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  1. I used the deluxe content (livery, activated icons) and the trophy popped fined, seems like it's just an issue for some.
  2. Like with most special edition bonuses, these only help you in the first few hours of the game. Regarding multiplayer, you get slight XP increase until rank 25 so that one is probably the only "useful" one for the trophies. One free horse also helps by saving money to buy the other 4 in multiplayer (you also get free multiplayer guns (including varmint rifle) and back in 2018, the varmint rifle was the best poth for pvp and hunting, so there was also no need to buy other weapons. But I haven't played since then and weapon balance is probably different now). If that's worth 5 bucks to you go for it.
  3. No, the trophy descriptions literally mention "Without Changing the Difficulty"
  4. If you are struggling, play on Castle Road since it's an icy road and downhill most of the time. In the first few corners, you can already get more than 7000 backwards XP, see this video for reference. The key is also having a x5 combo. Once you reach angles of ~110 degress, use your handbrake and steer in the opposite direction.
  5. Are you sure it's 4WD and not RWD?
  6. As of now, the devs have no solution for providing safe transfer from PS4 to PS5, so no autopop anyways unless they find a solution.
  7. There are two version of that arena (1 day, 1 night). Maybe the trophy only pops in one of them?
  8. Well, you have to keep in mind all missable trophies except "Give to the Poor", which is technically missable, but really easy to do. Since the other four require you to do certain task across several chapters/the entire game, you have to look out for these no matter what. You can also keep a separate save game from each chapter begin, middle of the chapter and chapter end for safety. You should start working on "Errand Boy" as early as possible as well.
  9. Can someone confirm now whether people that were in the game from the very beginning, but left and rejoined will still get the trophy once the boss is defeated?
  10. Search for the regular version and scroll down to see similar content or something like that. Should be there. Direct link: Update: Seems like it just got fixed a couple minutes ago.
  11. If you download the free multiplayer trial for Cold War and then go to the Cold War Cross Gen Bundle, you can purchase it for 5€ (using console store, it get substracted in the cart) (German PS Store, other countries work as well). For more info (german though):
  12. Finally no stupid collectibles. The map is really easy as well (most of the time you are in such a huge area that it's basically impossible to get stuck/overrun), for anyone being worried.
  13. The ultimate edition is currently on sale for 11€ and I was wondering if the game is actually fun? Looking for a racing game while waiting for the ps5 and GT7 lol. Also, I don't mind the around the globe trophy as I went through much more hideous grind (looking at you, CarX Drift Racing). How does it compare to e.g. Project Cars 3, if anyone played both?
  14. Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration is $5.99! Highly recommend it for everyone that missed it on PS+.
  15. Play Rise of the Tomb Raider, 118 out of 125 trophies are bronze lol.