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  1. 19.60 was my best. I didn't try any further after I got the trophy, which probably took me close to 100 attempts. I'm pushing 40, so I'm gonna say that's good enough for me trying to do this with a controller. 😋 Some of you have some ridiculously impressive times! I realize the spawns are important, but even when I'd get the perfect spawns, I would always seem like I'd get hung up on something, or one of my double/triple targets wouldn't land as intended.
  2. Yes, however you can farm them easily in Taddan Plains. Zone in, and you can listen for a sound. If you don't hear it, there's no Shadow Fallen and you can exit, and zone back in. Always start at the first portal and it'll be between that and the second portal. I would say you can get 10 in a half hour of farming that spot. Honestly, I wouldn't bother just randomly trying to run into them elsewhere unless you're doing the long dungeon grind. Do that first, then knock these out last, to save time.
  3. Thank you, I'll check that out.
  4. Might be the most obvious thing ever, considering how many have this trophy, but I'm struggling to find even one. Can anyone tell me where to go? Thanks!
  5. The Metacritic Score is precisely what differentiates it from most everything else, while we're in the midst of a games media raging about it's difficulty.
  6. I find it really amusing that you've got as many trophies in this game as I do, which is hardly any, with a thread like this, and I've never played a FromSoftware game before... 😉😝 Everyone has to start somewhere. I really only picked this game up because of all of the crying from games media over an easy mode. That seemed ridiculous to me, and that's just been even more my opinion when I found out how enjoyable this game is to learn. How exhilarating it is when the game starts to click. I also like that you can chip away at this game. Put it down for a bit and come back fresh. I'm sure there are many, many setbacks to come.
  7. What do you mean you lose access? I'm not arguing here, at all, just can only relate to my own experience, which is that you can access every bounty from the DS4 touchpad and hitting L1/R1 until you get to the bounty tab map. All of the bounties show up there. You have to hit the down arrow on the target to access all of the sub-bounties, which should all be accessible. You may have to spend target intel to access it again for making it an active bounty, but you can do it as many times as you want as long as you have the target intel to spend on it and the safe house related was liberated. When you go to that screen and look at all of the targets and sub-targets, are people missing or are all of the names crossed off? My trophy popped once the last name on that map was crossed off. I may certainly be mistaken, but I know for a fact I failed a number of bounties several times and never had an issue doing them again. Just cost me more target intel after it said 'Bounty Failed'. The bounty tab in progression doesn't mean anything. Mine still says 95%, but I have the trophy, because that percentage has nothing to do with the trophy. I did all of my work through the touchpad screen bounty tab.
  8. I don't think this trophy is glitched. Make sure all of the safe houses say that they're liberated first. If not, do that first. Then go to the bounty tab through the touchpad on the DS4 and make sure that all of the named bounties (including the sub-named bounties) are done under each target. I think there's what, 5 or 6 main targets on the map, each with 3-4 sub-bounties? Do them all until each name is crossed off. Do this, and the trophy will pop on the last one. I think there's so much confusion on this trophy because nobody knows exactly what's required and the description is vague, if not outright wrong. I went with this approach and there was no problem getting the trophy -- and my bounty tab in the progression section of the game only says 95%, but the bounty tab on the game map has all targets eliminated.
  9. It's a non-factor unless you make it one.
  10. Yes, but for the trophy you have to get the finishing kill. Not to say you didn't, but it cannot be an NPC or another player getting the last shot. Also, grenades, fire, or other AoE effects likely play a role, too.
  11. For sure. Add me.
  12. Yes, I think it will. Can we make it 9 EST? I'll go to the gym early so I'm back by 8 my time (central). *Edit* We can knock out the disavowed and blackout hijack in the Dark Zone if you need those or have time. I'll add you to my FL now.
  13. Would anyone like to help out/need help with this around 6 PM central this evening? Add me to friends on PSN or message me.
  14. Are we sure the key here isn't that, when the player is down, that the my hit the Call for Help Button (Down), and then get revived?
  15. Co-op scaling wasn't working, but they just patched it yesterday, I believe. Problem is that I think that it only finds a middle ground, so if you're 1 and someone else is 30, not sure how well that will work. Leveling up is fairly simple and I'm sure that the PSNProfiles II clan has or will have some lower level people in it. The other one is full, but ours still has plenty of spots. Definitely join up!