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  1. collectors edition been paid off since it was announced. since it's out Friday I'll pick up come home and install it. start it late Friday after work or past midnight. also hoping Nioh 2 drops this year.
  2. love those moments after you try and fail and quit. only to say screw it 5min later... try again and succeed flawlessly. Frustrations gettin bigger, bang bang bang pull my devil trigger. Urizen prologue dead after 2 crystal breaks. Happy

    1. SinisterPledge


      Oh yeah I hear you. Gotta hold on to those moments of euphoria, especially since the hours of frustration tends to outweigh them. Nice one! 

  3. nothing wrong with seeing your rank at X and moving up a few to Y. doesnt need to be about being best or whatever. but everyone uses the site for various reasons. I always felt that for someone to be in the top 1000 of the world, either you have 0 life and never leave the house and are a loser, or you're getting paid for it. not to sound negative lol. (hopefully you get paid lol) but really I have no issues with leaderboards. or ranks. for me its completion rates. I'd rather beat a game and have my enjoyment and move on to the next. dont need 100% in every game. so long as you enjoy the games and get your worth out of them.
  4. Finished DMC V today on Human and Normal. will start SOS eventually. currently thinking of playing some Dragon quest 11 finally. at least until Sekiro. other option is far cry 3.

  5. Liver failure and rapid weight loss with no real fix... had to put my kitty down today. 7yrs old. shes the best most loyal loving animal I've ever had and ever will. love you Aly. 

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    2. LegacyJKO09


      yea I thought I could make it through a shift today but I'm defeated. so I'm headed home already. a few staff were shocked I even showed up. 

    3. MidnightDragon


      Sorry about your cat. :(

    4. LegacyJKO09
  6. day 2.5 of 0hrs of sleep and I work in 6 hours. let this weeks madness begin. 

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    2. LegacyJKO09


      its just been hard with the loss of my cat and seeing her in pain leading up to it. was not easy.

    3. Spaz


      I know what you mean. 


      I lost my cat a few months back, was hard seeing her go after having her for 15 years.

    4. LegacyJKO09


      yeah she just turned 7 a few months ago but some health issues caught up and she and I put up a big fight to save her. thousands. in the end tho it just didnt matter. she was in a losing battle. 


      definitely hard.

  7. illl never understand why people care so much about what they can and cant 100%. I would laugh if Sony one day reset every persons trophies and they all had to be earned again. life moves on. OP needs to relax. if you cant get the plat then you cant. boo hoo. not a big deal. it's a VIRTUAL reward. worth $0.
  8. play it a lot more... as in one extra playthrough? wow. trophies are trophies. who cares if you plat it or not. just have fun playing it. if you cant do it you can't. simple.
  9. the DMC5 censorship is dumb. it's an ass.... so many games have shown butts before. ESPECIALLY M RATED ONES. Wow Capcom. wow. better yet wow 2019 and all the people wanting all these censored things, and everyone to be accepted etc. the world is way to sheltered now. May as well not let kids watch muppets cause they're an acid trip. bad enough no one has boycotted Caillou because he has cancer and his sister Rosie was adopted and it teaches other kids to whine till they get what they want. #rantover. lol

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    2. Nighcisama


      Wolfenstein is actually a perfect sample of censorship ruining something. I am from Germany, and this is precisely the reason I never bothered to pick Wolfenstein up, because the amount of censorship is embarrassing. The swastikas are gone, the antagonist is renamed to "Mr Heiler", the chancellor, he has no mustache, every other reference they found is gone too, and the story is almost mangled to the point of being nonsensical in the german version. Not buying this is a matter of principle at this point.


      Censorship back then on console was one of the two reasons I quit console gaming for years, skipped pretty much the entire ps3 and most of the late ps2 era and went full on pc gamer. If they begin censoring games like Cyberpunk, games in which adult content is a big part of the world and important to the general atmosphere, I will buy them on PC. Buying games on console already means living with a few downsides, but censorship is something I will not compromise on.

    3. LegacyJKO09


      I knew they released it in Germany but famn I didn't expect that level of censorship. at the very least just have a giant sticker on outer package with a unique warning for those who may be offended by such matters. but it is a game. an alternate timeline. and could be argued as art.


      I forget the game, but i remember it being banned somewhere in the middleeast and even importing it and owning it, if you get caught, can face jail time. because it goes against their beliefs. damn I wish I knew what it was

    4. Gibbo_0113


      Censorship is stupid. What is confusing me is a couple bum shots are censored but its ok for Metro Exodus to have nudity and strip club. Sony seems to be targeting Japanese Devs.

