this game with the materials grind can be brutally unpredictable and at times generous and some other time very unforgiving.
  12. I fully agree with this statement. However Memory Alloy will be a different story which is why we'll all end up with so much Titanium Alloys because of grinding for them. Though they won't be as hard as the notorious Forlorn Necklaces, Subdued Bracelets... these ones will be taking the piss...
  13. I'm gonna have a look at this one, this is new to me! Wow thanks for this great find! Cheers man! EDIT: How do we exactly do this? Is there a specific time we should check to collect it? I've been in and out the back room from time to time and I can't seem to find one. Reddit also talks about this so I have no doubt that they exists. However no info on exactly how to pull this one off is available. Anyone care to elaborate? I just need 4 now to complete the set of 15 so I'm not far behind to fully get the Phoenix weapons done - just one to go!
  14. Woah I didn't know about this! Care to elaborate more on how to get this and where exactly is it located. One free black pearl for each ending is good enough for me! I'm playing the JP version and I'm struggling a bit trying to 'deciphering' kanji so every would little help a lot... Thanks!
  15. I'll pitch in... the one's with the Forlorn Necklaces (x4)... also Subdued Bracelets (x3) are equally painful to get from those flying shades in the desert. Lily-Leaf Sword (2,400 Gold - Village Blacksmith) Level 2: Titanium Alloy x3 Level 3: Titanium Alloy x2, Broken Antennea x7, Large Gear Level 4: Titanium Alloy x2, Forlorn Necklace x2, Pyrite Kusanagi (Default weapon Part 2) Level 2: Iron Ore x10 Level 3: Iron Ore x18, Broken Battery x4, Forlorn Necklace Level 4: Iron Ore x20, Broken Earring, Moldavite Sunrise Spear (21,600 Gold - Village/Aerie Blacksmith) Level 2: Silver Ore, Large Gear x2 Level 3: Silver Ore x2, Rusty Kitchen Knife x2, Forlorn Necklace Level 4: Silver Ore x3, Subdued Bracelet, Pyrite Axe of Beheading (19,200 Gold - Village Blacksmith) Level 2: Copper Ore x10 Level 3: Copper Ore x15, Rusty Kitchen Knife x3, Subdued Bracelet Level 4: Copper Ore x18, Stopped Clock x2, Meteorite Spear of the Usurper (21,600 Gold - Seafront Blacksmith) Level 2: Iron Ore Level 3: Iron Ore x2, Large Gear x2, Subdued Bracelet Level 4: Iron Ore x5, Broken Lens x2, Pyrite The Pheonix Weapons are also somewhat a terrible grind simply because they have Eagle Eggs, Giant Eggs and Black Pearls in all of them. I've only fully upgraded the Phoenix Spear and left the other two out because I didn't fancy reloading a lot just for the black pearls and unlike the NieR PS3 versions we still have to get rid of that beached galleon (mermaid storyline) before we can farm them. They are the only last two weapons I didn't upgrade to Level 4 though the eagle eggs can be collected via the Nightmare Dungeon DLC (third door). Phoenix Sword (Shadowlord's Castle Crate, Part 2) Level 2: Gold Ore x2, Giant Egg x2 Level 3: Gold Ore x3, Eagle Egg x2, Complex Machine Level 4: Gold Ore x4, Black Pearl x5, Moldavite Phoenix Dagger (31,200 Gold - Seafront Blacksmith) Level 2: Silver Ore x6, Giant Egg x2 Level 3: Silver Ore x6, Eagle Egg, Broken Earring x2 Level 4: Silver Ore x6, Black Pearl x5, Amber x2 Phoenix Spear (32,400 Gold - Facade Blacksmith) Level 2: Gold Ore, Giant Egg x2 Level 3: Gold Ore x2, Eagle Egg, Broken Wristwatch Level 4: Gold Ore x3, Black Pearl x5, Moldavite So it's really up to you which one you could manage to complete its rare material requirements.