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  1. Thank youuu~ (´• ω •`)b @wolverine123 @eigen-space @Warpedsavior @Toogie53 for your suggestions and for giving me a better idea about some of my backlogged games! Although they didn't make it into my list of games for the event, I feel a lot more motivated to get started on Ayesha (I want to play Escha & Logy so bad!), Ar nosurge and Bastion some time soon. As for a general status update: I managed to finish Secret of Mana - finally, with more than 40 hours on the clock. The game was a blast from the past, but the endgame grinding left a bad taste in my mouth. I had the worst luck with RNG in the best places for equip and weapon orb drops. Chests? What chests? Enemies drop chests? There are no cheeeests! Alas, on to the good things! I present my changed list for the event! Make Friends - Bad Apple Wars Hang out at the Lake - Secret of Mana Play a Sport - OlliOlli Go Hiking - イース セルセタの樹海 Shoot Something - Titan Souls Put on a Show - Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night (new) Tell a Ghost Story - Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon (swap) Get Tested - Pix the Cat Be a Hermit - Undertale (new) Survive - Deer God Whenever you have a moment of time to spare @donut_plz, can you make those changes to my list, please? Thank you & help yourself to a rewardonut, please 🍩 If it helps any:
  2. I must be not-seeing things. Tell me my eyes have gone bad and I missed it on your profile, is all. There's a lengthy phone mode with a girl in a yukata who you need to catch coming out of the bath, you know. Look, used (mint condition) is just ¥1.999/~15€ plus shipping here
  3. Time Travelers/タイムトラベラーズ Guess who's that eating どら焼き/Dorayaki. Doraemon with a gun. And what's in it... Catch the reference? SAW? The game takes place on April 28th. Yes, it's a reference.
  4. Grinding away drops in Secret of Mana (at 30+ hours) half-asleep while from the other side of the world news continue to trickle in




    Image artist: Tiwwat Pattarakulvanich, Thai cartoonist.

    1. Honor_Hand


      Grinding drops on any JRPG is usually the most boring task in that kind of genre. I admit that I usually struggle to stay awake when doing so. It doesn't help that my main TV is in my bedroom and I usually play either sitting on the bed (when I'm focused on the game) or all laid out (when I want to be comfy or do some other menial task on the game). More than once I have ended up falling asleep with the controller in hand.


      I see you're following the news about the boys trapped in a cave in Thailand. Let's hope all ends well. :)

    2. Aze


      Ohhhh. All the trapped kids and their trainer have been rescued.

      Hooray (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))


      And you say it! Boring! I enjoyed replaying SoM with the new soundtrack and VA but... that... grind... I can safely say that RNG is not on my side.


      It's funny that you wrote about falling asleep while grinding. While I didn't nod off during gaming on my bean bag, I was out like a light as soon as I went to bed. Was panning to read a light novel in bed but





    3. Honor_Hand


      Oh, just checked the news. Glad to hear that everything ended well. :D


      Ha ha ha, I find funny that you went off immediately as soon as you went to bed. Grinding drops on a JRPG might be a good setup for anyone that has some sort of sleep disorder lol xD

  5. Die Woof! Wau! Wan Wan! Brigade



    1. Babu


      Die aus Wan Wan Land ^-^

      Wünsch dir nen ruhigen Montag morgen Aze chan!

  6. No, I do not think so. Given the nature of the timestamps - taking into account both the order in which trophies were unlocked and the time that passed between - it doesn't look like trophy unlocking on VITA by common means. Not trophax and, this is my personal opinion based on circumstantial evidence, I have doubts about that the newish timestamp edit was used in such an odd manner. This person's game list of 2017 doesn't look like a CFW user's either (too varied for a typical pirate's; many games that require a FW version that was inaccessible to the public at that time due to being 3.61+) but I have to admit that this approach to any person's trophy list is shaky at best anyway, considering anyone who owns 2 VITAs or a combination of VITA and PSTV may camouflage and be as good as invisible, while some people simply buy and borrow odd games.
  7. You just convinced me to get Danganronpa Trigger happy havoc + Blanc vs Zombies lol


    Even though im quite late to Danganronpa 1 i think i should get it yet xD

    1. Aze


      I did? Wait, I did? I don't know what I did, but I DID GOOD



      (Danganronpa 1 was good! I liked it better than 2 for sure. To be honest: Blanc vs Zombies was... on sale and super cheap.)


