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  1. same thing just happened to me. got all 3 of them to level 5+ and the quests wont trigger. reloading/talking to npcs again didnt fix it either. so annoying
  2. i got mine at 313 miles right after i completed the race. it might be a little bugged but its still popping
  3. weird. ill try reinstalling it from the disc then. thanks
  4. anybody not getting the list or trophies on the physical copy of the game?
  5. This is to get co-op working. It’s currently down unless you’re playing local.
  6. Got co-op working on PS4! i found this article online and it actually ended up working, playing co-op right now. Ports i opened: 2900 7777 IN BORDERLANDS 1 PC README FILE: 28900 TCP 27900 UDP 28910 TCP 7777 TCP/UDP RUMORED TO ALSO HELP: 29900-29901 TCP/UDP 28901 TCP/UDP I did both TCP & UDP on all for good measure.
  7. reinstalling the game and rebuilding database seems to have it fixed for me. much faster now
  8. Yes, they are showing up with the trophy images. Weird
  9. don’t know if any of you guys are having this issue on the physical version of Division 2 but playing with friends that have digital version and trophies are popping instantly after doing the task while mine is about a 45 second delay and sometimes not even popping it on first try (tv cop for example) Decided to just reinstall the game again since no local data saves on console. hopefully I don’t have to wait for another 90gb download to fix this 😂😭
  10. its delisted off the p.s. store but if you have bought it before you can download it from your download list. had to do the same to play online
  11. can confirm, playing split screen with girlfriend and as soon as the match was done it popped for me and on her account as well. Wont complain since it was one of the few i had left for platnum lol