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  1. Finally got the resident evil resistance plat. What a horrible game. 

  2. 3 back to back plats great start to 2021 trophy hunting 

    1. Dr_Mayus


      Nice job Conn

    2. Dead Weight

      Dead Weight

      Great way to start the new year


    3. ihadalifeb4this
  3. Can you delete your club and retry thr placement games?
  4. Yes ofcourse, I was in div 1 and it auto popped
  5. Interesting, very interesting 🤓
  6. Yeah if you've got the trophy on the ps4 version already it pops automatically on the ps5
  7. I wasn't playing on them at the same time. So either way, its not seamless
  8. Error message that occurs: Please note that you can only play fut on one device at a time. You fut session on this system has been closed as you're already playing on a newer generation system.
  9. You can't play fut on both
  10. Awesome idea for a thread appreciate the spreadsheet
  11. Looks great, thanks!
  12. I'll have a princess peach horizontal one with "Connie" if you want something to do
  13. Living in the UK and having to wait an extra week
  14. Not only have i beaten a few games i've been working on but i've also hit my goal of 80%
  15. You haven't seen the replies to this thread and the fall guys twitter page complaining about it then?