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  1. Proteus Unraveling the Landscape I was playing Proteus (on vita) and had just started humping gravestones for this very trophy, when a severe case of nausea washed over me and I had to put down the game. After 2 hours, 1 1/2 litres of water and 1 random documentary, the dizziness had kind of almost left me, taking along with it all my will and my conviction to make another attempt on that same night to brave the game again.
  2. Tales of Xillia 2 The Fatalist Will the same destiny befall you once again? That depends on your own choices. I knew from the start that I wanted to go for this ending on my first playthrough and leave the other for NG+. (While both that and NG+ aren't necessities, I'll do this Elle-style. Elle-YEAH!) Somehow, and despite knowing most portions of the game in and out, I managed to clock 109 hours up to this point. How did that happen?
  3. This question surprised me for revealing itself to be a real tough cookie, granite flavour. In the end, I tried thinking back to when I turned just about old enough to name series by music and characters. To what our apartment of that time looked like (please,whywasmyroomallbabywhite?!). To our ugliest-of-all CRT of that same time. To me bouncing and screeching like a happy harpy for getting to watch one of my favourite kid shows. And, to mom ironing and watching me, but who, let's be honest here, used that merely as an excuse to watch not me but awesome kid stuff Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ As for the results, my 1st Japanese anime series was likely... タオタオ絵本館/Tao Tao! タオタオ絵本館 世界動物ばなし Tao Tao – Tiergeschichten aus aller Welt A joint production of some kind, with Japan, China and Germany having had a hand in it. I can still hear that OP melody playing in the back of my mind ♪
  4. Tales of Xillia 2 Battle God You've obtained all of the "Beginner" and "Advanced" titles. You're shining so bright, I think I need shades! Slowly getting back into trophy hunting. Slowly, slowly.
  5. Goes! ゴーズ! カイ・トゥルーエンドクリア カイのトゥルーエンドをクリアした。 Kai true ending got! But first of all: nooo. Hinata's and Vince's routes were such immense disappointments. Vince, whose route I had skyhigh hopes for, turned out to be... a real letdown. (Honestly though, Hinata's wasn't bad but 'geeky little boy' didn't do it for me. Not at all.) Moving on to Kai's route, I felt that his was on par with Masanori's and Same’s. It was a nice read. And truth to be told, Kai being the (2nd) most amazing and (2nd) hottest-cutest guy to me made playing his route all the better: I ♡ed when out of the blue, Kai's friendship/drama club ending went nut town. It was hilarious.
  6. Goes! ゴーズ! セイム・トゥルーエンドクリア セイムのトゥルーエンドをクリアした。 I decided to follow a more proper order this time round and thus picked Same. Same's complete route, with all proper endings and those oops!bad endings, took me almost exactly 6 hours to play through. Including セイム・ノーマルエンドクリア、 セイムと七不思議探索、 天&セイム・友情エンドクリア。 The whole experience was decidingly different from Masanori's route, Masanori's being the route with which I have started Goes! and the route I'd played prior to Same's. I'm beginning to feel the all-female VA. It's real nice ♡
  7. Goes! ゴーズ! カイ&新山・友情エンドクリア カイと新山の友情エンドをクリアした。 Ignoring the recommended order of routes, I went for what to me seemed to be the least interesting character first. That is why I started with Masanori. Despite my low expectations for his route (and for the VN itself, but I was proven wrong!) the frequent appearances of the other characters - especially of Kai and of another, quite spoilerific character - made Masanori's route surprisingly enjoyable!
  8. Tales of Xillia Lord of Xillia The mark of complete Xillia mastery. Thanks for playing This took me a long time to wrap up. Nevertheless, I greatly enjoyed playing Xillia once more. As a matter of fact: I dug up my JP copy of Xillia for that sure to come moment in time when I am itching to play another round... or two! One for Jude and one for Milla. The copy now sits on my shelf alongside my other old PS3 games that I made the firm resolution to replay - in order to enjoy that short but sweet PS3 era RPG goodness again. With Xillia completed, the 1st step is done!
