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  1. [Nier Replicant]

    i think i really only need 2 peach and 2 pink flower seeds and i can save scum the moonflower since its the flower to harvest.


    save1. main save.


    - save 3 -> copy of save1...

    - plant peach/pink. Save into Slot 2.

    - dont save slot 3. close game.

    - change timezone(it works for 24hr of the 48 i believe for seed drops) 

    - load save 2 and check flowers for white. if not. then reload save 3.

    -plant seeds. save over slot 2. rinse repeat. - - Once i get white flower ill save over slot 1.


    if so i may be able to do it sooner than i planned. When I have time ofc.


    would this work?