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  1. The NG+ in Spider-Man went fast if you just ignored the side-stuff, but having to go thru tutorials all over again was kind of pointless. NG+ in Odyssey wouldn't be too bad, but some of the chapters are pretty long, specially the one in the middle when you have to do multiple side-quests just to finish one of three main quests.
  2. It feels big up until you've opened up every area, and then when you can just fast travel around, it becomes very small.
  3. Picked up the AC Odyssey Season Pass. I've been waiting for that to go on sale and the time finally came. I might grab the Far Cry 5 Season Pass, or maybe the Ezio Collection.
  4. Seems like Xbox gets all the Assassin's Creed games while Sony gets all the other Ubisoft games. 100 GB storage update though, wow. Nice bonus.
  5. That's a fun list.
  6. I'm guess I'm used to it, they've been doing this since AC2 (Auditore Family Crypt) but seem to sometimes skip it, it's not in all of them. I think they left it out of AC3, definitely AC4 and Syndicate, and there was one in Origins (Secrets of the First Pyramids). Unity has one as well (Murdered by Science or something), but I swear I saw it on the map even though I never bought the Uplay reward. I completely forgot about Brotherhood and Revelations, so I'm not sure if they had a Uplay quest reward. The problem I have with The Blind King is it was included for free with the physical version, so to complete all the Uplay challenges, I have to spend 40 points on something I already have.
  7. The expiry date doesn't apply to points you have now, it will be for points earned past their new date. This quest, is it "The Blind King" or has a new one been announced?
  8. No. Wait until Respawn releases the Star Wars game they've been working on, then you can take the license away. Why is this an issue anyways? Disney doesn't know how to handle video game licenses, they always sell them then think they can open their own studio and make their own games. A few years later, it's fire everyone and sell the rights out again.
  9. Yeah, I just have the base game and I got it Black Friday for $27 US. 100+ hours on it alone, no DLC, and I still haven't finished up everything. At this point, paying full price for the DLC still makes it worth it.... but I'm waiting to get even more for less.
  10. Scholar and Astrologist suffer from having lots of spells, which doesn't work that well with a controller. With a keyboard/mouse there wouldn't be a problem since you have so many more hotkey bars. Doing low level content with Astrologist (30-60) is fun, since playing with the cards while healing helps keep you busy. Scholar got really complicated above 60 so I didn't have much experience with it outside of healing in Heaven-on-High. I main White Mage, it's easy and it gives you a lot of safety. Low level content is kind of boring since you don't have much to do.
  11. I'm gonna wait and see. Probably check out a few streams once it's released.
  12. One Piece Grand Cruise
  13. It's looking like a Quebec-only thing, since your tax is handled differently than the rest of Canada.
  14. Is the mission out? The trophy name was added a while back but as of yesterday, there was still no mission.
  15. I'm hoping for a kart racing game. They have a dance game series, so why not kart racing?!