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  1. Asking if people who had the game and had all the dlc assignments trophies.
  2. Does anyone know which weapons count for the dlc assignments trophies? Does anyone still own the game who has unlocked all of the weapons?
  3. Congrats again dude. Hope you enjoy the prize. Thanks for everyone taking part and a big extra thanks for the guys who kept the spreadsheet up to date. Brilliant idea. Next up Euro 2020?
  4. 0 England vs Belgium 1 3 France vs Croatia 1
  5. Tuesday, July 10 France 3-2 Belgium Wednesday, July 11 England 2-1 Croatia Tuesday, July 10 France 3-2 Belgium Wednesday, July 11 England 2-1 Croatia
  6. True probs won't be able to trade but I believe you get 10k exp after reaching certain ranks of friendship. Can't say no to free gifts/xp
  7. If you want to be added on Pokemon go post your friend code below. Good for sharing gifts and exp. My Trainer Code is 4571 9493 2236!
  8. Friday 6 July Uruguay 1 - 2 France Brazil 2 - 1 Belgium Saturday 7 July England 2 - 1 Sweden Russia 1 - 2 Croatia It's coming home.
  9. 0 points for that. It'll be the same if you predict a 2-1 win for one team but they only win on penalties. T Think thats the best way to do it
  10. For example if you predict a 1-1 draw (rightscore) right team to win = 3 if you predict a 1-1 draw (rightscore) wrong team to win =2 if you predict a 1-1 draw (wrongscore) right team to win = 2 If you predict a 1-1 draw (wrongscore) wrong team to win = 1 Extra time is basically the same as 90 mins in terms of scoring
  11. Saturday 30 June France vs Argentina - Kazan, 3pm (Match 50) Uruguay vs Portugal - Sochi, 7pm (Match 49) Sunday 1 July Spain vs Russia - Moscow (Luzhniki), 3pm (Match 51) Croatia vs Denmark - Nizhny Novgorod, 7pm (Match 52) Monday 2 July Brazil vs Mexico - Samara, 3pm (Match 53) Belgium vs Japan - Rostov-on-Don, 7pm (Match 54) Tuesday 3 July Sweden vs Switzerland - St Petersburg 3pm (Match 55) Columbia vs Group G England - Moscow (Spartak), 7pm (Match 56) To clarify again. If you want to predict penalties for one of the knockout games. 1 point for guessing it'll go to penalties, 3 points for guessing the correct team to win penalties and the correct score.. 2 points if you guess the correct score but guess the wrong team to win the pens. 2 points if you guess the right team to win the penalties but the wrong score.
  12. It would 1 point for guessing it would go to penalties and 3 if you guessed the right team to win.
  13. 26 June 1 Denmark vs. France 2 (3pm, ITV) 0 Australia vs. Peru 1 (3pm, ITV4) 0 Iceland vs. Croatia 2 (7pm, BBC) 2 Argentina vs. Nigeria 1 (7pm, BBC) 27 June 0 South Korea vs. Germany 1(3pm, BBC) 2 Mexico vs. Sweden 0 (3pm, BBC) 1 Serbia vs. Brazil 2 (7pm, ITV) 3 Switzerland vs. Costa Rica 0 (7pm, ITV4) 28 June 2 Senegal vs. Colombia 0 (3pm, BBC) 1 Japan vs. Poland 1(3pm, BBC) 1 England vs. Belgium 1 (7pm, ITV) 0 Panama vs. Tunisia 3(7pm, ITV4) Note for the knockout stages. It's a bit different because there is extra time and there is penalties. If you think a game might go to extra time you don't need to mention this. Just the final result you predict. If you think the game is going to end on penalties you do need to predict this. For example. 1 Germany vs Portugal 1 portugal won on penalties.
  14. Added the spreadsheet to the original post, post your next fixtures. 22 June Brazil vs. Costa Rica (1pm, ITV) Nigeria vs. Iceland (4pm, BBC) Serbia vs. Switzerland (7pm, BBC) 23 June Belgium vs. Tunisia (1pm, BBC) South Korea vs. Mexico (4pm, ITV) Germany vs. Sweden (7pm, ITV) 24 June England vs. Panama (1pm, BBC) Japan vs. Senegal (4pm, BBC) Poland vs. Colombia (7pm, ITV) 25 June Uruguay vs. Russia (3pm, ITV) Saudi Arabia vs. Egypt (3pm, ITV4) Spain vs. Morocco (7pm, BBC) Iran vs. Portugal (7pm, BBC) My Predictions
  15. Next Fixtures 18 June Sweden vs. South Korea (1pm, ITV) Belgium vs. Panama (4pm, BBC) Tunisia vs. England (7pm, BBC) 19 June Colombia vs. Japan (1pm, BBC) Poland vs. Senegal (4pm, ITV) Russia vs. Egypt (7pm, BBC) 20 June Portugal vs. Morocco (1pm, BBC) Uruguay vs. Saudi Arabia (4pm, BBC) Iran vs. Spain (7pm, ITV) 21 June Denmark vs. Australia (1pm, ITV) France vs. Peru (4pm, ITV) Argentina vs. Croatia (7pm, BBC) Also great idea with the google docs scoreboard! Saves me a job updating haha