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  1. The PS5 version might be an 8/10. It took me just over 18 hours. After that, the PS4 version should be a breeze
  2. It took me a little while but here's my setup. 110+ isn't common and 95% of them will be for a hit. Basically, try to get the batter to pull the ball to your 3rd or 1st baseman. I played on Legend pitching difficulty and just throw a fastball in the same location in the lower third of the strike zone over and over again. Thankfully, restarting the game on PS5 is super quick. I played an edited Cubs team against the NL-All Stars. I had one 110 mph catch but it didn't count for me either. Might have to be 111. My Sliders at Max Human Pitcher Control Human Pitcher Consistency CPU Contact CPU Power CPU TIming CPU Foul Frequency CPU Solid Hits Sliders at Min Fielding Errors Infield Fielding Errors Outfield The following stats I edited in Roster Control Starting Pitcher with Max Velocity 4 Seam FB Starting Pitcher attributes maxed out for Stamina, Clutch, Velocity and Control Entire Defense attributes for max Speed, Reaction, and Fielding Ability Pitch in bottom third of zone Beyond that, it's just wait and pray. It's not hard and many people will naturally get it anyways but be prepared to give up a lot of long balls if grinding this at the end.
  3. The T1 mastery trophies popped the next day for me as soon as I logged in.
  4. There is an easy way to get vehicle mastery using prox grenades. It'll work easiest with the Hovercraft or the Bolte but can be done with any vehicle except the 2 jets and the ranger
  5. The same issues are here. Whatever is broken on your PS4 list will be identical on PS5.
  6. Trophies should have been tracked from the challenge cards, not whatever backend, broken, system that currently tracks individual stats. Also, PLEASE get rid of the rolling around the city trophy. I've already ruined a bunch of people's good times by just....rolling around the city and not engaging with them. It's also been 5 months!
  7. I'm dealing with bugged trophies as well. I'm level 317, completed approximately 300 daily contracts and have rolled the diameter of the planet by this point.
  8. I've been quietly waiting for a fix and will always give devs some time to fix trophies because I know it's at the bottom of a very long bug list for every game at launch.... but it's gone on for to long now as season 2 is about to start. Anytime I start hearing about new maps, I feel comfortable about putting a little more pressure on
  9. And neither of the wrecking ball trophies popped for me when doing precisely what's required. I probably had 4 or 5 not pop during the few hours I played. I have the Deluxe edition btw, not the trial version. I had a great time playing this. Took me 90 minutes to finally put it all together.
  10. You and I came to the very same conclusion although I'm not convinced the correct room ever appears behind the locked side path. I guess when you've replayed the same thing a hundred times, you learn the patterns. Each cycle only took 5 minutes for me to search and I only ever used melee in the lockdown areas which is the quickest way to take down the more difficult enemies who aren't mini bosses, which is less likely to ever encounter. Restarting when you discover the right door but the wrong version of it made it super quick. Hopefully people won't waste the dozens of hours that I did before picking up on the trick. There's a video of the full cycle where I finally found it
  11. I don't know if I can be bothered trying to complete these surveys anymore. I keep replaying cycles over and over again looking for a collectible that may not even be in my current random cycle in addition to wondering if it's just bugged
  12. My favorite gun is the Hollowseeker with the Retarget and Portal Beam perks. The lower level versions often doesn’t have the perks. Perks also have to be unlocked which is partly why the game becomes easier over time because you keep that progress between cycles
  13. I'm missing #9 and that's it. I believe it's overgrown ruins but I've not seen the room it apparently spawns in?
  14. I finished streaming Act 1 and other than a couple early hiccups, once I got rolling I was dominating most everything quite easily. I'll start streaming Act 2 after State of Play here if anyone wants to see for themselves. Other than the first and fourth biomes, the game is really easy if you know how to properly equip yourself and know what to avoid picking up. I'd estimate 7/10 difficulty and ~40 hours if you can get lucky with collectibles Act 1 if you want to see the start
  15. I don't know what's going on with it. My Ascension trophy timestamp clearly shows I had something happen.