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  1. /upset status update 

    Messages on my PSN account are broken. I cannot see, send or receive messages on my account on my iOS devices and mac, an android phone I borrowed, my VITAs, my PS4. I tried another PS4: nope. My PS3 can pull messages from the servers (meaning I can see/read them!) - can’t send messages from PS3 either. I could borrow another VITA but... 


    Oh, of course I can totally use my alt accounts to send and receive from ALL my systems just fine. I bought 2 years of PS+ recently on my main, so I don’t want to make a new account. Peachy.


    Please someone out there pray along with me to a get a dinosaur from outer space to drop on Sony’s servers. Hnghhhaaargh.



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    2. Azelais



      You Chocochicks (unknowingly) kept my mind on this through your responses and that helped me to finally make that decision that I’ve been ‘later’ing since 2013. Thanks!


      I made a new account to use as a ‘main’. One from my own region, as I had been putting off for this long while. I thought it’d be too much work (as VITA allows use of only one account at a time) and I had shied away from it hence, but I could get most of it done in a day. 


      (Will keep my Aze for that pristine US PSN store deals, NA region exclusives and will try to get this odd account issue sorted out, of course!)

    3. Honor_Hand


      So, sister Aze will be rolling with a new alternate main account then? At least, you will be able to sort messages through PSN with that one in the meantime. Hope you can solve that annoying issue with your main one resolved eventually. 👍

    4. Nelson_Otaku


      Did you use any app on your iOS or Android device often with your psn account?

      maybe try checking there to not link your psn account on any app you might be using with it.