  9. She Who Upholds Her Conviction Complete Milla's story. Congratulations on completing Tales of Xillia! My very 1st trophy earned in this new year. Hello and welcome to you, 2017 (^O^☆♪
  10. 01. (15) テイルズ オブ イノセンス R Dec 5th 2015 - Jan 4th Tales! Tales! Fabulous start into 2016 02. (16) Atelier Meruru Plus: The Apprentice of Arland Nov 16th - Jan 11th 03. (17) Steins;Gate Jan 26th - Feb 9th 04. (18) Corpse Party: Blood Drive Feb 16th - Feb 21st 05. (19) Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Feb 11th - Mar 14th 06. (20) Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ Feb 21st - Mar 20th 07. (21) Swapquest Mar 20th 08. (22) Final Fantasy XIII Jul 20th 2014 - Mar 29th 09. (23) Final Fantasy XIII-2 Mar 29th - Apr 7th 10. (24) Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy Mar 22nd - Apr 25th 11. (25) Lone Survivor Apr 25th - Apr 27th 12. (26) 薄桜鬼 鏡花録 Dec 24th 2013 - May 5th 13. (27) Ray Gigant May 4th - May 14th Personal☆highlight #1 14. (28) MIND≒0 May 26th - Jul 29th 15. (29) Zero Time Dilemma Jul 29th - Aug 2nd 16. (30) God Eater Resurrection Aug 3rd - Aug 22nd For my inner GE fanatic. 17. (31) Adventures of Mana Aug 22nd - Aug 26th Nostalgia~ 18. (32) Amnesia: Memories Aug 29th - Sep 3rd 19. (33) Lost Dimension Sep 3rd - Sep 12th Personal☆highlight #2 20. (34) The Walking Dead Sep 12th - Sep 17th 21. (35) Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines & 俺の屍を越えてゆけ2 Mar 5th 2015 - Sep 25th Can't ever get enough of this ♡♡♡ 22. (36) Tales of Hearts R Sep 26th - Oct 28th 23. (37) 東亰ザナドゥ Nov 27th - Dec 13th 24. (38) Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Sep 25th - Dec 24th 2016: peace, over and out ♡
  11. Forger of Chains Perform a target number of linked arte chains. Awarded to those who strive for battle perfection. I didn't get this trophy on my 1st playthrough (Jude's side) for some reason or another. Now to see Milla's side through. Clocked 104:08 and counting. I'm currenly wandering Fort Gandala.
  12. Puchi Carat (PS1, GBC; JP and EU) This was one of my favourites. Originally an arcade game. 20 years after it's initial release on PS1 in Japan, it got a PSN release in JP region but not outside, unfortunately.
  13. Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Collect all trophies At long last, it's over! So happy I'm done with it. 'Nuff said.
  14. I haven't, Mario games aren't my cup of tea - but at the same time I do very much enjoy watching the kids at work play Mario games. And coach them through 'tough' spots and fire them on! *\(^o^)/* Go go go! Puchi Carat?
  15. 東亰ザナドゥ 伝説のX.R.C 全てのトロフィーを獲得した。 The Difficulty: Nightmare difficulty is available from the start, so Nightmare was what I went with. What I did not expect was how easy the game would play on Nightmare. Sure, my pocket money balance could have have seen better times than it did mid-game. But I got away with going on armor shopping sprees only every 2 to 3 chapters, so what? Gaining levels, too, was a real turtle's race but that turned out to be okay. All bosses, from first to last, did not require grinding. BTW, upon completing the game once, there's infinity mode for the sensation seekers (what it does: it adds 50 nifty levels to monsters). The OST: I found the soundtrack pleasant, but on the (very) weak side of modern 'Falcom games'. By all means, playing the game with the volume up was fine. The background songs in dungeons fit with their visual makeup, the overworld tunes are upbeat and catchy. Not once over the period of my two runs through the game did the OST start to annoy me. But overall, the music did not impress me nor did a particular track grow on me. The Rest: was fun. Yes, I'm bad with this elephant of a category. Well, I'll give it a try. My personal impression is that... this game is for people who like Nayuta and the Zwei games (who doesn't?). this game is for people who are 'heck, YEAH!' about exploring every nook and cranny again and again, checking with all shops on every new day and talking to every NPC multiple times throughout the game (read that as: every single regular chapter). and for those who want a game they can just 'pick up and play'. the plot is solid. It got a bit quirky in later chapters. the characterisation is okay. the control scheme is simple, mostly effective and suits the semi-fast style of battles. And to me was intuitive: switching characters in and out? Easy. Striking enemies with their weak element? On the fly! Targeting a certain enemy in a mob? Can be a little annoying on occasion. (Ever felt like wanting to whack a Mishy? Ladies and Gentlemen, TX features Whack-A-Mishy!)