      BTW you have a fabulous ☆ game list and a new follower, sir! So many good games on your profile that I NEED to play! 

    2. Nelson_Otaku


      Only own Vita platform so been giving all the love i could to it

      i just love this handheld too much xD

  8. Hey my fellow EU peas and chicken 🇪🇺


    The EU parliament has started a public consultation on the topic of the fate of summer time/daylight saving time (daylight savings) within the EU. Keep it or get rid of it? That's what they're trying to figure out (again). We mere mortals won't get to make the final decision as that's up to the parliament, but we're getting consulted


    If you're a citizen of a country that's a member of the European Union and...


    you hate daylight saving? Go vote. 
    you wanna keep it? ...go vote. But I don't approve ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ


    Here is the link to the survey:


    The server still throws a hissy fit on occasion because it can't quite handle the load (...and died epically within hours of the survey going public BTW). You may have to give the page a couple of refreshes. 

  9. Here's a tough cookie. Not sure if this warrants a link, because the description of a single trophy (bottom trophy in default/PSN order, called 'Get Lucky') differs between the two lists. Laser Disco Defenders PS4 - VITA (&PS4) - What's more, according to this post the VITA list may be mislabelled.
  10. Secret of Mana Defeat Jabberwocky Defeat Jabberwocky Meanie. Single-mindedly picking on Randi. Really now.
  11. Tetris Ultimate PS4 - VITA -
  12. Google translate? Since I've seen Spanish (was it?) in disputes, I'll be so bold... Ich kann nichts zu dem Vorwurf sagen, ob Lost Planet 2 gecheated ist oder nicht (have ich selbst noch nie gespielt). Warum soll es denn gecheated sein? Du hast 2 Optionen. Wenn du es ausdiskutieren und ggf. doch das Gegenteil versuchen zu beweisen möchtest, dann solltest du den Grund für die 'flag' (eben die Begründung, warum die Trophäen angeblich nicht ehrlich erworben sind, die übrigens nur du in deinem Profil sehen kannst, aber nicht die User des Forums hier) hier als Beitrag hineinkopieren. Wenn du nicht gerade wirklich gecheated hast (z.B. mit einem Speicherstand aus dem Internet), dann steht nichts im Wege den im Raum stehenden Vorwurf zu widerlegen. Solltest du den Vorwurf aber hier nicht weiter diskutieren wollen, also die 'flag' für das Spiel bereit bist zu akzeptieren, kannst du die Trophäenliste für LP2 auf einer deiner Konsolen verstecken. Sobald du dann eine neue Trophäe in irgendeinem Spiel erhältst und dein Profil hier updatest (oder es nach einiger Zeit automatisch geupdated wird), wird die Trophäenliste für LP2 auch in deinem Profil hier auf PSNP versteckt sein. Sollte LP2 deine erste 'flag' sein, wärest du dann auch wieder Teil der 'leaderboards'.
  13. und scho wieder neues av.. einfach nur süss wie immer ^^


  14. It's not that super important but if removing surplus tags of older games is alright, I'll ask again for the PS3 and PS4 tags to be removed from Caligula (The Caligula Effect) VITA -カリギュラ The new Caligula Overdose (remake) that was released for PS4 in May this year in Japan has a new trophy list (with different/fewer trophies). And another PS3 and PS4 tag-removal request for the 2015 JP version of the recently localised Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly VITA - Despite this game having fared successful enough for there being a 2nd entry for VITA (with a VITA-only tag) and the English localisations (and a JP staaaage play ♪), no plans to port this game to PS4 (or PS3) have been announced.
  15. Secret of Mana Defeat Mantis Ant Defeat Mantis Ant Yay ♪ after some busy RL, I finally got to smack around cute Rabites. I can't quite decide yet between sticking with the original score or the remake one but listening to the new score is real nice.