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  1. i think i asked before but where do you get the steelbook? edit: googled it. dont like it enough for the price.
  2. Also Yakuza is now on xbox gamepass :( so no more ps4 exclusive... so why not make Gears series on ps4 in return or Halo. Trades.

    1. Shadiochao


      That's not a fair trade. Just for Yakuza 0 alone we should get all of Xbox's catalogue, and maybe some of Nintendo's as well

    2. Mike13858


      Yakuza 0 hasn't been a PS4 exclusive for a while now. It's been on PC for over a year.

    3. LegacyJKO09


      i always forget PC. but yeah i agree @Shadiochao but i know xbox wouldn't do all those games for Yakuza 0 sadly lol

  3. i stopped playing the game ages ago. i dont really intend on picking it up anytime soon. was curious how it worked though. Thank you.
  4. wait. can you use this cheat anywhere? say when in the mushroom forest area with poison water? or do you need to be in the expansion?
  5. underrated comment tbh 😂
  6. Thank you!
  7. economy here is so bad. My job one day is slow as hell. then the next we get way too much work in for a shift and are overwhelmed. We never manage to space production out properly. its either do nothing and feel like we are going out of business or wait to work our ass off like crazy. Whats worse is that its a high paying job compared to competitors and what else is around, with full benefits. It pays just enough to cover bills, food, and gaming, and to keep you there, but not enough that you want to stay. Basically if i work elsewhere im looking at a 3-5$ cut per hr. PLUS probably lose full benefits. i dont get the economy aspect. Its confusing. But still, middle class still feels low class. 

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    2. LegacyJKO09


      @hugglebunn-eChemical waste in Lower Mainland.  Rent is insane. yet cant find anywhere cheaper that wouldnt result in a new line of work WHICH then could line up with less wages, benefits etc.


      @Honor_Hand basically what im doing is just preparing for the worst while looking for something else and also realizing yeah it still could be even worse..


      @Sir_Bee you nailed it exactly dude! It sucks. Yet no one knows ways to change the cost of living etc. Anytime some great idea goes to the government, they shut it down. Even if you dont see a return in profit right away, and see it in say 3years... that works out in the end. Gov't though wants results day 1 it seems so they're extremely hesitant. Then  comes taxpayers and money. its as you said "Trickle Down Economics".

    3. hugglebunn-e


      i feel for you. I just looked up the cost of living and if what I was seeing is correct then your area’s cost for renting a 900 sqft place is equivalent to my areas buying a home with twice the footprint.


      that sucks man.


      My area is pretty poor in some ways, not a lot of jobs for regular people, local government is a little seedy, etc. But, I personally have been really blessed.


    4. LegacyJKO09


      ya like i make enough and have money yeah. but its not like rich. or poor. just stagnant.

      i pay 1025 for an apartment. if i wanted to own this apartment it would prob be 175k, or just due to location, maybe even 350k. its stupid how its figured out.

  8. Completed The Outer Worlds tonight. got the bad ending... i aimed for it tho, not the sun. But just guns blazing. became the most hated. haha. Won't do another run. 

    Bring on Death Stranding and Star Wars. 


    December game: Cold Steel 3 (i have it.. just waiting to start it)

  9. just got home. got all the kills trophies. it went much quicker than i thought. thanks again!
  10. my exact point my dude ahaha
  11. i did solo well over 100. i made a hard save right there so I can always go back. will try once i beat the game
  12. i liked both. id say they're equal... i enjoyed the pyramids more though but the combat in Odyssey was more finely tuned. Odyssey map however i felt was too big. eliminate maybe 15% of it? maybe 20%? overall for enjoyment i will go Odyssey. Kassandra was cool. Bayek was boring af. id give origins a 7.5, Odyssey an 8
  13. from experience, ill say if u intend to get a 4k tv down the line yes. plus price difference really isnt much between base and pro. my OG PS4 kept shutting off into rest mode so i sold it for 350 to some random. and picked up a pro. games do run smoother. there can be a random noise cut out but thats the hdmi handshake thing and its rare. 4ktv is good obvs and the latest update on ps4 allows more refined hdr calibration. And since I've had a pro (day 1), other than the random noise drop (very rare), ive had no real issues with it. soooo yes.
  14. i been crouched. i kill pigs. reload save and if its auto... those pigs are dead. if hard save ive counted 60 and no trophy
  15. sort of off topic i guess... but thank you. i get what they were going for with BotW but my fucking god they needed real dungeons and unbreakable weapons. BotW has room to grow with its sequel(s). i see the same for Death Stranding. Has tons of potential. but until i myself play it, i cant give any opinion.