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  1. Yeah i thought they added the latest patch in it (though the difference in size is still big) but after looking at this list, it actually makes sense. Version 1.06 comes included in every copy of the game released on and after July 29, 2018. Earlier physical copies for the PlayStation 4 (which lack the yellow banner mentioning the two bonus levels) all come with version 1.00, though the game is automatically patched to run on the newest version if your console is connected to the Internet.
  2. I found the version i'm talking about. The old one requires 23.36GB while the new version requires 30GB.
  3. Things are a bit blurry with this release since we also have a videogames store that has 2 versions of it, one of them is called Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy 2.0 but in the description says that it will just download the 2 extra levels automatically. I dont even know if this cover exists cause i cant find it anywhere.
  4. I know but i avoid digital if there's a physical out there, even if it means i have to pay much more. I've seen this cover in various sites.
  5. I want to buy the retail version of N. Sane Trilogy but with the 2 bonus levels included. Does anyone know if the save of the simple retail version is compatible with this one?
  6. And Broken Age. Soldner X2 got released by Play-Asia too after a while with the same trophy list.
  7. IndieBox is cool but offering the games in a usb stick looks like a bad joke. The extras are awesome though. There is a manual in Thomas Was Alone too No tracking though while LRG includes tracking. I was checking my mailbox 3-4 times a day for 2 weeks to get my copy of Shovel Knight 😄
  8. Depends on the game library (ps4 is by far my worst console till today). Trophy hunting is fun but can also get extremely frustrating. This would be a great opportunity to have some pure fun again.
  9. For all the digital games haters out there, i just found out about this company (http://specialreservegames.com/). They are going to bring some Vita games too.

  10. It takes a while to get used to but its going to be a great help in the speedrun, i was holding the bomb button in every new screen i entered.
  11. Yeah, you have to use the same strategy. 1) Make the spikes go out the same time you press the jump button by going as close to them before jumping 2) Stay in the air as much as you can by jumping sideways before going above the spikes. Good luck
  12. My rare psvita games
  13. You can do infinite jumps - bomb burst as long as there is enough room to do them, you have to get used to hold the square button immediately after you release it for the bomb burst. So: Hold square, jump once, release square for bomb burst and immediately hold it again to charge your next bomb burst, do your second jump, release square for bomb burst and immediately hold it again for your next one etc.
  14. Yeah its totally possible, do not do the jump diagonally, it didnt work for me. Make a straight jump from sideways* and then turn diagonally for the rest of the jump. Also try to be as close as you can to the edge of the platform AND to the spikes before jumping, if you manage to make the spikes pop out exactly the moment you press the x button, you have a high chance of succeeding. Also try to clear this room without stop running, i couldnt manage to make those jumps stationary. *The sideways jump will give you some extra centiseconds before going above the spikes, might be enough for the spikes to go off or for the other platform to go even lower, this is exactly what is going to save you.
  15. Nope, i finished the game without and with the patch. I even have screenshots from every screen cause i was making a guide with arrows pointing at coins and cassettes locations