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  1. Someone (edit: oops, the someone with the super interesting point in their post was) @Honor_Hand has brought up a point I think is super important and that I'd like to pick up and elaborate on: the reason for official recognition. (I don't care to discuss the addition of Gaming Disorder all that much and want to focus a little on the reasons for recognising (behavioural) symptoms as disorders instead.) Official recognition of behavioural patterns as a cluster of symptoms that together take on the appearance of a clinically significant impairment is primarily serving 3 important matters. These being: awareness + treatment options + insurance. Awareness. Professionals know a lot, have learnt a lot, but aren't magical. If a disorder hasn't been defined, printed in a relevant diagnostic manual and mentioned in classes, the professional you seek out in order to assist with your significantly impairing 'issue' may not necessarily recognise it for what it is and help you sort it out. Lots of (working and unemployed, high- or low-income, happy family or single) adults who happen to have been diagnosed with AD(H)D at some point late in life have come a long way until their glaringly obvious symptoms have not been recognised as being symptoms of AD(H)D in favour of, for example, (co-morbids such as) depression, bipolar or anxiety. When I was a kid, a lot still thought that fridge moms caused autism and that it's a form of childhood schizophrenia. Even today there are professionals that will act as if 'the great majority' of people with Trisomy 21 (which has been around for some time, so you'd expect professional who regularly talks to parents expecting a baby to be really savvy about it) are severely or profoundly intellectually impaired and tell soon-to-be parents that there's an almost zero percent chance that their baby, if born, will ever learn basic self-help skills, least have a 'proper' relationships, be it with friends or a significant other. Depression and anxiety disorders in kids and younger teens isn't easily picked up by a professional that has specialised on the mood disorders in older teens and adults. On the other hand, a clinic that has specialised on substance abuse and eating disorders (but that has gained awareness of addiction to gaming existing and being on the rise) may have just the right tools, knowledge and equips to (testingly) accept in someone with gaming disorder and, upon receiving a growing number of requests, may discover that they have developed a very successful concept for gaming addicts and are able to take in and treat more and more people with this disorder. Being aware of that certain similar clusters of behavioural symptoms can emerge in more than a single person, being aware of how these symptoms can manifest in different people is greatly dependent on a disorder having been recognised in official guidelines and professionals being made aware of that, when testing a patient for their 'issue', they ought to consider this disorder or that disorder as part of the diagnostic process. Sure, a professional is able to be a detective and, with little prior knowledge other than his nifty skills as a doctor, investigate a radically rare disorder that only a handful of people on this planet are known to have (one so rare that it may not have a smart name even!) but it's a waste to spend that precious time and the limited resources (even those resources of our 'western' med systems which aren't particularly surplus in nature) on the investigation of much more common disorders. While starting in figurative Stone Age with every new case, whether that be depression or 'mystery disorder X', would potentially lead to a type of significantly improved and very patient-centered individualised medicine system, it's far from being a viable option in most societies as they currently are. Treatment options. A number of stories have gained popularity here in my place, hearsay as well as those picked up by the news, about gaming addicts seeking out professional help and being turned down time and again because treatment offers in clinics for addiction may include treatments for gambling and abuse of substances other than drugs, but don't include any for 'addiction to gaming'. (Funding plays a role in that, but I'll leave the money for #3.) In order to offer you viable treatment that suits your 'issue', a professional will tend to refer to practises for similar disorders that have proven to be effective and adjust them to meet your needs and your very form of addiction. Then again, do you really want to be a guinea pig for years to