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  1. Horizon Zero Dawn. Not only one of the best exclusives of all time, but also a fun platinum that can be (mostly) done by simply playing the game + you can buy items to display all collectibles on the map, so no video guide is needed and it's not a chore.
  2. What about the scenarios that got harder? From someone who completed all, were these a breeze before that? Not that those are now the deal breaker ..
  3. Damn so the items are also not usable in TA? (knew about health/stamina being reset). That's a bummer. Guess I will try my best with hard TA first.
  4. Following the guide you should do the TA on Hard first and then Normal. But isn't it better to start with normal TA and get the rewards first that give you more damage, among other things? I am following the TA guide from PS4Trophies and I barely beat the first colossus (hard TA) with 6 seconds left whereas he had ~50 seconds left due to all the upgrades from the TA Normal run. So before I continue with the TA on Hard and possibly reach a dead end I wanted to ask how doable it is to beat TA on hard first without the items from the normal run.
  5. Trash games but atleast Farming Simulator 19 seems to be an easy plat without DLC trophies.
  6. Most people think that way, that's the reason why they react the way they currently do after reading the leaks. I wonder if they planned to alter some parts of the story and didn't give a set new release date because of that initially. Now way that in just 3 weeks after they announced the second delay everything got dealt with that they surprisingly can release the game just 2 weeks after the release date in may.
  7. Dying Light is indicated and therefore not present in the PS store in germany (don't know if there are other countries aswell). Would they really put games on PS+ that are not available to everyone?
  8. FYI, for the Argentinia event you currently need a time of around 4:19 to get in the top 10%. And for New Zealand currently 4:35. I found Argentinia much easier, I am 0.5 seconds short of tier 1 in that event and in New Zealand I am only in lower tier 2.
  9. The daily challenges from yesterday refreshed by now. Didn't have any problems with the rewards and/or the trophy.
  10. Don't overreact. If you drive more slowly and save and don't push the limits to not make any major mistakes you are good to go. I even spin out once and managed to get top 900, which is enough for tier 1. The newest DLC is so much harder in any way.
  11. Alright, thanks for the heads up. Really stupid though, you could retire in DR 1.0 without any problems.
  12. Shit that's probably true, didn't think of that and I just abandoned in the menu.
  13. I am currently doing the Historic Championships and in the Modern Classics one I had a 40 point lead before the last event, so I simply abandoned it to save time. I got 1st place in the Championship, however I neither got the Modern Art nor the Time Machine trophy. Is this a bug or are you not allowed to abandon a single event even if you win at the end?
  14. Nice, thank you 👍
  15. You can already play a demo on steam. Can't wait for a full release.