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  1. ah when you're gaming just to game, its quite nice. Played a few levels of nioh to get kodama, 100% region 1, minus 1 side mission. Its a game I'm in no rush to get a plat. Its kind of my inbetween games game as i did plat ps4.

    I'm waiting till Saturday so i can pick up Bravely Default II and Persona 5 Strikers. 


    Also unsure when it'll happen but i think plat 120 will be Persona 5 Royal.

    currently at 116, so 3 more until i play Persona 5 Royal. 


    on that note, is Strikers a hard plat? maybe make it plat 119, P5R 120?

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    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      Yeah like Nioh 2, i like more. Yet Nioh 1 has such a whats the word, id say charm but its Nioh. It has Grit. i like it. The damn samurai skills is a pain and weapon proficiency. Wish they updated the menus to be like Nioh 2.. considering they had time. But Yeah, dumb question.... when do i unlock backstabbing 😅


      also avoiding going onto other regions until i have 100% levels is a nice pace. Though i really want to see my nioh ps4 build... im level 49 now and my stats seem low.. its something like this

      17 heart

      16 stamina

      14 strength 

      12 dex

      5 ninja

      5 magic

      7 summon

      or close to it.

      You know what the soft caps are?

    3. Metal Slime King

      Metal Slime King

      On PSNP the 125th platinum is listed on your profile, not the 120th. Obviously that doesn't necessarily effect what arbitrary milestones you want to set, just a note, if you want people to see something when they check your profile.

    4. Crispy_Oglop


      @Infected Elite - I'm trying to figure that out too at the moment - it looks like 99 is the cap for the initial difficulty, but it expands with each increasing difficulty. 

      I think there is this whole diminishing returns thing so i'm getting everything to 10-15 initially prioritising Heart mainly, with Spirit and Body on the side.


      At the moment i'm wearing Warrior of the West armor and trying to keep a bunch of different elemental swords that I can switch between for different enemies. I'm getting on way way better with the game now i've figured out how to use the Blacksmith to my advantage. These are my current stats:

      Body - 15
      Heart - 27
      Stamina - 13
      Strength - 13
      Skill - 13
      Dexterity - 13
      Magic - 15
      Spirit - 18