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  1. Did you Start the game yet? Cant find it in your Profile. Don't worry, I took the time and did the corrections now. It's again waiting for Review from the admins. I hope it will directly be published this time. If you (or anyone else) got a question in the mean time, don't hesitate to send me a Private message. (im not checking this Board regulary but i'll be notified on PM's)
  2. Hey there, they send it back to me to do some corrections. Didn't had the time yet to rework it. I'll do it soon 😊 Wouldn't have thought anyone is still looking forward for the guide 😨
  3. I can confirm, you need one of every item existing at the same time. That sums up my experience as well. If I hadn't messed up the compass thing in my first playthrough, I'd be done in ~40h . Speedrunning a second playthrough took me about 16 ingame days (with a lot of sleeping). Was your raft completly floating or did it came in touch with the ground? Or had you thrown the anchor? Because I had no problems sleeping close to islands. I just made sure I was free floating..
  4. Thank you yes, every single item there is. On one and the same Island
  5. I always used spears, they only startet rubberbanding when carrying carrying them..
  6. Yeah, you have to carry the boars gently. Dont sprint/jump with them
  7. Nice to know. I will change the guide accordingly. Thank you
  8. I didn't used custom Islands at all. So no, did it on a regular one
  9. Yes you're right. The bouy for the squid is luminated at Night. And all locations break the surface line of the ocean. I have no idea how long it usually take the admins to Review a New guide. It's almost a Werk since I sent it in
  10. It popped for me using crabs, boars, snakes and seagulls. Since I had no bats, i believe the seagulls won't be necessary either. BUT, i had 3 boars becauseI brought one more in case one boar glitches out. So I had 9 dead animals in total on my custom raft
  11. Thats unusual... Sounds like you did everything right. Was it just raining or thunderous storm? It has to be the latter. Did you use the orange life boat or the custom-crafted raft? has to be the latter, again.
  12. I'm pretty sure you have to pick up everything. My last shelter was the one with Wollie and the trophy didn't poped until I grabed the other stuff too. I cant tell if there might be more than three, since the maps are randomly generated. I took the gyrocopter and checked every single island.
  13. You have to search the islands for leftovers of other "survivors". They are pretty obvious structures. I had three of them scattered around the whole map, one of them containing Wollie, the Easteregg you have to find.
  14. Thank you 😁 If you don't mess up the compass thing like I did, it's doable in about 40 hours. It took me 60 ingame days, where a day lasts ~40mins. The speedrun for just getting the compass trophy took 16 ingame days. I'd rate the difficulty 3/10. With the right tactics and equipment the bosses aren't that hard.
  15. Exactly. You need to find (or craft) all those things and bring it there. I already wrote a trophy guide, i don't know how long it takes the admins to publish it.