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  1. You and I came to the very same conclusion although I'm not convinced the correct room ever appears behind the locked side path. I guess when you've replayed the same thing a hundred times, you learn the patterns. Each cycle only took 5 minutes for me to search and I only ever used melee in the lockdown areas which is the quickest way to take down the more difficult enemies who aren't mini bosses, which is less likely to ever encounter. Restarting when you discover the right door but the wrong version of it made it super quick. Hopefully people won't waste the dozens of hours that I did before picking up on the trick. There's a video of the full cycle where I finally found it
  2. I don't know if I can be bothered trying to complete these surveys anymore. I keep replaying cycles over and over again looking for a collectible that may not even be in my current random cycle in addition to wondering if it's just bugged
  3. My favorite gun is the Hollowseeker with the Retarget and Portal Beam perks. The lower level versions often doesnโ€™t have the perks. Perks also have to be unlocked which is partly why the game becomes easier over time because you keep that progress between cycles
  4. I'm missing #9 and that's it. I believe it's overgrown ruins but I've not seen the room it apparently spawns in?
  5. I finished streaming Act 1 and other than a couple early hiccups, once I got rolling I was dominating most everything quite easily. I'll start streaming Act 2 after State of Play here if anyone wants to see for themselves. Other than the first and fourth biomes, the game is really easy if you know how to properly equip yourself and know what to avoid picking up. I'd estimate 7/10 difficulty and ~40 hours if you can get lucky with collectibles Act 1 if you want to see the start
  6. I don't know what's going on with it. My Ascension trophy timestamp clearly shows I had something happen.
  7. As someone who completed the game a few times, I'm seeing a lot of unnecessary panic. You will struggle in the beginning but you're suppose to.
  8. This is no where as difficult as Mein Leben. The game is designed to be very difficult but as you start to unlock more permanent "stuff", it makes the following cycles easier. Your deaths are story related, if that makes any sense. There are several areas in a level that you can't reach until you acquire something. Once you have that, you'll always have it available so the next time you restart, you can now reach these areas. Just being able to acquire one more good artifact that you previously couldn't get can make a huge difference on the next run.
  9. The tracker could never track these types of trophies, in any game, so I don't know what to tell you.
  10. You can save almost all the Mudokons at the end of level 2 and still tie up all the sligs with proper placement of 6 IED's.
  11. The first 45 minutes of that live stream is what you're looking for. It's a pre-recorded video, live commentary trophy guide. The rest of it was just playing with the community ๐Ÿ˜˜ There's nothing new to learn that hasn't already been stated on this forum but I place a heavy emphasis on the thought process and the ability to have ice water in your veins. Knowing when to give up on an episode, etc.
  12. ๐Ÿ˜Š
  13. I did some testing during a stream this evening. We had a full group of 5, one person already had the Traditionalist trophy. Takeaways. 1) I was the host and everyone in the lobby was able to get the trophy 2) You can claim the trophies, quick or long 3) You must manually select the blades from your inventory. I switched to something else before switching to the blades, doubt that matters. 4) Private lobby is fine 5) Full lobby of 5 players required.
  14. I love this conversation. You're thinking from the development side and I'm thinking from the end user experience, interpreting the trophy. What you said is 100% true and is great inside baseball for people although I still like my method of fixing it by sweeping the dirt under the rug
  15. Maybe it could have said "complete at least one game in each side mode". The first thing I tried was just starting a mode and immediately exiting as I'm sure many others will do. That won't work and just the simple addition of adding the word complete makes the trophy requirement clear. I'm not saying change it, people will still figure it.