  10. I'm on normal I think. i found it slow so far. just got E and went to the other town. i should play it again soon... I hope
  11. is it true main story is minimum 70hrs? that's why I have yet to pick it up again. I think maybe i put 2 or 3 hrs in. still only have 2 party members.
  12. so back to the cat dry heaving with yellow foam. lack of eating again and no pooping. been to 3 Vets. one of them is the new vet. hes done 2xrays. given some meds, killed a worm, and other meds for water intake  which kinda helped. but cat still has 0 appetite. Anyone know anything about a cat who dry heave and gets yellow foam and no hairballs? how do I get them to eat?, I work nights so I cant tell if they eat during the day. Vet keeps saying nothing is wrong, cat is stubborn. so idk? shes not her normal self. very anti social.

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    2. LegacyJKO09


      shes an indoor cat *

    3. kingdrake2


      if the cat has asthma there is a "high pitched purr" when they do the purring. youtube can help rule that possibility out. can't know for sure in actual real life circumstances if the cat is suffering from that condition otherwise.

    4. LegacyJKO09


      she doesnt purr anymore even when I brush her. she will stay when I brush her. but no more purring. so guess that rules out asthma

  13. way out of my reach. though I like V a bit. hes cool. game is an easy 10/10 for me I'm hoping for 50% Haha.
  14. I would love if Ronda went shoot mode and legit KO'd Becky and Charlotte or snapped their arms. threw the title down and left Mania on the ending. that would be awesome. BUT Becky will win cause wrestling is fake and predictable. 

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    2. Nighcisama


      I would count The Rock as both black and samoan considering who his parents are, and whether Vince cares about the other world titles or not is not really that important because they were mostly treated as equals. The only world title that was noticeably treated much less important was the ecw world title during that misguided reboot. In fact during some of the less relevant title reigns of the wwe title, the direct counterparts were actually considered as more prestigious than the wwe title.


      Fat people do not have to sit on you to get you in trouble during a fight, you know that if you ever fight someone who is much heavier than you. Nia is literally twice Rondas size, she has twice the weight and is much stronger than her, not to mention she is quite a bit taller and therefore has a reach advantage. Such a fight could be over the second the big one gets the little one in any kind of hold, even if bjj is a way to get out or turn it around it is not guaranteed. There are weight classes in contact sports for good reason, being significantly heavier than your opponent is just a big advantage. There have been fights like this going both ways, so I would actually like to see it tbh.


      I agree that Ronda is more of a natural heel, and she has a good motive to act as a heel now too which makes it even better. Even I was getting tired of Becky running in every single week, it just came off as really annoying at some point, and I normally love to see run ins.

    3. LegacyJKO09


      ah I forgot the ecw reboot was technically a low tier title. I never cared for the new ecw. Especially when Big Show won the belt.


      yeah that has some truth to it too. I just hate Nia Jax in general. and yea body shaming is a thing. I just dont see talent in Nia. or Tamina. they're only around as part of samoan heritage crap. but I would like to see a real fight with Ronda and Nia. Ronda would probably still kick Nias ass. which I would laugh at.


      and originally for Mania I thought Becky vs Ronda 1 on 1. cool.... then they added Flair. then they removed Becky and tried making her have to earn a chance yet shes involved in each Ronda segment. each Flair segment. so its obvious. plus Ronda wants Becky so she will interfere Sunday probably. cause a double dq or something. and its dumb how WWE is telling two of the same stories. one with Becky being screwed. one with Kofi.

      tho on topic, Heel Ronda is good. if Brock loses the belt, Ronda could do his schedule. and then raw has more focus on the women's tag belts. 

      we will know soon I guess. also wish mania wasnt 7hrs. like fuck.. why lol

    4. ee28max


      Basically this all for entertainment, but yes some things are frustrating. I'll read through the replies above later and go on with my thoughts. 

  15. RUMORED but sound good release dates,Ghost of Tsushima Aug 30... Last of Us 2 Oct 2019. I definitely see last of us 2 this year around holiday. way too many people saying its certain. as for Tsushima.... possible. Sony has nothing big for the summer.... but I think it and Death Stranding are 2020.

    1. Spaz


      Days Gone is coming up. Probably the only big, anticipated AAA game I may get a day or two after release.


      Metro Exodus I may pick up soon. Loved the first two games.


      It will be interesting to see what Sucker Punch does with Ghost of Tsushima. Kinda wanted them to continue with the inFamous series.

    2. Crispy_Oglop


      @Spaz - I'm right there with you on Days Gone, really looking forward to that.

      @LegacyJKO09 I reckon that Death Stranding will be an early 2020 release. Kojima stated recently that he is behind schedule on it. I definitely think we'll see Last of Us 2 this year.

      I'm a bit controversial on other games outside of what you mentioned - Like Cyberpunk 2077 - I'm convinced that this is going to be a PS5 launch game.