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  1. so i finally started the Code Vein demo (mainly so i could make my main red head heroine, and get a feel for combat).

    i like it. im still excited but i think the combat feels.... light? like you dont feel power in swings or back attacks like in souls games. 

    1. LucianaRosethorn


      That's because it isn't Dark Souls. 

    2. LegacyJKO09


      im aware of that lol

  2. gonna be fun. unsure what hunter i want. Siren looks awesome, FL4K looks fun, but not too sure yet.
  3. im thinking im done trophy hunting now. been out of it for awhile. chasing plats etc. plus been playing Gears lately and just waiting for borderlands 3.all that said, i obvs still will play games but finding time to beat them all, very hard to do. so im goin back to playing for shits and giggles, get whatever i get in a playthrough and not go too far out of my way completing games.

    its not being burnt out so much as it is just not being fun trophy hunting period anymore. its been a good run tho!

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    2. Spaz


      I'm going to take a break and stop trophy hunting for a while once I hit the 10,000 milestone.


      Hasn't been as much fun for me either, and with work piling up I just don't have as much time.

    3. LegacyJKO09


      @Spaz exactly how i felt even when in the 9600 range. wanted 10K so just did some shit games ill admit lol.

      its all work for me. maybe even the start of the shorter games era for me as well. 5-8hr games. who knows. its not a focus anymore though. 

    4. MidnightDragon


      I'm still enjoying it, but life has been busy, so haven't been at it like I used to. Still, rather be busy TBH.

  4. waiting for a 100% trophy guide / game walkthrough. yeah old ones are out there but im sure a simpler one will be out soon enough. bought it in a rush and already regret it. thinking itll suffer like ff7. bought it. got started. went back a year later. still. a great game
  5. randomly banned on Twitter. wont accept appeals. apparently happens to a lot of people. so... screw you Twitter 

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    2. Yuna4353


      I got banned once for saying a bad word I think. I think my account got hacked because I had to enter a phone number to get back in and at the time I didn’t have one 

    3. MidnightDragon


      Did you express conservative thoughts?

    4. LegacyJKO09


      yeah i expressed my opinion. funny how 2 days ago a driver of my work and myself were talking how quick things in the world changed. sensitivity etc. them they her him. all that. can't have free speech anymore. 

      oh well. 

      only thing that sucks is borderlands 3 vault codes. gonna have to find another way around it. maybe just google

  6. how diff is it from Steam list?
  7. should be fun. paid for a girl to come up here from florida. lmao. she said dont tempt me cause she likes me, and i said drive up here then. shes comin. Haha. 

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    2. LegacyJKO09


      lol i basically paid her return flight yes. shes rental carring (is that a word haha) up here. i didnt pay for her specifically no hahaha. well played guys ha

      should be interesting to say the least. find out next weekend. 😂

      i wont die.

    3. Copanele


      I won't die. Ominous xDxD 

      Nah jokes aside, have fun there in advance ! 

    4. LegacyJKO09


      thanks haha. 

  8. hey does anyone know the best VPN in Canada? the cheaper the better. or do i really need it?

  9. so i just realized as ive been breaking from ps4 till borderlands 3 is out, and playing the Gears franchise... borderlands 3 is just now getting a slide mechanic. that will be cool? tbh tho im not too hyped for it. give me Code Vein 

  10. waiting on Lana del Rey NFR album is hell.

    9 more days. at least TM104 friday... tho i hate rap these days lol

    1. ee28max


      You're not the only one. Well, for me, it's Hip-Hop that changed. I mean, there are still some good ones, but with quick notice, there's change to it. 

      I wonder what next album I should be waiting for... :hmm: 

  11. going forward im only watching MCU films that have Thanos. for the record i dont like spiderman in general. doesnt matter who plays him. 

    1. Copanele


      Given how easy to understand the plot is, you can as well watch only the Avengers movies xD and you'd still get the idea

    2. LegacyJKO09


      yeah exactly hahaha. i am kinda bummed they didnt add Thor to the next guardians movie. i mean its not too late, and they actually call it Asgardians of the Galaxy. that would be awesome. haha.


      rumor is Annihilis or whatever gets the next big villain spot. eventually Thanos turns on him and saves the day when space dudes/avengers fail. so yay? lol

    3. Copanele


      Yeaaaaah... Endgame was the end (lol) for me. Marvel movies aren't bad really but I am so tired of them I actually started to crave for down-to-earth cinematic experiences now xD 

      I just hope that after Captain America 35 meets the X-men or whatever movie they will release ,they will just pull a "Deadpool meets Squirrel Girl and reset the universe" and end the whole craziness.

  12. @PooPooBlast my prayers are answered lmao. yakuza 3 4 and 5 physical special day one edition feb 11. hell yes.

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    2. LegacyJKO09


      the only thing i would tweak in judgment is the chases. they could be refined a little bit. game was great.


      yeah i gave it an hour trying. even reading rules online and it did not help me in mahjong so i threw in the towel 😂

    3. PooPooBlast


      There are a few things I'd like to have improved in judgment which I will write about soon but mainly it's the running sequences as you said and most importantly the tailing missions which are hilariously bad :lol:

    4. DamagingRob


      I wonder how those running sequences compare to the chase missions in Dead Souls. :hmm: They're horrible, btw. :lol: 

  13. so i go on Twitter and paypal is trending... all these (i assume) bots sayin their findoms and wanna be a sugardaddy will give you 5000$ if you RT or follow them and comment. lmfao @ anyone stupid enough to fall for that crap. They will prob get doxxed.

  14. yeah i remember i got all the rings which apparently was the hardest part. then i decided to dismantle some stuff for weapons and trapehezoids or w.e they were called. if i ever wanted to 100% it im sure i would need to start over. especially cause some weapons make the 5star missions much much more manageable.
  15. i liked 13. not as much as some. but by no means is it a bad game. only reason i never went for 100% is i had a checklist off the net. did all the items but low and behold the robot said I didn't have them all. I know i had all weapons and acc and items and rings. so what could be commonly missed ones?