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  1. Got my plat aswell!! Ty @totallycrushed for the sweet reminders! Good luck to the rest
  2. Grats. Does the trophy pop when you complete the event, or when the time registers in the menu?
  3. DLC...? this sucks. At least i can still make it without this event. It will take one more week then...
  4. Wish i was on 20th aswell :/
  5. ty for this solution guys. Have the same problem
  6. Just found out. You have to kill a chocobo looking bird and get its meat. Then drop it on the floor where there are crows flying. They will come to eat the meat and be vulnerable to dmg
  7. I have this problem aswell...
  8. Apparenlty this bugged for me too... If i delete my save and retry from scratch, will it work?
  9. Phew!!! I already have 6 times registered!
  10. So, platinum will be lost forever if you dont do these events?
  11. Hi there. I have completed 6 events so far. Will i be able to get the plat if i complete all the upcoming ones? And also, will the plat be avail indefinitely if i get this dlc you are mentioning? Thanks
  12. So, ive tried the way described in playstationtrophies for this, but i cant manage to make it work. Anyone has a solution to get in except doing it legit? Or if legit, any easy top30 time to beat? ty!
  13. yep i was a victim of this matter last year and now it happened again today for me as well. I did all the possible resets on console and network. Nothing worked. My feed has stopped updating since 11/5, 6 am... Hope it is fixed soon this time
  14. Yes, those freezes and kicks in the xmb,still happen. Im stuck at 98 and the awards shows that i havent got a platinum on The schauffer/Friend till the End mission... I tried platinuming again these mission along with several others. I tried a different car. Nothing worked so far
  15. Today it glitched for me. I contacted Ubi to let them know it still happens. I spoke on live chat with a ubi agent. Anything new to try while i wait for their reply?