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  1. i just hope there isnt some BS like if i want to play Persona 5 Royal on ps5 (why i havent started it tbh), it's installed at 38.99GB or something. Is it gonna stay 38? or will it have a ps5 update and add extra GB?
  2. Seems to only happen on ps4 youtube app, a discolored line at bottom of screen. Like it "chases" itself. 

    Annoying 😑

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    2. LegacyJKO09


      so youve had the same issue? i definitely dont notice it on netflix. 

      i had the issue once on wwe. 

      havent used xbox enough (over a year) to notice.

      Seems to be pro only. Same thougu, im waiting till my ps5 is in and test the hdmi. if it still happens ima have to get my tv replaced 😒 thankfully I still have 3yr warranty 


      hoping it's a ps4 issue.

      NEVER happens when gaming so i unno lol

    3. MidnightDragon


      It doesn’t happen every time I play.

    4. LegacyJKO09


      for me it's most prominent on youtube. Ill mess around with xbox for a bit tmrw see what happens. 

  3. My hope for TGS2020, is a Persona 3 and 4 remaster for ps4/ps5, and release dates for Tales of Arise, Bravely Default 2, SMT V. Hoping. There may be some surprises too.

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    2. Raveniteh


      @LegacyJKO09 It does look next gen, but I don't think it looks -that- much next gen, I think they would be able to handle it on PS4. They usually release Tales game cross-generation.

    3. LegacyJKO09


      TGS started today right? i saw 0 news of anything..

    4. SnowxSakura


      There's been a few articles on siliconera

  4. Depends but so far Spiderman and Witcher are a lock on ps5 for me. Cyberpunk 2077 if it gets a ps5 release and separate trophy set If Bloodborne was re-release then yes. But not much else (as it stands)
  5. we barely know anything about it still . ps1: Final Fantasy 7 ps2: persona 3FES ps3: Mass Effect 2 ps4: persona 5
  6. have you ever been to school? summer vacation. it's also 2 years, you'll see them again
  7. #110 - Director of the FBC Overall i give the game an 8.5 out of 10. Some difficulty spikes in the beginning and near the end but it was an enjoyable experience. I did everything possible for every trophy before i went and completed mission 9 and 10. The only pain was grinding skills as i had to find hidden areas that honestly weren't very hidden haha. But great game. Highly recommend it.
  8. From Mark Cerny in 2019 “Rather than treating games like a big block of data, we’re allowing finer-grained access to the data,” he said. This will make it possible for players to install and remove parts of a game (multiplayer or campaign, for example). We’re assuming that those who purchase Miles Morales Ultimate Edition will be able to delete the Spider-Man remaster once they’re done with it. taken from: https://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2020/09/20/ps5-game-sizes-revealed/ hoping its true, would be nice. Play campaign of Spiderman, delete it while still having Miles installed. Or the Single player deleted after Black Ops. any further clarification would be nice. Seems we still no so little about the ps5
  9. Been some time since i posted so heres the update in order of release: Mafia Remake Crash Bandicoot 4 Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV Playstation 5 Disc version/2nd controller/3D Audio headset/controller charge station Assassins Creed Valhalla (ps5) Demon's Souls Black Ops Cold War (Ps5) Cyberpunk 2077 :2021 Ys 9: Monstrum of Nox Far Cry 6 (PS5) Mario 3D World Deluxe Scarlet Nexus Elden Ring (never coming if GRRMs lazy ass is involved) still need to Preorder: SpiderMan Miles deluxe Watch Dogs Legion (Ps5) Godfall Monster Hunter: Rise Immortals Fenyx if reviews are good ill pick it up
  10. Platinum 110: Control.


    it was a long 25 hours across Friday night until now, but i did it. Found it challenging near the end with the last mission, as well as the mirror reflection. Died a number of times but Spin was pretty OP. Will probably wait for PS5 Ultimate Edition instead of doing DLC on ps4. Maybe.

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    2. Yuna4353
    3. Raveniteh


      Gratz! I will get and play this game on PS5 once it hits some sale. I saw some streams of it and I like the mystery of it.

    4. Burek_san
  11. what is right way up? lol... ive seen it laying down with disc drive at top and bottom...
  12. yeah it looks that way. At least as far as i know it comes with it. You don't need to pay extra lol.
  13. i didnt see a thread on this, these images were released yesterday from Taiwan, the console dimensions are 15.4 inches tall, 10.24 inches deep, and 4.09 inches wide. its a beast...
  14. Mass Effect Trilogy is basically confirmed for ps4. Why they haven't formally announced it yet is weird. But yeah. Should be playable on ps4 and ps5
  15. PS5+Headset+2nd controller+Charge station+extendedWarranty+DemonsSouls+Cyberpunk paid off.


    Now demons takes up 66GB, Spiderman is 80GB.


    has Sony mentioned any external storage or internal SSD? Id like to opt in on a 2 or 4TB SSD in 2021

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    2. LegacyJKO09


      yeah i looked up NVME SSDs and they are cheap ($120 Canadian for 1TB), but again there's no firm guarantee which is compatible yet. Itll be more clear soon.


      @PermaFox it might work. I think ps4 camera works with ps5.

    3. DaivRules


      Any NVME drives on the market right now won’t be compatible. They physically changed the drive controller to support the file structure. The drive manufacturers will need to make specific non-standard drives to Sony’s specs. 

    4. LegacyJKO09


      @DaivRules thanks for the info. I hadnt looked too far into it. Just saw expanable via NVME, but any external ssd will work for ps4 stuff. So i can always start with that until the expanded drives are on the market. 


      Spiderman, DS, Black Ops, AC Valhalla, Persona 5R, Cold Steel 4, and Cyberpunk are essentially what will be installed probably. I can see that being MAYBE 300 GBs.