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  1. /upset status update 

    Messages on my PSN account are broken. I cannot see, send or receive messages on my account on my iOS devices and mac, an android phone I borrowed, my VITAs, my PS4. I tried another PS4: nope. My PS3 can pull messages from the servers (meaning I can see/read them!) - can’t send messages from PS3 either. I could borrow another VITA but... 


    Oh, of course I can totally use my alt accounts to send and receive from ALL my systems just fine. I bought 2 years of PS+ recently on my main, so I don’t want to make a new account. Peachy.


    Please someone out there pray along with me to a get a dinosaur from outer space to drop on Sony’s servers. Hnghhhaaargh.



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    2. Azelais



      You Chocochicks (unknowingly) kept my mind on this through your responses and that helped me to finally make that decision that I’ve been ‘later’ing since 2013. Thanks!


      I made a new account to use as a ‘main’. One from my own region, as I had been putting off for this long while. I thought it’d be too much work (as VITA allows use of only one account at a time) and I had shied away from it hence, but I could get most of it done in a day. 


      (Will keep my Aze for that pristine US PSN store deals, NA region exclusives and will try to get this odd account issue sorted out, of course!)

    3. Honor_Hand


      So, sister Aze will be rolling with a new alternate main account then? At least, you will be able to sort messages through PSN with that one in the meantime. Hope you can solve that annoying issue with your main one resolved eventually. 👍

    4. Nelson_Otaku


      Did you use any app on your iOS or Android device often with your psn account?

      maybe try checking there to not link your psn account on any app you might be using with it.

  2. Based on what SE claimed, things that will transfer to the standalone version are: avatars created items obtained Chocobos captured overall plot/map progress (Photography will not transfer.)
  3. Psst. But, for if/when you continue the Comrades DLC: you can comfortably hold to continuously attack. (I noticed that... 16 hours into the game maybe )
  4. Malicious ad scams appearing seemingly at random and in growing frequency (on safe websites that happen to use ads) is a known issue on phones - and it seems to be even more annoying for users with iOS devices that also happen to use Safari. The good news is that it is not a virus and it’s easy to fix, but the bad news is that it’s super persistent and can show up again on various websites that have to rely on ads to deliver free content to their users. Did I mention that how it can crop up on you like a big fat mean spider and then hijack Safari is super annoying?: ʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄
  5. [Spyro Reignited Trilogy | Spyro the Dragon] No panties on the fairies?!

    Nice butt, Miss Fairy. I never knew that you like it natural and free  (๑>◡<๑)

    1. Honor_Hand


      Not entirely sure of what is going on with the comment above but highly approve of it x3

    2. Azelais


      _(:3 」∠)_

      Getting THE one butt shot that does peeping in-game justice is surprisingly hard. Let’s go with this for now.


    3. Honor_Hand


      Ooooh, ahh. I'd say that shot is good enough. As one of the officially certified perverts in this forum, I'd rate that image with 4 peaches out of 5 (🍑🍑🍑🍑). Great work 👌


      Thanks for cheering my day with some in-game peeping, Aze-sister ^o^

  6. DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviours 23rd March. Only 6650ish owners worldwide. Give it a try! d( ´▽`)
  7. Night in the Woods (and the Harvest Moon games) are on sale in EU region and I am shoo, shoo tempted _(:3 」∠)_

    I know next to nothing about the game and yet... with being told that the game is incredible and screenshots like this one on google, how can I not?


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    2. LightningCharm


      Get that Harvest Moon! 😍  NitW looks intriguing just from that screenshot.

    3. Jelloycat


      Night in the Woods was a pretty great game! I'd definitely recommend it, especially if it is on sale. :)  

    4. Chirithy


      Or the better and sweetest "Night in the Woods"

      You will really like this game and the cat kid in this Adventure reminds me of you  ;)

