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  1. Rocket League, most people get the Platinum by simply playing.
  2. You guys keep on complaining, with a German PSN account the governement tells you which games are deemed playable by the public and which titles are too harsh for you to enjoy. I had to pick up an Austrian PSN voucher and buy Dead Rising that way because its against German laws if I tend to enjoy my sparetime the way I intend. Its bullshit in my opinion.
  3. Wow finally! I just got my trophy, now I only have to do the extraction sites.
  4. As far as I know Ubisoft is aware of the situation. Now its just a matter of time. But I'm not too optimistic that its gonna be soon, I guess I'll finish this one up when another big DLC/Patch is released and hope for the best. I'm just glad I could borrow this game from a friend, had I spent money on this, I would have been pissed.
  5. The weekly update and the 1.07 patch didn't fix this bug for me. Lets hope they get it right next week.
  6. I feel this is a thing that will get patched out eventually but it's hard to say when that will happen. It's just frustrating people were able to get it in the past, and a new patch comes along and messes stuff up.
  7. Hey Guys, I've come here to report that in its current state, The Division Platinum is unachievable for some people. Reason is the "Outside of Playable Area" Bug which spawns you inside the Safehouse after entering an elevator when hunting collectables. There are two Missing Agent File in Midtown East which require entering an elevator, and thus preventing you from getting the "The Finder" bronze trophy. The thing is, this is quite a new bug, I've found other people having similar problems and at this point I haven't found a workaround. There are no other ways to get into those particular buildings except the bugged elevator. I will report back after I trying some things, like joining a friends session and try to grab it there, creating an alt, go for it during a mission and so on. Edit: As User Gigg1337 stated, the bug is now fixed and platinum is achieveable again. The two missing agent files can now be picked up.
  8. I finally got my GTA V plat. I KNEW the bridge flights were bugged for me and a post from this forum helped me finally unlock that last trophy.
  9. Time to finish up First Light, shouldn't take too long.
  10. Got a Level 50 Assassin looking for assistance with Terramorphous. GMT+2