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  1. Have Buddy, Will Travel is a co-op trophy requiring online
  2. I felt that way a long time ago and have found dozens more since then.
  3. What's holding most people up are the insane number of challenges you must complete but probably the trickiest is discovering every location.
  4. Yes
  5. Can you not just start a second save, new game? Mine counted between the two save files so I got the trophies fairly easily
  6. I never mentioned this particular bug but this one happened to me as well My original bug was fixed in 1.02 after I had a conversation and sent them a video of it. For this bug, I went back to the title screen or closed the app (I forget which I did) and went back into the game and it was fine.
  7. For Whom The Bell Tolls, A Parting Gift, and Demon Meddler are all missable. Demon Meddler will be earned as part of the A Parting Gift trophy. When you get to Scar, make sure to visit Abraxis and kill him then immediately go and visit Lord of the Hollows and spare him. If you wait to long Abraxis won't be there..
  8. I went to the Molten Cave serpent hole and went across the two bridges and swung across to where there are a bunch of skeletons and took them all out in Havoc form once I gathered them all in front of me. If you take them out quick and turn off Havoc you should still have 75% of the meter filled. Then I went back towards the serpent hole taking out everyone on the way to refill Havoc then killed myself. I used the enhancements that gave me bonus Havoc with physical attacks. Once I got that trophy, I used the same area to farm the remaining souls using an enhancement that gave me bonus souls. These were two of my maxed out enhancements. The 1 million souls was my last trophy and I was level 68 on my primary save by the time I got it with a second save at level 45.
  9. Thanks, I was really hoping it would be the final Chunk of Adamantine that I haven't located yet but it's just a demon artifact and a piece of Adamantine.
  10. It might not get patched at all. How much do they care about trophies? I can only assume they don't even know about it yet. All I can confirm is that I never touch apocalyptic. Started on Balanced, switch to Story here and there and finished on Balanced. Could very well that all you need to do is play on Balanced.
  11. Mind you, I didn't do this on the current 1.03 patch although I can't possibly imagine that it changed anything. The most recent patch only removed HDR because that was causing visual bugs on the Pro. I also did it on a second save file (The first experienced a game breaking bug). There's a lot of variables in play and until more people simply verify it works. I can't even say that switching the difficulty had any part in it. I only switched to story mode if I just wanted to get somewhere quickly or search for collectibles and then switched it back to balance difficulty. As for collectibles, I managed to find 2 Chunks of Adamantine so the third one for the trophy was on a second save file. I would really like to know where the 3rd is and I'll make a video guide so if anyone finds it, I'd like to know. The only item in the entire game that I can't figure out how to reach is the one in the screenshot below in the Depths. Of course, there's a chance I haven't discovered a secret cave someplace else. Currently found one in Bonelands and Scar
  12. I can give you a counter argument. I had a game breaking bug that was only fixed with the current patch. Pick your poison, of course, I don't experience this color issue
  13. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has spent a long time trying to figure this out. My first instinct was dressing up the androids with flamingo disguises and somehow releasing them but obviously you can't do that.
  14. Can I work for you guys?

  15. Or watch this -