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  1. Nier RNG.... how i hate thee. farm an exact sparkle spot for 4hrs... no broken Pottery. ok... farm other items. go to save before bed. figure ah what the hell, ill check that spot 1 more time and that's it.(outside junk heap). Oh? a sparkle ? OH.. BROKEN POTTERY YOU SAY? 


    GAME: thank you for suffering 

    Me: of course that's how this works....

    1. Copanele


      The whole theme of the game is suffering apparently 😂

    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      clearly lol! i think tonight ill try to grind out the last few items for weapons. Then ill play something else. do the speedrun on the weekend lol.


      now the hardest item to drop is Memory Alloy. joy. haha

    3. Copanele


      Oh that STUPID Memory Alloy. I got the first...idk how many, but anyway got them super fast, needed only one for an upgrade.

      3 HOURS OF FARMING LATER...Goddamnit Yoko Taro!

  2. Vaccine complete. feel fine. refused the band-aid at the end. Didn't need it. 

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    2. kingdrake2


      it's only temporary if side effects happen. could get anything from fatigue to shoulder pain.

      i was fortunate enough to experience shot site pain for 2 days and arm pain for 7 if i moved it in a certain way.

    3. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      1st shot. Pfizer. no pain really, just tense when i lift my shoulder up. Had a headache before i went cause i didnt eat before i left. Whether any weird stuff happens due to the shot remains to be seen but i don't feel any different than I normally do. 


      Now I wait the 4 months till shot #2 *sigh*.

    4. DrBloodmoney


      I was the Astrazeneca, and - full disclosure, I did feel a bit crappy for a day or two afterwards, but nothing that would totally level someone.

      I've got the booster shot booked for a few weeks from now, so hopefully that one isn't as much of an issue - heard it's not as bad the second time around  *touch wood* 

  3. Still not starting RE8 cause im farming materials in Nier but i fucking hope the creator doesn't have any RNG shit in any future games. 5hrs 2 giant eggs and 0 Wristwatches. i need 2 more Giant Eggs and 4 watches. Thats JUST this Village/field area.


    Fuck you Yoko.

  4. used the clock method, had some peach/pink seeds. 3rd save attempt rewarded 3 white moonflower. Stupid trophy done. Now to work on the money/upgrades. 


    will start RE8 in an hour

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    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      yeah that's why my plan was farm 3-3, since its short, and clearing it nets 50k money too.


      what enemy drops them again, shades in the desert or the mages at the top of the shrine? regardless theres an enemy at the shrine that drops something I need too. 


      3.... in 2-3hrs.... thankfully 3 of my fave bands released albums lately so ill just farm while listening to music. i didnt have much issue with 15black pearls, maybe an hour. was good RNG.

    3. Copanele


      Forlorn Necklaces are dropped by the shades in the Northern Plains when it's cloudy or the ones at the top of the Lost Shrine. I preferred farming in the Northern Plains just because I like drifting with the boar (+you have a chance to get a gold ore drop in the Aerie).

      You get Metal Piercing from the Desert Shades if I remember correctly.

    4. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      im losing my mind on this shit lol. i am getting the harder ones outta the way..m aerie is destroyed. 

      i say hard ones are the 4 metal piercing, 3 Subdued, 1 broken pottery i need, 4 broken Wristwatch, 2 giants eggs.


      kill me lol. 

      my mind says quit, but im always like... 1 more run. vicious cycle 

  5. I would guess its that way to ensure multiple playthroughs to get unlimited ammo on some weapons etc. it is bs tho. ill be playing tonight so we will see what happens
  6. Pfizer sunday. Whether your pro or anti vax... you risk dying without it and with it. Soooo meh. Plus i just want a world without masks.

  7. Ordered Lost Judgment ps5. haha.

    new game every week until mid October now 🙌

    1. MidnightDragon
    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      pretty much this order:

      Nier, Returnal, RE8Deluxe ps5, Mass Effect, SMT3HD, Biomutant Collectors edition, Guilty Gear Strive ps5, Ratchet and Clank ps5, Scarlet Nexus ps5, Disgaea 6, Monster Hunter Stories 2, Skyward Sword, Neo: World Ends With You, No More Heroes double pack from LRG, No More Heroes 3, Kena(if it's good), Tales of Arise ps5, Deathloop, Lost Judgment ps5, Back 4 Blood deluxe edition, Caligula Effect 2


      and if they release 2021 oct-nov... Far Cry 6, Horizon ZD Forbidden West, God of War Ragnarok. 


      Anyone sayin ps5 has a bad first year is nuts. There is plenty. *i know some of these are for switch and ps4 but if its available ps5 i grab it*

  8. you can still advance the time. Just change setting to the highest clock, (if you have multiple saves then use them... save twice) then plant seeds. save over 1. advance time on clock to +1300 isle of samoan or something. load game and see what flowers bloom. it's easy. once you get pink and peach seeds just back up. plant save time skip and see if you have white flower
  9. I know its one post but f it. 3 of my fave artists released albums at 9pm sooo 1. Diamante - American Dream 2. Skarlett Riot - Cut the Ties 3. Sumo Cyco - Bad News
  10. phone updates. now i have this annoying bar above the gif keyboard etc. That has passwords, card info, and location/addresses. No idea how the hell to get rid of it as its beyond annoying
  11. beat me too it. Game looks fun. Ill probably be playing this before SMT.
  12. Sunset Overdrive rumored for ps4/ps5 at a budgeted price with updated graphics. Now that Sony owns Insomniac. Would be cool, i have it on xbox but never played it. Dont even use my xbox lol

  13. i still enjoy AVGN but probably due to being a fan since day 1. i am a fan of Mike leaving as i always found him annoying and a goof. But yeah a lot of youtubers that do gaming are much worse than AVGN, such as BeatEmUps(he's whiny af), and HappyConsoleGamer. can't stand those two. i wont buy the avgn games unless it gets a release from LRG or something
  14. could have done speedrun first. the game is only somewhat long if you do sidequests and watch every cutscene. speedrunners can get 4hrs or less no prob. that's A and B
  15. it was in the original ps3 trophy set. Its easier here... combine it with Ending E, then you go back and just finish to ending A of that file. A lot of people got the trophy that way.