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  1. Star Ocean: The Last Hope (International/Remaster) PS3 - The trophy list for the international PS3 version should be added to the other 3 (already linked) PS4 lists. PS4 EU - PS4 JP - PS4 NA -
  2. Back from the undead sick just in time for this event and I literally happened to be watching Carrie (1976) when I decided on my list. I will be tagging along with the following 3 (spooky) games. 4. 死印 6. Corpse Party Blood Drive 8. Bad Apple Wars Thank you for your patience ♡ (Thanatophobia) In 死印/Shiin the protagonist and his companions find themselves at the center of a reoccurring, nightmarish struggle with their impending deaths. While they attempt to unravel the mystery of having been marked for death, they investigate frightening, deadly myths revolving around various locations and go to battle with ghosts that appear before them as bizarre and otherworldly creatures in hopes of escaping their predestined fate. The English-language release ‘Death Mark’ for PS4/VITA is up for preorder and has just gotten a LE nudgenudge (Dementophobia) In order to appease the vengeful spirit of my (alive and well) friend who has gifted me the NA/XSeed release of Corpse Party Blood Drive a long, long while ago, it is high time to make a return to the beloved school of Heavenly Host. Fun times ahead. The game has a mental pollution mechanic that fits the category well. My 2016 playthrough (of the EU version) left me rather frustrated during endgame because the game was lagging like hell on my OLED VITA but ran alright on my (then brand new) slim. This time, I’ll make sure to take my time, play with headphones on & in the dark - and hopefully will have another shot at getting the full scaryperience ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ (Decidophobia) The otome Bad Apple Wars starts with the deadpan revelation that the female lead is dead. ...and that’s exactly how far I’m into it TBH.

    Machiko rabbit 3 sticker #10525080

    just Sayin hi to a very nice Person!

    wish you a nice Monday.

    1. Aze


      Awwww. Thank you 🍀

      ‘Hi!’ back to a wonderful person! 

  4. Amnesia: Memories (Amnesia: V Edition) EU - NA - JP - (NA & EU lists are already linked and tagged) Alone With You PS4 - VITA -
  5. Dankeschön nun habe ich endlich was für jede Situation ;)


  6. A wild Hoot appeared!



    Have you even started done crocheting that miniature cat pillow for your significant other yet? (≧∀≦)

    1. Meowski



      miau miau!

    2. Helmet_time


      I’ll be totally done just as soon as I figure out how to crochet!




  7. Going back in time a little here: its ancestor, the (slim?) PS3, also had these special powers of telepathy. From mom to child, it’s in their blood. My PS3 isn’t usually plugged in unless I plan to use it or have just used it, but I lost count of how many times I turned on - or, to my greater dismay, off - my PS3 (or my TV) like that completely by accident throughout the years.
  8. Star Ocean Second Evolution 孤高の美剣士 ディアスが仲間になった!オレの持っている強さは、オレ自身を守るための強さだ。 Beautiful lone swordsman Dias agreed to join our party and has become our comrade, yay. My favourite character besides Leon and one I am going to use in my party solely because I like him, all tactical reasoning and smart!party setups aside.
  9. As someone who’s job deals with stuff like communication, social theory and boring cultural studies and amongst whose personal favourites are the Frankfurter Schule and Foucault, I have since come to the ultimate conclusion that - against all that smartness - the common old truth of ages past still holds up and all is simple and well: boys are gross and have cooties ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ That is all, my fellow sisters with subpar socio-cultural backgrounds that simply ain’t as cool as mine. And Luke? \(//∇//)\ No, I am your MOTHER!
  10. BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend PS3 - VITA - BlazBlue: Chronophantasma PS3 - VITA - BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend PS3 & PS4 - VITA JP - VITA NA & EU (& ASIA?) - (7 trophies missing from the list but rest is the same) One of the VITA lists of BBCPE is shared with ASIA version. ...I don’t know which one, though. The JP list has very few KR, HK and Taiwan players, so - against my initial assumption - I suspect that the NA + EU list is shared with ASIA region.
  11. JP VITA version trophy list - The JP version game has this trophy list that includes the story trophies. NA + EU VITA trophy list - The NA and EU versions of the game have a trophy list that does not have story trophies (edit: and no gallery related trophies). Edit2: one of these lists is shared with ASIA region release, too. For all I know, the sole reason for the story trophies missing from the non-JP VITA list is because the story portion of BBCPE is not included on the cartridge and has to be downloaded separately. The publishers in NA and EU territories may have tried to show consideration towards people who do not want to or cannot download the rather huge story content from the VITA store.
  12. Someone mention Mind Zero? The (grindy) game that obviously was planned to be part of a game series with an overarching plot? Playing that one felt like my sanity was slowly slipping awwwBYE ٩( ᐛ )و In all seriousness, the (sub)plot - as well as its rather questionable execution - fits this category very well.
  13. I wish Star Ocean 2 (VITA, PS3 & PS4 re-release) would have gotten an English/WW release. No matter how times I play it, I don’t seem to get tired of the battle system, the music or the dialogue/plot. 


    (TBH the looks on higher resolution screens may scare gamers without a particularly severe case of nostalgia syndrome off, especially on PS4/4k TV.)



    Anyways (๑>◡<๑) in order to get the 器用な指先/Nimble Fingers/Dexterity talent (to have a better chance at pickpocketing Mischief in Clik), I started the game, ready to restart over and over to reroll Rena’s talents but BOOM! Dumb luck strikes. 



    Scary fact: 18 years later and Celine still sees through me all the way, right down to the deep dark depths of my soul. Talking? No, I don’t want to just talk to Dias and leave it at that. Get on it, Rena! RAWR.



    BTW so far I rejected Celine’s request to join my party and recruited Ashton (because Ashton’s seiyū is Ishida, Akira - how can I ever say no to this man?). So no Opera and Ernest for me on my Rena playthrough. I got the the Weapon Tournament in Lacour all wrapped up and done and am ready to head to Linga today!

    1. mecharobot


      If it ever has another port, I hope for an option to pick PSX style art. Not too fond of the new character designs, though it was better for SO1. I like having Opera better, but Ashton is good ship for Precis. Also a bit sad seeing how Star Ocean phased out races like Tetragenes and even the furries with each sequel. What's a Star Ocean game without 3 eyed waifu?

  14. I’d like to join for the scary-go-round ٩( °ω° )و I backlogged 死印/Shiin (English title going to be ‘Death Mark’ iirc?) to play around Halloween. So there’s 1 game on my profile already that’s just perfect for this event. I will hand in my list of games at a later date but already took a sneak peek at PSNP’s horror VITA list and got ideas.
  15. Whispering Willows PS4 - VITA NA - VITA EU -