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  1. If I'm not mistaken, You HAVE to purchase the storage container and data pad tracker before you can purchase the spy drone tracker. You don't need to purchase the feltrite or ark chest tracker and recommend not doing so for the purpose of the trophy. Also, using the Icarus gyrocopter is great for zipping around the locations quickly. Fly low over each location to scout it.
  2. Really easy with a rocket launcher. Shoot it towards a enemies while standing next to a zipline and while the rockets are traveling jump on a zipline
  3. I found two drone at entrances to nests. They don't have a set starting spot. It's random for each playthrough.
  4. I suspect that you might be able to get the crusher trophy that way but is it really worth it? You still have to defeat the pair of them with the phoenix, plus the one story related one. There's the likelihood that you have to go to the crusher nests anyways looking for a drone. Plus, it's one of the most fun things to do. The drones will not work. It's been tested.
  5. If it glitches for you, start a new game and kill just one of them. It'll take about 20 minutes from the start of a new game.
  6. The drones aren't missable. What happened was that it flew to a second location. I don't know how far away the secondary location is because I wouldn't know if it is the same one or a different one. Pro tip, immediately load the most recent auto save if one gets away and you'll have another shot. I can't make a guide of their locations. I started a new game and checked 5 locations and a drone was only at 1 of them meaning that their locations are randomized each game. The balloons aren't collectibles. They are just random supply drops that and there are an infinite number of them available to you. My trophy "popped" after shooting my final one, before I looted the box. Hope that helps.
  7. That's right. Unfortunately that means "The Bigger They Are..." can officially glitch (presumably DLC can add another one but currently I'll have to start a new game if I want it now)
  8. Yes. The only thing I'm really hating is looking for the drones....and also my possibly glitched crusher trophy
  9. I don't know if I've encountered a bug or if I'm missing something but I've only got 6/7 crusher kills. There are 5 crusher nests (one has 2 crushers) so I have no idea how I've missed #7 and I've almost 100% the entire map. I don't remember if we encounter one in the campaign but either way I'm confused or the trophy can be bugged. Just find a well populated den of goons and kill all of them and reload your last autosave before killing the last one. I used Stiltown to farm that, zipline kills and rocket kills. It didn't take me long when I started at 800. If you're familiar with my YouTube channel, I did a zipline farming video at that location.
  10. I made a video of it but all you have to do is fast travel away and back to the named boss to get a new one. Just look for the faction of the suit you're looking to complete first.
  11. Have you died at all? That resets the timer
  12. Have Buddy, Will Travel is a co-op trophy requiring online
  13. I felt that way a long time ago and have found dozens more since then.
  14. What's holding most people up are the insane number of challenges you must complete but probably the trickiest is discovering every location.
  15. Yes