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  1. The best way to take the shine off of the obvious shared accounts that pose as solo? Simply separate the leaderboards into solo and shared accounts, by making members declare if their account is shared or solo. That you'll get a metric that will easily reveal who's sharing. From there, ask those who are lying to declare or, be banned from the leaderboards.
  2. I just got Jurrassic Measures. Unless you are a god, I don't see anyway of winning Jurrassic difficulty, or any other difficulty medium or above without manipulating the game for additional income. It's not a challenge, as more just BS. Which is more an industry wide problem these days, in that there is a dearth in any real logical or philosophy of what a challenge atchually is. Any way, once you have the supplemented income, and the correct research. It does become easier to manage Jurassic difficulty. Basically the strat I employed was everytime I was getting a new contract, I'd save and, if it wasn't an easy one to make quick money, or get back some money on a building. I'd reload. It's tedious, time consuming, but pays off in the long run to the point you can just let your dig teams be your source of supplementing your income; and don't have to worry about sabotages. Also only have herbivores, and only modify your Sauropods for maximum points. I can't stress enough how key they are to getting your dinosaur rating points. The only thing on Jurrassic difficulty with having employed all of this is the f'ing cyclone! No matter how much of your island is covered for storms, the game will always send one to screw you right in the a$$. Well there's enough above to get you started, and you'll figure out the rest from there.
  3. I've just got my gold medal trophy, time to finish up single player. Then online. There's been talk around Edinburgh Rockstar North worked more on the game than is publicly known. Apparently San Diego were making a real mess of RDR2 and Take 2 were furious. They didn't want another Mafia 3 situation, so drafted Norths core team in on it . And kept it hush hush so not to be torn apart by the gaming press, or affect shares. But that's why it was delayed. Even aspects of the story got changed. North left evidence though of their greater involvement. That being all the Scottish reference. Like think about it, they were officially just working on the maps. But you see in many other parts of the game references to Scotland they weren't supposedly involved with. John even saids he is not American, he's Scottish. Why would a game mostly developed by an American team have so many references to Scotland. We will see in the coming years if this story is true. Would explain a lot. But for now, taking it all with a pinch of salt.
  4. I'm doing a new game. It's probably more time consuming, according to the consensus here at least. Still I'm really pissed off with how idiotic this is. They might as well have just removed the medal system. All of Red Dead 2s little faults come out as well. I can see why they let RockStar North dedicate their resources to it. I think they done more than just map work. Will need to wangle more info out of an employee if I see them about Edinburgh. I'm pretty convinced San Diego were probably making a real mess of this. And RockStar North saved the day. It's still a great game, but no where near as good or polished as GTA V.
  5. Well I'm doing my gold medal run and, while tedious. It's not the hardest thing I've done. Still, what on Earth were they thinking? I know living in Edinburgh this is not the fault of Rockstar North. And I also know they understand very well the philosophy of what constitutes a challenge. So what I think happened is someone at San Diego was charged with making these gold medals harder than GTA V. But this idiot like so many people in the industry doesn't have a bloody clue what constitutes a challenge. They just thought like a robot, oh just make it like you have get all goals in one play. That constitutes making it harder, derp derp job done. They never thought for a single second, how this would obviously hinder natural gameplay! But what then boggles my mind is how then they just outright destroyed all natural story play by making the replay option redunt with default guns and horse! The pattern of play is so clear even a blind man can see it! The player will first play the story, gaining naturally some objectives, then coming back via replay to finish off the rest! Learn what constitutes a challenge you asshat that done this! Or find a new form of employment. Rant over.
  6. Which I had. I just done delete profile for blue ribbon.
  7. So I done the first run on easy. Glutton For Punishment was the last trophy I needed before starting my 1998 mode run. But when Glutton For Punishment popped, so did Taffer's Delight. Glutton For Punishment and Taffer's Delight were my last 2 DLC trophies I required for the 100%. Has this glitch ever been reported before?
  8. It's easy to sight competition as the reason. But if Bethesda had thought it wasn't able to compete with other major releases then they would have held it back. Bethesda aren't just going to gamble with a 3 year investment of potentially above 100 million dollars. ZeniMax are going to want answers and Bethesda will show them they done everything by book. The blame will fall on MachineGames and that insignificant trophy might just become a big reason.
  9. I bought the game at full price in full knowledge of the plat might be out of my reach because most importantly it's a great game. All just one dimensional explanations of my motivations to dismiss a perfectly sound theory as to why this trophy exits. Patched or not patched i won't be losing any sleep. You'll hear the truth soon enough as the game has unfortunately flopped. And then those who defended it or just simply acquiesced to it will be rather red faced.
  10. While i agree with that sentiment, it doesn't imply you do nothing to try and make it a littler fairer.
  11. And now that they have the question is why? As i said it's all conveniently happened in the wake of being unable to patch new order and old blood. The fact also they never optimised the mode for such playthroughs, the inability to skip the majority of cut scenes ect. Does that constitute fairness? Why if that indeed is the case which seem highly plausible should those who enjoy trophy/achievement hunting be punished when it's not our fault? Indeed they could have done many things non trophy related to make the game harder. But they never, they deliberately targeted the trophy/achievement community with one trophy/achievement. Which again just gives more weight to this being spiteful act on their part. And still people are defending it while someone is probably laughing their ass off at machinegames as people are trying to accomplish this feat. Well might be. As the grin on their face when they coded it has long since been wiped off their face with the commercial performance of the game. And Bethesda are hardly going to say well our advertising ect was at fault at their next shareholder meeting. They are going to lay the blame at machinegames door somehow, and someone is going to be made an example of. And would seem that someone would end up being the person responsible for this.
  12. In what reality is a trophy that artificially inflates the difficulty of gaming by restricting saves fair? When no one as i said even at MachineGames has done it, and only 1% of the player base might be able to do it. Congratulations you completed the game on the hardest difficulty. Now complete it without saves because reasons.
  13. But im not saying to change anything about the game. I'm protesting about a trophy attched to the game. A trophy that maybe only 1.00% of the player base is capable of getting. Which they obviously know is the case. And a feat that no one in their house has done themselves probably. We aren't dealing with some indie game that's innately hard to being with, so the trophies reflect that. This is a case of AAA developer inflating the difficulty of a game made for the main stream with a mode that's identical to the hardest difficulty. Just with the save function cut out. I don't think I'm entitled to the plat. I think I'm entitled to a reasonable challenge where the developer doesn't just deliberately through a mode of punitive restrictions artifically increase their games difficulty so to put it out of most gamers reach knowningly out of spite.
  14. What are you even talking about. Are you saying if something exists only in the abstract that it is immune from being criticised? I guess by your logic then me having watched over 3000 film's in life so far, and taken great offence to the likes of say Titanic 2. That i don't have the right to because it's someones creation and has no physical reality in my life. I choose to derive meaning from trophy hunting in my gaming experience. Someone at MachineGames chose to ruin that experience for in my opinion the exploits that existed in new order and Old Blood. Which means that choice was then made for malicious reasons. If you have a better theory as to why the mein leben trophy exists i'd like to hear it.
  15. The manner and lack of articulation does not diminish the validity of criticism. It doesn't do you any favours gaining sympathy though. Battlefront 2 has on a much larger scale also been met with criticism in a viscerally immature fashion. Still the backlash is justified ethically and otherwise.