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  1. Have the limited edition for this pre-ordered; comes out this week actually. Art looks stellar and the story seems really intriguing! Let's hope Kadokawa deliver.
  2. Because some games hold deep stories and character development on a level as complex as some of the literary greats, so who would skip the opportunity to experience them? Plus, video games add another layer of immersion that even books and films don't have. But on a personal level, I owe a lot to video games for my education as a small kid. I remember learning a lot of new words and vocabulary through games like Pokémon, and since English isn't my first language per se, I have a lot to owe to video games to develop my command of the language at such a fast pace.
  3. Hopefully this game will get a tasty limited edition like FFX/X-2 HD. Either way, take my money Squeenix!
  4. Apparently the main reason it hasn't hit consoles is because the software used to create the game is very messily made, making it impossible to just port it over - they'd literally have to re-build the software from the ground up. 99% it'll never hit consoles for this reason, but it would fit right at home on Vita - and could be a great selling point.
  5. Totally far out choice but Undertale would be right at home on the Vita. Would fit perfectly for the screen and would make a great PSN download. For that to hit consoles would be a dream come true!
  6. Anddddd we've got a release date folks! 23 June is the release date for Project Diva Future Tone on PS4. 'Prelude' is the base game and is free, to which you can add to by buying either the Colourful Tone expansion or the Future Sound expansion (or both). CT will contain the Project Diva Mirai/Arcade selection of songs, and FS will contain the Project Diva/F selection of songs. Each pack will cost 4212 yen in total, totalling to 8424 yen if you buy both upon release (or almost €70/$76). 220+ songs and 340+ Modules in total. Teto, Haku, Neru and Sakine Meiko will also be available. If you pre-order on the store, you'll get two Future Tone PS4 themes. Source: Get hyped
  7. Such a shame to hear, albeit unsurprising. The Vita is a failure in the west (largely due to lack of diversity and terrible marketing of the console on Sony's part). At least it gets plenty of love and then some in the Asian region.
  8. Definitely going to pre-order this limited edition ASAP. Final Fantasy XV and Persona 5 all in the one month, is this heaven?
  9. The graphics are so damn sexy in Future Tone PS4. Can't wait to see how fluid it plays, and to try out the new difficulty mode. We need a release date stat!
  10. Not sure if this was posted yet, but this wiki has a comprehensive list of the best songs for item/present drops. Scroll a bit further down and you get all the best items to give in post-song requests. Really helpful as I'm just entering the affinity/event grinding portion of the plat.