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  1. I did some testing during a stream this evening. We had a full group of 5, one person already had the Traditionalist trophy. Takeaways. 1) I was the host and everyone in the lobby was able to get the trophy 2) You can claim the trophies, quick or long 3) You must manually select the blades from your inventory. I switched to something else before switching to the blades, doubt that matters. 4) Private lobby is fine 5) Full lobby of 5 players required.
  2. I love this conversation. You're thinking from the development side and I'm thinking from the end user experience, interpreting the trophy. What you said is 100% true and is great inside baseball for people although I still like my method of fixing it by sweeping the dirt under the rug
  3. Maybe it could have said "complete at least one game in each side mode". The first thing I tried was just starting a mode and immediately exiting as I'm sure many others will do. That won't work and just the simple addition of adding the word complete makes the trophy requirement clear. I'm not saying change it, people will still figure it.
  4. NOOOOoooooo. I would never have imagined that Colin would use trophy reduncancy? That's using 2 existing trophies to create a third with no additional requirements. In this example, the "Deal of the Century" and "In Books" are the sole requirements for "I Get Around". 😂😘
  5. You know what, I don't know. I'll see if I can find out.
  6. If I had to guess, I would estimate that PSNP will show a 70% or higher platinum percent. Colin may guilt people who haven't platinumed it so it may actually be higher. At least that's what I would do If I made my own game, lol. You can check my profile to see how long it took me.
  7. I got it after the second carillon location on my 3rd character. Hopefully we'll know the true locations of all 8 but it might be bugged if people are saying they uncovered every "?"
  8. Thank you, thank is valuable info.
  9. Like I said earlier, that's a bummer
  10. I thought that they were all abandoned sites but now I'm not so sure. I found thermal imagining to be a bit helpful if you study the heat signature and shape they give off
  11. I've been searching the past couple days as well. They are difficult to find, the map is massive. The question we need to ask is, "does simply discovering the location where the carillons are, enough?" If yes, then all we need is several people to discover every single "?" on the map and take note of where they are when the trophy pops. Since at least 4 locations are known, then all we need is for 4 people to pop the trophy at each of the 4 other locations. I had been at 3 of the known locations previously before learning of the inclusion of a carillon so it'll be difficult to pin point the exact locations without any other way. It's possible, but it'll just be easier if we just discover every location and note the location. Of course, if something else has to be done, other than discovering the location, I have no idea. If we have to physically walk up to them, it'll be a bummer.
  12. Ammo won't be a problem once you get the appropriate upgrades from Marcus on Sanctuary. I rarely run out of ammo anymore and if I do, I have 3 other guns for backup The map is annoying. After awhile, you just kind of wish it just put a line in the game telling me which way to go. My biggest issue is the menu system. You have to hit Options to get to mail but the touchpad for everything else and it's slow. I'm still enjoying the game but there's some quality of life improvements that weren't considered.
  13. It'll be fixed in patch 4.4
  14. Yup, it's going to be very hard. It took me quite awhile to beat the first N. Tropy time only to find out I need to still shave another 7 seconds off to beat Oxide.
  15. To make things easier for you, I offer a couple tips. Always check the spyglass after each time you return to your cabin and then once more in NG+ until you have 5 items. The sixth one is special in that you need to zoom into the horizon for 42 seconds after collecting other items. Always start NG+ so everything you've done carries over. Anything you missed will be waiting for you and anything you've collected will be removed. Some Mysterious Items can't be located until you start a NG+ run but that's not a problem since you need to do the 3 endings. By my 3rd playthrough I was running through the game in less than 2 hours. A couple videos, starting with collectibles and then one covering the spyglass items Brian, PS4Trophies