come? Not to know the rate of success for the treatment you go under until you're done (and, perhaps, you come out of it none the better or worse than when you started)? Treatment options for newly recognised disorders need to be researched and found, explored (tested), adjusted to meet the specific needs of the target group, proven effective (unless you live in EU where improved effectiveness isn't all that important...), made cost-effective and, at best, need to be continuously improved and measured up against other, yet newer treatments. As a general rule, therapeutic means have come a long way until they have come to you to help with your depression, diabetes, cancer, HI or substance abuse. Insurance. If you have an 'issue' that is too severe for you with your personal background to solve on your own (with your current physical capacities, your family background, your schooling and further education, intelligence, cognitive abilities, personality, socio-emotional relationships...) but that is interfering with your ability to 'get things done' as required of someone like you, and you seek out a professional, then - as a general rule - he'll require payment. If you're willing and able to pay for yourself, you're good to go. In order for an insurance company to help you out, they will want to know what they are asked to pay for. And, among other things, whether helping you, even saving the life of your cute, otherwise healthy toddler by treating his metabolic disease with an expensive med is something that won't get them in trouble (are the meds safe or life-threatening to give to a toddler?), is worthwhile by 'common standards' (will the toddler really die (soon) in direct consequence of the underlying disorder or merely due to some related consequence that's outside the domain of health insurance?) and is something that they are obligated to do (can't have a company be gullible and generous, nor should an insurance company spend money on people who haven't a need for it nearly as much as others do - however you measure the approximate extend of 'need'). If your 'issue' isn't recognised as a gaming disorder by the ICD or DSM and the clinic that offers to treat you doesn't manage to get silly and 'uniquely creative' by writing down 'gambling addiction' or 'impulse control disorder-NOS' on your receipt, the clinic's attempt to get paid for treating your addiction will likely fare little better than you making up a yellow-duck disorder and asking for your weekly fun tea chats about kittens and box office bombs with a professional that happens to be your best buddy in disguise to be funded by your health insurance company. Your health insurance company isn't obligated to pay for matters unrelated to your health. This is just one reason that makes it essential to have your 'issue' (whatever it may be, however 'physical and real' the common layperson may think of it) recognised in some form - either by making it a new disorder with a name or by explicitly adding it as another form of manifestation to an older disorder.
  2. You paw, paw things. But if #9 got nice, long sticks it's time to golden retriever your mutts to play!
  3. Taken from latest public ICD-11 draft (not from the latest released version): Gaming Disorder. (Bold by me.)
  4. I cat that! Fur real?! My hairballs are in a twist! More cat puns spotted! Look at what the @Jens drags in. One more kitten that has not been furgotten, my effurts have not been furtile. My puss of mind has been restored. Let's cat this show on the road, let's litter this box with purrific cat puns, cat's make summer clawmp an impawtant tail of heroics and passion that we pass on to our kittens and grandkittens!
  5. Whoo~ a new contender has appeared with the addition of @coolsnowvil ☆ Welcome to cabin #6, Mr Villiers! True to its numbering, cabin #6 features prime honey from nature's finest hexagonal beehives, us cabin mates are born boardgamers (as we never seem to run out of dice) and we're camp's best nature freaks - predestined to kick it off with picking up all that nasty plastic for recycling ♻️ Don't forget that, as of now, we're right in the middle of our very own theme month: the sixth month of the year, June!
  6. Meownificent! Either way, you must be feline the anticipation in your claws. (And, for your hard work, let me say thank you again.) 🐈 In that case, I shall redirect my purrsuasion. To those fleaing dog-slobbers who have so far boycatted their soulful meowings. We need to cat the upper paw in this cabin war! Don't pussyfoot around my fellow campers, don't furget to adopt a kitten till August. Let's cat this event right.
  7. azeeee oni sama ^.^

