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  1. I got this one without even knowing it was a trophy. Popped in hercules. (mount Olympus)
  2. if this also works on the witness we have that easy plat back!
  3. Hide and SeekBaba Yaga: Rescue Nadia from Trinity
  4. My life as a teenager lost 55% of his size...
  5. Easy plat i think but multiple Walk through...
  6. indeed a 4/10 one playtrough... I guess some will do 2 just to play not as an virgin till the end ;-)
  7. Both.... don't know jet on what console i gonne play...
  8. I Bought: Persona 5 - Day One Steelbook edition for only 10 euro 9 ( = +/- 12 USD)
  9. I got 6 Skill points AFTER i got my last collecteble. I hope the level cap is raised for the main game when the DLC is released... I will keep playing the main missiond (and redmaw mission) for the Skill points...
  10. Just wondering. I read that you won't get any skill points after you reached level 50. Im lvl 47 now and misses like 10 skill points to complete my skill tree. (im 50% on the main quests and did all collectebles and like 80% of all side quests.) Is it true you won't get Skill points after lvl 50? (skill point as reward of completing missions, hunting grounds or side missions.) simple math will do the trick: missing 10 SP (Skill points) lvl47 to lvl 50 = 3SP 4 hunting grounds = 4SP (did one allready) 1 remaining Cauldron = 1SP 2 missions = 2 SP This will be needing for 10 SP.
  11. i had the same.... but after some tweeks in the options menu i had the old BF flight feeling back....
  12. I stared this game yesterday and did the Story Mode difficulty With this mode on machines are PIECE of some old fashion portal CAKE! (gamers joke) I toke out a thunderJaw with ease (just shooting arrows and i dodged like 3 times) A Glinthawk is down with 1 shot of a sharpshoot bow A Snapmaw 4 to 5 fire arrows... It's truly a story mode! combat is made very very very easy! It's seems you get more XP by defeating machines too!
  13. I finished the game and got the Plat! But I had a few bugs and glitches. I had to play over a huge part (start till the hotel) of the game because there is NO auto save in this game or Checkpoints! If you play this game save often!
  14. This game is very high on my wishlist... Guessing it will be a PS Plus title somewhere in early 2018. (maybe Q4 2017?) Trophies look easy But this game has a very nice calm and sweet theme.... Can't wait to see more of this game...