  8. I posted the majority of CGs from the Japanese version here: Feel free to look and compare after you’ve played through Death Mark - or before that even, if you don’t mind the mild spoilers. Or if you feel that a look into the ugly face of horror will help to persuade you to give this game a chance. I’ll add the rest later after going back to the game again. For now, a particularly nasty CG from Chapter 2, as well as everything from the Red Riding Hood bonus chapter is missing. Being a fan of late 90s to early 2000s Asian ‘subtle’ horror, I frequently got so immersed in the game that I forgot to take screenshots often. In fact, if you too appreciate the horror in films such as the fairly famous Japanese film Dark Water or the semi-well known Korean film The Cat (meow), you may, perhaps, feel the same as you read and find your way through Death Mark.
  9. I am of the opinion that there is/was a mixup here and I am having doubts that it ultimately will help the censorship discussion to bring everyone, our grandpa and the Pope’s Wiener Dog into it. Could be that the US is a bit of a special case here, but to me (not US) someone’s overall political alignment on a right-middle-left (or in a conservative-liberal) scale and Senran Kagura don’t actually have anything to do with each other. (Yes, that stance is ignoring those people out there in the real world who simply misuse and abuse their supposed political ideas to give off vibes of ‘righteousness’, justice and the smart. It’s because you call these people hypocrites and the only thing that helps in dealing with those special snowflakes is to take away their power by uncovering their real colours and showing them to others.) So, as for left-wingism. I’m a moderate lefty (to... not so moderate as a teen when anarchism was ‘cooler’ still and authority ‘sucked’ harder than it does now), have been for years and I take massive issues with censorship. I take issue with my boys getting the pixel-treatment and the total removal of all good hot action on Sony platforms. This has been happening for years and my wallet has spoken many times. And I take issue with age-guidelines made into actual restrictions (that make me jump through a loop on German PSN). I take issue with these matters because I’m a through-and-through humanist down to my very core. And certainly one who cannot stand people abusing flashy Zeitgeist terms to further their own goals and ego. ‘Social justice’ comes to mind, where some people claim to fight for it and for true democracy but seem to have a desire to shut up other groups and minorities by trying to take away their right to voice an opinion as they claim to advocate for flowers and rainbows and pretend to be good people. And the people opposing them to extreme lengths who similarly err tremendously in the belief that true democracy means that the one who cries and fights strongest, laments loudest and with enough buddies behind them and who can shut up others in this manner in order to take away their right to voice an opinion are hiding behind an equally hideously misinformed idea of what freedom of speech means. At the end of the day, freedom of speech and democracy mean being allowed to voice an opinion without having to worry to burn on a stake because some king, dictator or leading group of whatever definition can’t stand your shirt (and your opinion). It means being allowed to voice an opinion without having to worry to be called names or insulted. Or to be disregarded and treated as if another’s opinion isn’t worth the discussion, isn’t worth the response, isn’t worth a reaction. As a humanist, to me both is equally rude as... Everyone who doesn’t put another down in one moment is worth to be heard in that moment and what they voice is worth to be taken into consideration - even if majority rules. Well, that’s all so if you’re a lefty like me (and an incredibly annoying social critic). In any case, I’m def a lefty critic who, in a better world, wants her anime boys without pixel-penises and platonic no-sex relationships as soon as they land on Sony’s consoles and who, in the same stride, wants equal rights for the anime/art boobies because, eh, why not. Equal rights or I’d be one big hypocrite. So free the 2D jiggles up there and down there, ‘kay?
  10. 死印/Death Mark JP version. CERO D. (Part 1 of CGs and some.)
  11. 古き良き時代の冒険譚/Adventure Story of the Good Old Days PS4 - VITA -
  12. In case that the PS3 lists of this title are not linked with their PS4 counterparts on purpose, please feel free to ignore this post. One trophy from the PS3 lists (Tera-Driver: a trophy for loading over a terabit of data from the disc) was left out from the PS4 remaster, but the rest of the trophies are 1:1. Resonance of Fate/End of Eternity PS3 - PS3 JP - PS4 EU - PS4 NA - PS4 JP -
  13. On topic of Hohokum: I never want to see, hear or DL this game on any system again now but can confirm that list 2787 is, in fact, the one used for the NA version across PS4, PS3 and VITA.
  14. You should be able to do it on the site. Based on the English language version of the site: 1. Go to 2. Log in (if you aren’t already) and go to ‘Profile’ (upper bar) 3. Choose ‘Edit Profile’ (top option beneath your avvie) (3.5. You may have to re-enter your PW for security reasons) 4. The ‘About Me’ section you look for should be listed in the ‘PSN Profile’ tab (Edit: ‘About Me’ is the 5th section from the top for me, right above languages)
  15. If accepts your Latvian credit card, you can purchase a digital/download code directly from amazon UK, then redeem the code that you receive on PSN. Amazon UK seems to offer digital codes for 3, 6 and 12 month memberships. See here:
  16. Based on the information, it sounds as if that VITA’s wireless adapter may have, in fact, crossed over to the next world. That’d be a bummer. If you bought the system used and it’s got a few years on its back (meaning that you’d have to repair it yourself or pay for repairs in full, sadly), you might want to try and take a sneak peek inside (if you’re confident) to make sure that there’s no further/visible damage caused by the previous owner, no water damage, loose clips or loose flex cables/Wi-Fi antenna.
  17. Star Ocean: The Last Hope (International/Remaster) PS3 - The trophy list for the international PS3 version should be added to the other 3 (already linked) PS4 lists. PS4 EU - PS4 JP - PS4 NA -
  18. Back from the undead sick just in time for this event and I literally happened to be watching Carrie (1976) when I decided on my list. I will be tagging along with the following 3 (spooky) games. 4. 死印 6. Corpse Party Blood Drive 8. Bad Apple Wars Thank you for your patience ♡ (Thanatophobia) In 死印/Shiin the protagonist and his companions find themselves at the center of a reoccurring, nightmarish struggle with their impending deaths. While they attempt to unravel the mystery of having been marked for death, they investigate frightening, deadly myths revolving around various locations and go to battle with ghosts that appear before them as bizarre and otherworldly creatures in hopes of escaping their predestined fate. The English-language release ‘Death Mark’ for PS4/VITA is up for preorder and has just gotten a LE nudgenudge (Dementophobia) In order to appease the vengeful spirit of my (alive and well) friend who has gifted me the NA/XSeed release of Corpse Party Blood Drive a long, long while ago, it is high time to make a return to the beloved school of Heavenly Host. Fun times ahead. The game has a mental pollution mechanic that fits the category well. My 2016 playthrough (of the EU version) left me rather frustrated during endgame because the game was lagging like hell on my OLED VITA but ran alright on my (then brand new) slim. This time, I’ll make sure to take my time, play with headphones on & in the dark - and hopefully will have another shot at getting the full scaryperience ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ (Decidophobia) The otome Bad Apple Wars starts with the deadpan revelation that the female lead is dead. ...and that’s exactly how far I’m into it TBH.
  19. Amnesia: Memories (Amnesia: V Edition) EU - NA - JP - (NA & EU lists are already linked and tagged) Alone With You PS4 - VITA -
  20. A wild Hoot appeared!



