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  1. /upset status update 

    Messages on my PSN account are broken. I cannot see, send or receive messages on my account on my iOS devices and mac, an android phone I borrowed, my VITAs, my PS4. I tried another PS4: nope. My PS3 can pull messages from the servers (meaning I can see/read them!) - can’t send messages from PS3 either. I could borrow another VITA but... 


    Oh, of course I can totally use my alt accounts to send and receive from ALL my systems just fine. I bought 2 years of PS+ recently on my main, so I don’t want to make a new account. Peachy.


    Please someone out there pray along with me to a get a dinosaur from outer space to drop on Sony’s servers. Hnghhhaaargh.



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    2. Jelloycat


      I had that bug recently as well, although it only affected the messages on my computer. :hmm: It ended up fixing itself after a few weeks, but it was still pretty annoying. 

    3. Azelais


      @Alpaca-sama @eigen-space That is exactly what I tried but thanks so much for asking about it! I wrote another post-it to remind me to elaborate on that when I contact live chat support. Need to be clear and concise when I do!


      @Honor_Hand I ought to send you a marriage portfolio that you can hold under potential husbandos’ noses! Let’s see... I like to look at tanned south-y looking men? Put those on the list, please! I better stop (๑>◡<๑) my kitty doesn’t like my silly giggles.



      For what it’s worth, I decided to give discord a try (looks like IRC), downloaded and set it up now. New stuff to learn for an old lady!

    4. Honor_Hand



      Aye, send it my way. Lol, If I find anything worthwhile for you, I'll add them to a list of potential candidates for you x3  Kitty knows when Aze needs to control herself ;)


      Oh, been using Discord for a couple of months now. Pretty cool to talk with friends there or to organize boosting sessions in games. It lags a bit on my phone but that's because I have a cheap, entry-level Smartphone that is 2 years old now but it works great for the most part. Feel free to add me if you need an equally old guy to talk with haha xD

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