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  1. Just happened to see the question on the front page and answered with what made sense. Thank you though.
  2. Believe I've seen this before with some other games. Figure it's cause not everyone that owns the game is on this site. The global rarity is counting for all the people that are actually playing the game while psnprofiles only counts the people on the site playing the same game.
  3. Gave this a try and found it works too! Can confirm dogs and scarecrows are valid and I found I can keep my Vita active by using a hair band to press down one of the shoulder buttons. Looks like this method is the trick for this trophy. This needs to be spread around!
  4. Don't know if it was just me, but the control of the ball in this level seemed considerably worse then any of the other levels. Not sure of the level design was just throwing me off but it seemed harder to move diagonally here then the other levels.
  5. Probably late to the party but I just wanted to say that while playing the game I've noticed a pattern where the game only seems to crash shortly after I save manually. So maybe saving the game is what causes the crashing some of the time? So far it hasn't crashed on me as long as I didn't save manually and luckily it autosaves frequently.
  6. Will give it a try and see if that works when I am able to. Though it might also be easier to wait and see if it gets patched later on.
  7. Thank you. ^^ Good luck in your fighting games as well. Fair enough. See know harm in going MP if you really love a game. Thank you. Yeah, online can be a bit of a hassle. Especially if your internet drops unexpectedly. Rather focus on trophies that don't require online.
  8. Not sure if it's something to be proud about, but I am basically attempting to see how far I can get on offline trophies only. Can say for certain every trophy I have is an offline trophy and I'm intending to keep it that way. If I play a multiplayer game, I only focus on the offline and it does save me the hassle of trying to get online trophies admittedly. Curious to see if anyone else is trying to focus only on offline trophies.
  9. Regarding the Scarecrow, I've been debating if it has to be done in without stopping the game at all. Basically, don't turn off the vita and don't pause the game or go to the Vita menu. Basically, "one sitting" means keeping the game going for as long as it takes in this scenario. No proof if it's true, but I'm starting to believe it since I'm sure I've gotten past 500 crows playing it with breaks and stops. That or I'm just terrible at counting long numbers.
  10. That is true, looking at my rarest trophies the rarest I got is from a no damage run in TorqueL but that's not really a feat when you can easily reset the game to nullify any damage you take. Well, I think the best example of that quota would be my platinum for The Escapists. That game was more a matter of luck and time consumption then skill. All the trophies were more beating the levels or meeting specific requirements that were easy enough to do.
  11. The PS+ does make since, looking at how some of the games I've played have a really high number of players compared to those that have completed the game. Can agreed on the RNG factor. Big reason why I have yet to finish Ni no Kuni despite beating the game and only needing some final stuff for the Platinum. That is true, everything being difficulty in it's own way. Certainly know that what's hard for me is easy for other people depending on where your skills lie. Have tried all kinds of stuff in games and even then there are some stuff I'm better at than others. In general, I've found that I do better in games that let me move at my own pace compared to games that depend faster actions or anything competitive like fighting games.
  12. Probably not the first to ask this, but kind of curious what answers I'll get so I might as well ask. I've noticed some of the rarer trophies I have were not really that hard to earn. Frustrating and luck based perhaps, but sometimes a trophy shown as rare online is not nearly as difficult as the rarity makes it out to be. Is it more a matter of being willing to put in the time for the trophy in some cases over actual difficulty?
  13. I can Good opinion in my book. Will give a lot of stuff a try at least and continue if I want to. Fair enough. And sorry, haven't looked on the forums much so can assume I'm not the first one to make this post. Fair enough. First post I made here on the forums so apologies if it's a tiresome subject. Guessing I'm not the first then.
  14. Fair enough. At least you're focused on the games you're enjoying which is very good.
  15. That's a viewpoint I can agree with. Easier to get trophies when the game is fun for you and plenty of games are still fun even with the difficult trophies. That's something I should try to do more often.