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  1. Ok, thanks for the jnfo
  2. So. With the new update the nexus and there for the memoryfragments too are gone. So my guess is that the trophy for it is unobtainable for now. Or die I miss something?
  3. A little update . My atlas has been optical restored. I can now see the whole map and every map I played so far has its "stamp" in it BUT I only have cleared 4 from 159 maps on the counter. Oh and I had the red map = yellow trophy too ^^
  4. Dito so far. I had over 100 Maps completet und after the update is was only a handfull. A friend got his progression back today after it was gone. Also they removed the nexus so that the platinum is not possible
  5. Is there a possible Double Platinum? With US and EU?
  6. I presume that you can get it in the first chapter. But can anyone tell me where and when?
  7. And the fear of the Bluescreen...
  8. On the ps3 , this trophy was glitchy as fuck. Is it still ? I did every quest, even the one for the little minimi but did not get it. I often had my Lobby open for publik and every now&then some one joined.
  9. Anthem - Because it destroyed my ps4 pro , after that and after I could finaly get that BR out of it I stoped playing this game
  10. I asked because I just created an freshly UK ACC. ( I am from Germany) and before I put Money in it, I ask .
  11. I was just wondering if the UK store has any games which no other country has? The only game I know so far is Nubla 2
  12. Server closed Maybe?
  13. Metal Gear Solid 1 Just finished CD 1 Abs then the game told me to insert CD2 and press Start. I just insert CD 2 and pushed the reset button. Of course I did not saved one time
  14. My Milestone Nr. 450 was the platinum of Red Dead Redemption 2. But on my profile is Storm Boy as Nr. 450 . Please change this
  15. Please Dead Space Triology Army of Two Trilogy Lost Planet Trilogy