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  1. I got that error too (on PS vita as well) sometimes it just goes away by itself but if you keep getting that error you have to activate 2 steps v and create a device password (same page where you activate 2SV, a little bit lower) then put that device password instead of your normal account password, just for the first time
  2. I agree with LoveInHell who suggested Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen, it's a great action-rpg with a great combat system, very fun to play (against huge monsters), you just need to endure the first couple of hours (a very slow tutorial). I'm thinking about something you haven't played (maybe) or something else that haven't already been listed, I would mention Mass Effect, the second is just a masterpiece, but the platinum is not that simple due to the hard-mode run I've recently played Vampyr, another action-rpg with a more basic combat system and I found out a really nice game with an interesting background and historical setting; the game changes depending on how you act while you play too A really nice game (and unfortunately a less known one) I would like to suggest to everyone is Okami HD, a remaster of a PS3 game with wonderful art direction; it's some sort of Zelda-ish game, without reaching that level of perfection, but really worth to be discovered if missed! ...and you can of course hope to see one day the PS version of Disco Elysium and Elden Ring (hopefully 2020 but getting dispirited about it)!
  3. Berserk, I love the anime/manga, it would be great to have that plat!
  4. @crisding89 Definitely PS3 Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, i've got the Platinum in 4 days and I don't even play a lot per day!
  5. Yeah you're right, i hope they're gonna fix it somehow, i've lost hours taking the east coast gold trophy!
  6. Hi everyone, since January 15, 2016 I can't see my in-game friend list anymore, no autolog news and my speedwall has turned empty, making it impossible to become a stage leader and achieve the "King for a day trophy"; I have, of course, some friends who are playing (and played) this game so i should see them in the speedwall but that isn't happening. Does anyone else have this problem? I've found a topic about this problem in the official EA answer HQ; if you want to add a post, this is the address: