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  1. I have used previous savefiles on games such as the NepNep games and Star Ocean, but you can't even extract savefiles on Demon Souls. And i'm sure a mod can back me up on this statement that my Demon Souls clears are legit, since i was reported on it but they removed it. So don't try to imply that i cheated on Demon Souls, cause even if i did, it doesnt matter. Since you can oneshot every single boss with Soul Mass and Hyper Mode.
  2. It is with herc ring in mind. You could drop items after looting the 30 kg items for example, but semi small timeloss.
  3. Just doing it for max soul mass (31) and roughly 60-70 vitality, cant remember. But its just so u can grab everything in one go. He is a quick kill, i'm just doing safestrat cause im sitting with over a million souls or smth, aka run back and shoot spells till he reaches his max range till he starts running back. I could trade a beast soul, but i'm doing this all before popping a trophy and you can't even co-op without clearing 1-1
  4. 30 minute prep, clearly youre not doing the same route as me, and ive yet to see you do a run yourself or linking any sort of proof, i won't argue if you do show that you've done a run yourself and not just 'help'. Because i have the fastest runs on PSNProfile, but if you've got a video of someone doing faster than me, then go ahead. The prep could be done in 2-3h, since it's just popping souls so u can level 1-120 in one go, but im not sit and pop souls intentensely without any timeloss, since the run starts when the first trophy pops when you kill doran for like 30min straight cause he has alot of hp, and you only have some weak spells and a bunch of spices. I'd record my runs if i could, but what i speculate the FPS drops being is that the game will derp if you load zones too fast. I also use a first gen ps3.
  5. Oh, alright. Sorry for my ignorance, and thanks for clearing that up for me.
  6. You'd have to suggest this kind of thing to mods, but as someone who was flagged for doing a 100% legit. I agree there should be some kind of 'sweeping' method for removing hackers from the rankings. Right now you can only manually flag people, make a valid statement on why this person should be flagged, and the mods will have to judge whether or not it's a 'flaggable' offense or not.
  7. Wondering if your offer for Demon Souls EU is still up. I got the game recently and I'm going to stack. I see you need 120+ SL so I'll do that first. Anything else I gotta know for this? My US plat was a WHIIIIIIILE ago and memory fails me.

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  8. Well you know, people always make baseless assumptions nowadays, so i've pretty much lost all hope w
  9. Do you mean the butt one lol? I've heard about alot of controversy this past week w
  10. No no, as in. You know you can fish in the game right? There was a fish that was called "NIN64" and was classified as trash. And some japanese players got really pissed on twitter, ending up with Square having to patch that item away.
  11. Still japanese people raged over the NIN64 incident to the point of Square having to patch the game to satisfy them lel
  12. There really is no real difficulty on this game, depends on what you classify as difficulty though, game is probably abit 'hard' without a map on where all weapons are. And finding all secret endings took me a while aswell. But if you mean skillchecks and etc. Then nah lol
  13. What this guy said, people can stop flipping their shit over one eccentric director. We can start raging when more games start doing this (If it ever happens.)
  14. Indeed, i guess they kinda had high hopes for this game, inviting PG and all to help out. We'll see if nier is a success later i suppose, also i want yoko taro to do well, how can u not love this man lol
  15. yoko taro knows nier is a game that will barely survive, its always been like this from his past games.