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  1. I'll help out. Old: Lumi_Fox Then: Niysx Current: PossumSprings
  2. Super straight forward Plat, only difficult trophy i found was beat the mini game coz side scrolling bullet hell games i suck at so bad. Really fun game tho, can't wait for the sequel.
  3. These aren't fully glitched, just very dodgy. I couldn't get these at first either and I tried alot, but when I came back to the game around 8hrs later and tried again they worked .....
  4. Trophies are up now.
  5. I had this exact problem too, had to restart the game. Only had it once, after a restart I never had it again for the remainder of my platinum.
  6. Patch 1.03 is live. So far no trophies have unlocked for me after meeting the requirements. Anybody else having any issues? Edit: will be fixed in the next patch,
  7. Are you robbing the black markets? The one time they didn't appear for me was when I robbed them.
  8. Well funded = collecting 60% of the loot in the game, this may or may not be tied exclusively to just the gold, but in my playthrough i collected all runes/outsider shrines/bonecharms/paintings/blueprints and a decent ammount of the gold. I got this trophy half way through mission 7. Royal spymaster = listen and read all journals and audiographs by Meagan Foster and Anton Sokolov aboard the Dreadful Wale, you should get this after listening to the final Meagan audiograph found in her room. To get access to her room you need to pickpocket the key off her before leaving for the final mission. This is super easy to get but also super easy to mess up, upgraded void gaze really helps here in making sure you find all key books and audiographs. Just make sure you find everything on the Dreadful Whale before setting out for the next missions.
  9. No, the trophy is for using no supernatural powers. First time you meet the outsider you can tell him you dont want his mark (meaning you want have any powers) Low chaos stealth + no powers, this is a very challenging and fun play style. But if your struggling with it then high chaos + no powers is much easier.
  10. The trophy that nearly cost me a top 5 plat position. I sped ran 2-8 like 3 times trying to get this. In the end I just put the controller down by the final song and let the controller idle and went to the internet to vent but.... after listening to that song loop 4 times it popped