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  1. I'm currently playing it on the PS5. I've come across many bugs but most of them are fixed by closing out of the game or by reloading a previous saved game. The latest Ysane, Cynewulf & Kitt Musicians Locations Falling Stars Lunden Mysteries as I have read/talked to the kids in the square but when I go to the locations of the 3 musicians none of them are there. Any one have any ideas? Also, the main story problem is in the quest Gunnar and Brigid Wedding. I talk to Gunnar and select "talk about my wedding" and it goes into a cutscene. I end up on top of a cliff and supposed to go talk to Randvi and but can't talk to her or anyone else in the area. Am I missing something? Anyone have any ideas on this one?
  2. Do both players get the trophy in custom 1 v 1? I tried last night and I was the only one that got the trophy as my buddy didn't. Any insight would be helpful
  3. I just did this last night and have the same issue. I restarted the game and now the poster doesn't even show in the station. I checked and my progress still says I haven't completed that one yet. Hoping I don't have to re-do entire game. Hopefully someone knows how to work past this.
  4. Anyone know exactly where the timer starts?? I’ve fallen a few times and then jumped off just to start over. Any help would be great. Thanks
  5. I can't get the side mission kanata reconstruction mission to start. Hoping it's not a glitch but I have all 4 of the characters needed to start it. Any help would be appreciated
  6. I'm currently playing on the Vita and the game wont give me the trophy (have all other trophies) for completing chapter 3. After hitting the red buttons on both the red and blue worlds twice, all the final boss does is continue to move up and down while on fire. I switch worlds and no more buttons to push. I understand this trophy is glitched. Has anybody had the trophy glitch and been able to do something to get it to pop? I've also done the blue first and then red and vice versa plus done it both ways with the lasers spinning and nothing. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. I will be overly excited once I finish grinding out the trophy for rank of 50 as this is the last one I need..... Hopefully they have more to do soon as it gets old quickly as I'm currently ranked level 27
  8. it does get very repetitive but currently just doing jobs for people and hunting to level up. Looking forward to more stuff in the future and I've been kicked off numerous times by rockstar servers
  9. I was having a hard time in Ambarino but I just robbed a train, looted the passengers and then killed the passengers. Next I killed all the lawmen that showed up and my wanted level got to $250 real quick
  10. Mine on here was not updating as well. When I was on this site earlier this week, my profile had not been updated for over two (2) weeks. I had to manually update it in order for it to sync up. I last did that about six (6) hours ago again as it wasn't syncing to the site. I just do it manually now every day that i'm on here
  11. Super Meat Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. This looks like pole position but with motorcycles... 😀
  13. So it doesn't matter if it's the time challenge time or the speed run times? THANKS!!
  14. Was wondering if I do a speed run for this trophy, can I go back and pick certain levels to get better times at or does it need to be in one run? Does it use the time that you already got from each level from doing the time challenges? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. From the USA but voted for Germany