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  1. You don't even have to join a party, just follow them from FATE to FATE. There's no real way to speed this up, you just have to suffer through it. The best thing you can do is set a daily goal so you don't drive yourself crazy with boredom.
  2. Plants vs Zombies 3 was released earlier this year on Android. I don't know if it's limited to certain areas though.
  3. I think this is actually pretty funny considering Microsoft was denied buying TikTok last week. It's like their immediate response to that rejection was to run out and buy a game publisher/developer.
  4. Group Effort is definitely bugged. It popped for me at 10 Inhuman and 14 Shield.
  5. Yep, says right in the description that it's for "putting yourself" in your game stream, as in the little box streamers have with their face in it while they play a game.
  6. I did another Villain Sector, it didn't count on the weekly challenge card again. I'd keep trying but I'm rerolling the challenge so I don't miss out on the reward.
  7. I just finished a Villain Sector and it didn't count on the challenge card (it's a weekly challenge for me), so I'm guessing that didn't count for the trophy either huh.
  8. The only gripe I have is I was trying to do the Global Offensive mission chain and I can't finish it because there's no Snowy Tundra missions available for me. It's weird to just lock out an entire zone like that.
  9. I don't rush it, so I don't burn out. It helps if you don't care about completion or how long it will take for completion.
  10. A Wink and a Smile was missable, unless they added more persuasion chances in the DLC (I really don't remember the DLC).
  11. Tomorrow, August 27.
  12. And another PS Hit goes to PS+. Only a few left that they haven't given out.
  13. You still need the Legendary (orange). Red is the highest level of Evo Armor. From what I understand, you spawn in with the Evo armor, and since the highest level of it (red) has more armor, they must have buffed the spawn rate for the Legendary.
  14. Fact of the matter is, they have corporations fighting each other to get their logos into the game. It's succeeded on a level no other game has.
  15. With how many bugs the BR mode has, I would not want them to add trophies related to it. I finally finished the "First" challenge card for this season, by getting the first kill in a match.... in the middle of the match when around 20 people were already dead. I had just gotten my 2nd kill and suddenly it popped up. There's also several challenge cards you can't finish, been like that the entire season. If you collect too many XP coins in a match, the challenge card just breaks, not awarding you credit past a certain number.