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  1. I've struggled with this trophy too. If you choose a completed mission with a S rank, you see a description left of the RANKING sign. It says: World Ranking Not Acquired. If you press the game will be connected to the leaderboard servers. If the trophy don't pop, it's simple, you are not ranked and therefore not fast enough. If you leave the leaderboard you will see now: World Ranking unranked. I've just browsed through all my completed S rank stages and there was one stage I've reached rank 23480 and the trophy popped
  2. Thanks for the answers. In the meantime I bought both DLCs and I didn't start NG+ so far. I farmed the Pale Tongues, Human Dregs and Sunlight Medals. ToDo: Wolf's Blood Swordgrass, Proof of a Concord Kept and Vertebra Shackles. Maybe I start a NG+ after I have completed farming Swordgrass and Concord Kept, because getting Vertebra Shackles from invading others during my NG+(+) playthrough should work.
  3. Hi, I just finished the game and I purchased and found nearly every item which is possible in the first run. Should I farming the Human Dregs, Vertebra Shackles, Sunlight Medals and Proof of a Concord Kept items in NG+ or on my first playthrough (I have a backup file before I started the NG+)? Should I skip the additional sections of DS3 in NG+ and start NG++ as soon as possible to gather the NG+1 Rings in NG++? Is this even possible? I could accomplish the The Usurpation of Fire and The End of Fire endings. I'm missing the simplest one, To Link the First Flame. Do I just play through NG+ or do I have to heal the dark sigil from the first playtrought as well? Thx!
  4. Wow, this co-op mode is fantastic. I've just tested it and it makes a lot more fun than the normal multiplayer for me. It's less frustrating.
  5. Ohhh, very good hint. Thx! So you can play the new co-op modes, get triple xp (as long as the event is active) and all counts towards We are the Spark and The Force is Strong With This One? Cool.
  6. Ahh, ok, this should explain this.
  7. I was just curios, how many people achieved The Prestige Trophy after the Shadowkeep Update yesterday. How is this even possible? Is there a glitch or something like that?
  8. I've created a video for the orb glitch with patch version 1.02. Including the exact map locations. --- snip --- From the youtube video desc.: IBadDriverI explained it very well how to exploit the Orb Glitch in Jak 3 prior to patch 1.02: Afterwards you are going to obtain "The Orbiter of Taste" and "The Orbiter of Record" trophies. He also explains how to activate the debug mode, fly etc. If you don't know how to activate the debug mode, his video is a prerequisite for mine. Also have a look here: For the new, Patch 1.02, method, all credits go to Inkivi Moon: How does it work? Select the level "Climb Monk Temple Tower" Fly to the spot shown in the video, e.g. in 0:17. You can orient yourself by the holes in the wall. After the time is up, the top green time box disappears. Then just hit the X button and Jak falls to the ground and the orb is yours. The steps in the video: 0:00 - 0:30 : Attempt w/o showing the map 0:30 - 1:22 : Attempt w/ showing the map of the exact locations (start and end of the flight) 1:22 - 1:35 : Verifying the collection of the orbs --- snap ---
  9. It worked. Thanks.
  10. Hi, SkyScrappers is available on PS Now. The Trophy Guide says about Falling with Friends Trophy: I wonder, if this is possible with the PS Now "Version"? Can anyone confirm this?
  11. Thank you very much, both of you. Now it's clear to me 👍
  12. @HuntingFever thank you for your answer. To be sure I understand this, an example: In the picture we see 4 stackable trophies for each of the following regions: * JP * AS * EU * NA NA = US Store, EU = e.g. United Kingdom or German store, JP = Japanese store. If the japanese region is part of the asian region, how can there be an addtional region JP? And what about the AS region in this case? Did the customer bought the title in the Hong Kong store for example and this is the AS version? Or are there sometimes different version for the asia market, too? This is what I don't understand at the moment.
  13. Hi, where do I get the Asian (AS) versions of the game, resp. which PSN store do I have to choose? EU and NA are clear to me. I saw PSN profiles, which played JP and HK Versions. So I believe, there additional versions, but what about AS? Thx in advance.
  14. Oh cool. Thank you 👍
  15. Yepp, I know. This is the normal way. This worked for my Hunter as expected. Bungie included a level boost. Have a look at this for example. This thread is about level/char boost and the subclass trophy, which doesn't pop. As I said, it's not bad, but it could have saved some time. Hmm, maybe. Good idea! If you there with your char, please let us know. Thx.