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  1. I really enjoyed the first 1-1.5 hours so far. Keep in mind that there was another huge patch today which probably fixed even more issues. Dying Light also "only" had 74% and I still loved the game.
  2. Update: Both trophies unlocked now finally after restarting the game completely every time
  3. It's still v1.07. Gonna try closing the game entirely instead of via the menu all the time
  4. I also have a problem with the dozen quests and daily bonuses? I have completed over 20 quests now and now trophy. Also collected 1 week of bonuses and no trophy aswell
  5. Those don't have trophies though or not? The names are all not listed in the dlc packs on psnprofiles. And the All Stars and AMG packs which include trophies are both free in the store. EDIT: Just read that Finish Line and No Limits apparently count towards DC Bikes because the base game reached the maximum number of DLCs lol? ( ) However I never bought more than the season pass and I have 100% base game and no DC Bikes Trophy list on my account.
  6. Ok I got it now but it seems it's really glitchy. The door was open and like 15 enemies where prone on the floor suddenly lol
  7. Yes completed that mission 3 times now, the door never opened
  8. For me the door does not open/the enemies do not spawn. I tried standing at the pool building the entire time and and the door the entire time, but in both cases the enemies simply don't spawn. Any ways to fix that?
  9. Sry it's the downtime that starts at 4 PM. Once the servers come back online the fixes should be live.
  10. The patch comes out 4 pm ET. EDIT: It's the downtime
  11. Knife Edge Death Match, Decimation and Absolute Unit probably has to be re-earned as I doubt they save stuff like this on the servers. Win trophies should auto-pop or at least after your next win.
  12. All the 50 kill trophies don't work. Dagger kill didn't pop. Win trophy didn't pop. But I got the trophy for all legendaries although I only had one legendary item. Guess I will stop playing this until it's fixed god damn.
  13. Yes.
  14. 80% of the trophy will be missions where you will get gold in 1-3 tries easily. Only the last few gold medals are a bit more tricky depending on which missions you chose. It's honestly not that hard, just takes some time. And starting a new game with saves will take much longer in the long run.
  15. Finally done. A few more tips/info: - "Friends in very low places" (Chapter 3) is an easy gold. Take a shortcut through the woods when riding to Rhodes and crouch sprint when getting to the coach. - "Enter, Pursued by a Memory" (Ch. 2) found that way easier with the shotgun. Run to the rocks, the wolves will be "confused" and grant easy kills - "A Fisher of Men" (Ch. 2) - If you have trouble with the time requirement, only catch one fish and after that stand at the river and wait until Jack in finished to immediately trigger the cutscene. - "Pouring Forth Oil IV" - If you use replay mode, also loot the brandy in the baggage car. Otherwise you don't get enough dead eye for 10 kills - "Good, Hones, Snake Oil" - If you have trouble returning in time, after catching him with the lasso drag him (on your horse) towards the side of Valentine out of the water and hogtie him there. - "The course of true love III" - When using replay, stock arthur hasn't enough stamina to swim through the water two times (respectively you lose time by regenerating). Rather go through the water with your horse both times. - "The bridge to nowhere" - Check your settings if your tap to hold delay is all the way to the left. Seems impossible to escape the train in 19 seconds without that. - "Honor amongst Thieves" - When riding to the location, don't go in cinema camera and spam X to force him to ride faster. I tried it both times with and without cinema camera where I stole the vaccine at the same spot, but I only got gold when I didn't use cinema camera.