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  1. I like this idea, my personal record is only around 14 days but it would be good to see your best streak and your current streak
  2. I'd like to join, I have two so far. Final Fantasy Type-0 World of Final Fantasy I will be getting XV at some point, I just need to work through some more of my backlog before I buy any more new games
  3. #27 The Walking Dead: The New Frontier I've heard negative things being said about this but I still enjoyed it. The ending has me looking forward to the next in the series. I may even buy Guardians of the Galaxy off the back of this.
  4. Gabe, Kate, Eleanor, Jesus, The Dr and Javi. I'm looking forward to seeing where the story goes next. Does anyone expect any DLC with this like with season one?
  5. Platinum achieved, got pretty annoying with the grind for 100 mastered mirages but glad I've got the plat now
  6. I would like to join, I am enjoying this game and this will give the kick to grind out the plat after the story finishes
  7. #13 Day of the Tentacle Remastered Nice classic point and click adventure game, played this through on the vita. Using a guide you could probably get the platinum in under 3 hours
  8. Platinum #12 Table Top Racing I am sure this was a ps+ title, not a bad racer with a relatively easy platinum
  9. On sale through PSN (EU) I bought SOMA and Hitman:Go today I fancy the story and horror elements of SOMA even if there are very few trophies and also it seems that Hitman:Go could provide an easy but enjoyable platinum
  10. #11 Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power Very easy platinum some good moments in the game but the story just doesn't feel complete.
  11. Table Top Racing, get the multiplayer ones completed and you only have one remaining for the Platinum
  12. I like the movie and enjoyed the game, I may pick this up one day if it goes on a flash sale. Shame it doesn't have a larger trophy list or a platinum but I will still add it to my library at some point, I enjoyed couch co-op on this as well
  13. Platinum #10 Volume (PS4) Decent stealth game, worth a couple of hours of time if you see it on sale
  14. I finally got the Driveclub platinum! Enjoyed getting this one, the amount of DLC from the season pass is brilliant. I paid about £15 and it was easily worth the money. I'm probably going to buy the bikes expansion now as well
  15. Looking for help with the Unbeatable trophy (I am UK so will be on evenings and weekends GMT) PSN = Slovell83