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  1. It's from Fantastico Studio
  2. Would be fun to have a games owned list (would have to be done manually) so you can see how much of your collection you have completed. I wanted to link my game list to my trophy list so I started all my games once to see them at 0%... Not the best solution in the world
  3. I'd like to be able to sort my games by completion rarity :3
  4. My boyfriend takes non drowsy Gravol before playing and he says that he doesn't feel as bad when he plays. Might want to try this
  5. Can I join? :3 KITTY_UZZC
  6. Sounds fun, I'm in :3
  7. I just got the ladybug trophy, I've caught the 10 lady bugs in a single gaming session (without leaving the game). The trophy unlocked in game and on PSN.