    Have you even started done crocheting that miniature cat pillow for your significant other yet? (≧∀≦)

    1. Chirithy



      miau miau!

    2. Helmet_time


      I’ll be totally done just as soon as I figure out how to crochet!




  21. Going back in time a little here: its ancestor, the (slim?) PS3, also had these special powers of telepathy. From mom to child, it’s in their blood. My PS3 isn’t usually plugged in unless I plan to use it or have just used it, but I lost count of how many times I turned on - or, to my greater dismay, off - my PS3 (or my TV) like that completely by accident throughout the years.
  22. Star Ocean Second Evolution 孤高の美剣士 ディアスが仲間になった!オレの持っている強さは、オレ自身を守るための強さだ。 Beautiful lone swordsman Dias agreed to join our party and has become our comrade, yay. My favourite character besides Leon and one I am going to use in my party solely because I like him, all tactical reasoning and smart!party setups aside.
  23. As someone who’s job deals with stuff like communication, social theory and boring cultural studies and amongst whose personal favourites are the Frankfurter Schule and Foucault, I have since come to the ultimate conclusion that - against all that smartness - the common old truth of ages past still holds up and all is simple and well: boys are gross and have cooties ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ That is all, my fellow sisters with subpar socio-cultural backgrounds that simply ain’t as cool as mine. And Luke? \(//∇//)\ No, I am your MOTHER!
  24. BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend PS3 - VITA - BlazBlue: Chronophantasma PS3 - VITA - BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend PS3 & PS4 - VITA JP - VITA NA & EU (& ASIA?) - (7 trophies missing from the list but rest is the same) One of the VITA lists of BBCPE is shared with ASIA version. ...I don’t know which one, though. The JP list has very few KR, HK and Taiwan players, so - against my initial assumption - I suspect that the NA + EU list is shared with ASIA region.
  25. JP VITA version trophy list - The JP version game has this trophy list that includes the story trophies. NA + EU VITA trophy list - The NA and EU versions of the game have a trophy list that does not have story trophies (edit: and no gallery related trophies). Edit2: one of these lists is shared with ASIA region release, too. For all I know, the sole reason for the story trophies missing from the non-JP VITA list is because the story portion of BBCPE is not included on the cartridge and has to be downloaded separately. The publishers in NA and EU territories may have tried to show consideration towards people who do not want to or cannot download the rather huge story content from the VITA store.