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  1. if you havent loaded up the PS4 version of Siege in a while make sure to launch it again before loading up the PS5 version as if your save data does not sync itll only unlock rank/level trophy. luckly the PS4 version has been fixed on the PS5 so if your PS4 is disconnected you can download both versions from the same console
  2. i mainly played solo tpp. did play duos and squads with friends. and i did disable cross play for this season.
  3. Just earned master assassin trophy on PUBG. Been playing it since release on PS4, and should have earned the trophy last year when I hit 1k kills but since I’ve played the game since release it’s been bugged like many others. When I got 1k kills on season 7 the trophy popped. Played solos as it’s been recommended on their forums and that seemed to do the trick. Hope this helps some of you guys as this one and many other trophies have been bugged but as long as it is completed in one season it should work.
  4. im currently level 30 tier 1, purchased the expansion for warlords of ny. wont let me access until im tier 5 unless i use the boost. i still have some collectibles/side missions on the main game, will i be locked out? can anyone confirm if im still able to unlock trophies and complete side missions or does that lock me out completely when i "boost" the character to tier 5?
  5. yea this trophy is only for the Taras Nabad level
  6. if you just replay the mission to completion it’ll pop. As long as you have all the collectibles. It popped for me but not once I picked up the last collectible but once I ran thru the mission again with everything collected
  7. dont know if you guys have had issues with this trophy popping, on my original run i missed a few collectibles on this level and went back once the game opened up again to allow mission select. if you missed some on your first run DO NOT quit back to campaign or to main menu even though it will save your progress it will not unlock this trophy. you need to collect everything on this level and complete it, so if you missed some the first run through you have to go all the way till the end again. i was pulling my hairs asking why it wouldn't unlock and the description on the trophy is vague but just remember to complete the mission again and you'll be good to go. hope this helps
  8. Gotcha. That makes life easier. Thanks for the clarification
  9. Do we know what the exact requirements are for the secrets/echoes and so on are? I have got some planets to 100% on the map screen but on the database screen in the menu I see there are some missing. Are those required as well or do I only need to worry about the map/secrets to 100% until it changes to completed. thanks.
  10. same thing just happened to me. got all 3 of them to level 5+ and the quests wont trigger. reloading/talking to npcs again didnt fix it either. so annoying
  11. i got mine at 313 miles right after i completed the race. it might be a little bugged but its still popping
  12. weird. ill try reinstalling it from the disc then. thanks
  13. anybody not getting the list or trophies on the physical copy of the game?
  14. This is to get co-op working. It’s currently down unless you’re playing local.
  15. Got co-op working on PS4! i found this article online and it actually ended up working, playing co-op right now. Ports i opened: 2900 7777 IN BORDERLANDS 1 PC README FILE: 28900 TCP 27900 UDP 28910 TCP 7777 TCP/UDP RUMORED TO ALSO HELP: 29900-29901 TCP/UDP 28901 TCP/UDP I did both TCP & UDP on all for good measure.