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  1. You can be killed still once you have exited the base. Thats what could have happened to you
  2. A good place to start:
  3. 400th platinum - Lollipop chainsaw. 150 incomplete games to go 

    1. pot1414


      I have been looking for a cheap copy of this. Now that you got the platinum you should send it to me. Thank you!

    2. ihadalifeb4this



  4. "Serious" trophy hunters would have done them whilst the servers were up
  5. Can confirm as of today its possible too
  6. Couldn't tell you what was going on in 2011 that I'd create such a thread either. Certainly less "blasty blast" moments now I'm older
  7. Create a new user on the ps3 Skip the psn account setup step Play the game and beat it Sign in to your account on the new user you created and sync. If you fail to beat it, don't sign in or sync. You can delete the user on your ps3 .
  8. Draw your last pathetic card so I can end this Yugi

  9. 86% completion achieved! 

  10. Disagree, its a 50 hour at which you'll get before 100 runs. There is more rng in getting crowns on monster hunter and its a shorter grind then the likes of a fear 2 online boost. Then again I really enjoyed the game to do it 3 times, focus on getting your speedrun time below 10mins to pass the time, might help for you
  11. I only need two trophies on a game for 100% but I don't own I buy it again to complete it?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. ExHaseo


      Depends on the game and how expensive it is. I would if it's a game I like and not too expensive. I just waited for a heavy sale for the times this has happened.

    3. Troz


      @funboy1246 could be WRC 10, Pro Evolution Soccer 2011, FIFA 10, Crash Bandicoot: Warped, Vanquish, Worms Revolution, Bejeweled 2, Premier Manager 2012, Pure Chess or Urban Trial Freestyle. My guess is Crash Bandicoot: Warped.

    4. Connie


      This is for worms revolution and the dlc, typically a ps3 game which tend to be more expensive 

  12. Does anyone find ground zeros a lot different in terms of difficulty to the phantom pain?

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    2. Viper


      I still haven't played TPP, it's literally been sitting on my shelf since 2015 (it's one of the first games I bought for my PS4 lol). But I did play Ground Zeroes and really didn't care for it. I never got the 100% in it because I just found it so frustrating and it's part of what's put me off playing TPP for so long (that and the time sync involved for the online portion).

    3. nestamar5


      I had a hard time unlocking all of the trials in Ground Zeroes. It's the reason why I got the platinum in TPP before 100% in GZ. I would get pretty far marking all enemies and end up not finding the last one or two.

    4. Deceptrox


      Since you are only required to S-rank missions on Normal, it shouldn't he that hard. Use empty magazines and CQC to your advantage. Also remember enemy positions. In Normal you can drive a truck at night and the enemy won't see you if you drive fast past them, they will only get suspicious. 


      Remember that only alerts screw your rank so you can just hold them up on the ground and even if someone finds them it won't cause an alert. Just make sure you put them to sleep or knock them out before they find other soldiers held up or they will start sweeping the area.

  13. Finally got that sniper ghost warrior platinum!

  14. Ideally I'd be able to work through my ps3 backlog using the ps5 system through ps now or premium. I cannot handle those load screens now I'm spoilt with ps5 loading