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  1. Update is out!!!!
  2. Update will come tomorrow!
  3. Update is comming. original Mail: An update is finally coming. It is currently in test. The game will be updated in the next two months (hopefully sooner).
  4. Ok, i boost automaticly. I play the new Mode "Spoils of War". I used this method to not kicked out! i expanded and configured the script. so that it press every 35 seconds to top, to get extra xp and press every 45 seconds X to not kicket out. I boost 33 Level without playing. it tooks over 1 week to get this 33 level. sometimes i have to restart my ps4 and PC, when i see the script does not works.
  5. How long (time) is 1 run?
  6. No, i play regular. I got the 100%.
  7. I have no idea how it works ^^. But thanks!
  8. Leave the Maingame or the Level?
  9. If it possible to make the 6-player trophy online with others?
  10. Are the Trophies fixed? 1 have 100%.
  11. You can the Multiplayer-Trophies reach online :D. Create a Gamingsession.
  12. Iam wrote the Activision Support. The Servers are down and will not come back online. Nobody cares :D.
  13. How did you delete that?
  14. Hey Guys, please play my level, leave a comment and i play yours back! PSN: MITSTREITER THX!