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  1. was debating on jump force. however I think as the case with most fighting games, itll have a $30 off sale within a month. so may pick it up then. but it looks like a decent fighter. will keep an eye on it

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    2. LegacyJKO09


      damn. even on amazon no sales of any kind? I just watched a ton of gameplay for story etc of JF. the characters look cool but weird at the same time. 

      @ERGOPROXY-DECAY I live in Canada but I just checked bestbuy.ca and on both xbox one and ps4 its 49.99 (Save 30. down from 79.99) 

      you could maybe order it off the website? give it a look.



      Well yeah physical there is sales here and there but im waiting for the digital xD Sony knows they got the monopoly on these damn digi sales. It seems certain titles less mainsream but good always take forever to go on sale. All those big AAA "americanize" games drop within a month but more eastern titles take awhile. :\

    4. LegacyJKO09


      I'm not big on digital but I do agree the americanized games drop much more frequent. kinda pisses me off. you buy a new game. 3 weeks later its 20$ less than you paid lol.