    how is your june gaming going at all?!

    1. Aze


      Strolling strong like Mewlan.


      I'll either play Secret of Mana or go for a VN (Bad Apple Wars, I think) next. I haven't looked too close into either! cat puns are catastrophic. But I clawn't stop!


      I hope you're well?


      I'm not sure I'll get much more gaming done until Caturday. Here's hoping that you are doing better!


      Yay, ich darf großer Bruder sein! Aber geboren in 88 bin ich wohl nur kleine Schwester. Doof, weil man imouto zwar nicht nutzt... aber aber jetzt fühl ich mich doch tatsächlich ein bisschen jünger



    2. Koromaru


      how sweet thank you

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      Now that I think about it... that didn't come out quite right!


      We're both young; like spring kitten & puppy on the verge of real all-settled-in adulthood, ready for our prime time! 

  8. I can't see us 🇩🇪 defending the World Cup title TBH. I imagine that the average German mentality is - once again - going to play a significant role in us messing it up close to the finishing line. Our team will feel the numbing pressure of fans to perform, the concern echoed in media that 'no way we're lucky twice' (because if it's one thing that Germans are good at, it's nay-saying and bold disregard of the wonders of skill and motivation, rather than dumb luck: 'Glück ist mit den Dummen') and they'll get the jeebes at the worst moment possible. ...let's totally try for next WC ♪ Excited for the epic emotional roller coaster all the same! Oh, thanks for the off schedule(?) update @Toogie53 ☆ But please don't feel pressured to do that, I enjoy talking about games that aren't too popular and I love making pretty archive-like posts with images for myself, is all. BTW I'm not sure you have noticed it yet, but you absolutely want to play Pix the Cat now. Absolutely. Your soul is meowing.
  9. A belated 「Welcome @NetEntity!」 to the cabin of luck in business matters; to the cabin of the first perfect number, of insect legs and of the miraculous shape of snowflakes ❄️ As for other news, I 💯ed Get Tested - Pix the Cat and want to point out that I found this duckling-rearing blue racing cat makes for a rewarding and very fun game (on VITA/PS4). It's a BLUE cat. Cat. Blue. Naturally, CAT + BLUE = purrfection. Against what the relatively low completion percentage suggests: if you are confident in your visual reaction speed (and, perhaps, choose to turn off WiFi if your system happens to be an early model OLED VITA), most trophies may come super easy to you. How to score top ten on the online leaderboards: there are 2 online trophies that are awarded for scoring high on the 'daily challenge' leaderboard and they're easy as pie to get. When I played the challenge, there was exactly 1 other person on the board. Desertification at max. Did I mention that the normal gameplay is real fun? Good, because the extra nostalgia mode felt quite like getting drawn into a marriage dispute between Mrs Good and Mr Evil. In regards to the music and visuals, starting nostalgia took me right back to Timeless River in KHII, but that's about where the similarities end. I didn't enjoy these levels nearly as much as the main ones.
  10. Thanks for following me :)

  11. Thanks & awesome stuff to see you on the forums and having fun at camp already (*゚▽゚*) I'm a master-lurker by nature, but this is one fine community~ (After all, we got MIXED BATHING CABINS.)
  12. Finally had some time today, so here's 3 for cabin #6! Cheers ♪ Shoot Something - Titan Souls Go Hiking - イース セルセタの樹海 Ys! I love Ys! I love Ernst Adol! And I love Celceta! Survive - Deer God Kicking butts, bushes and big bad brownbears with survival!Bambi ☆ I'm an avid fan of Tokyo Jungle and I was hoping to end up loving this game, I did try hard to love this game and I kinda like it. What succeeded to make my bambinated experience a bit on the sour side are the following 2 issues (on VITA): THE BAD A) once I had finished the game once, my save was rolled back to the last save point before the final boss time and again. After progress took holidays and went camp for the seventh time (5 times I lost my postgame progress and was put back to before the final story boss, twice Bambi!Aze was suddenly put back to right after beating the final boss but before making the last important decision in the game), any confidence I had in the save system had long gone out of the window. THE GOOD A) with a save stuck at 96% there's no need for a 2nd playthrough. Lucky Bambi being lucky. Anyways, on to THE BAD C) block puzzles glitching out. I got stuck in the ground from time to time (and had to free Bambi in death), but some puzzles refusing to recognise that I'd solved them felt worse and took up far too much of my total time spent on the game. THE GOOD C) I got to be Bambi. can you! Give into Bambi! Beware of the big bad brownbears and BE THE BAMBI GOD. (Preferably so on PS4, I hear?)
  13. I'm gonna be completely out of the loop here, but I'm charming my Pikkards right now, so let's keep the barbecue spirit alive.
  14. Yay. High five! PSA: cabin #666 announces 2 females (and counting?). Doing good, doing great.
  15. Like, avoid the danger? Cabin #1 aka 'The Firecrackers' 🎇