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  1. In the last patch it upscaled all enemies to be close to your level, no matter what. I forgot the limit, but it shouldn't be higher than your level like you're experiencing.
  2. He was a Templar, a couple of the games make mention of it. The Russia one is already a game, Assassin's Creed Chronicles: Russia. It's based off their first comic book series. Some of the others on the list are in comics and novels as well (including the US Civil War). That post-apocalyptic world could work if it's set shortly after the destruction of the Isu civilization.
  3. To the Dark and Back Again in Marvel's Avengers. I tried to make Avengers my last platinum of 2020 but ran out of time. Instead it became my first platinum of 2021.
  4. They showed up for me around the last patch, but I couldn't put points into them.
  5. They always leave expired rewards up as a "Look what you missed". From the sound of it I assumed that demo was some mobile game or something. Good to know at least.
  6. If this trophy doesn't pop after killing 3, just keep killing. It popped for me after killing 5 enemies. I killed 4 of them in my first attempt, nothing happened, so I just left and came back. After killing one more Shield Bearer it popped.
  7. They tend to cluster near points of interest near where the zone closes in. I find almost none until the first circle finishes closing, then it sort of starts to snowball. I can swear they also know where you are, so camping a certain point kind of brings them to you.
  8. There was a problem in Odyssey where the story just bloats in the middle and you have to do quite a bit of filler. It happens again in Valhalla, but not quite as bad. The exploration is no where as bad as Odyssey, and I find it really fun. The change from side-quests to short little events is perfect, they're not as long and some just take seconds.
  9. Because some of us did fish in the expansion areas and watched the achievement go well past 1000 with no trophy popping. I switched over to Costa Del Sol, caught another 300-400 fish and then the trophy finally popped. Why they did that, no one knows, but a lot of us have made that mistake as proof.
  10. Ahh ok thanks. I gave it a try and leveled up a weapon and yeah, the resistance went up as well.
  11. The trophy was changed a while back, this site just never tracked it. The current trophy is reach level 10 Mastery in 7 weapons (which is all the weapon types). And yes, I played it after the update and the power level thing is just weird. It's easy to level your weapons up, but your armor?.. I don't know how unless you have to Power Surge them to raise them, which is a lot of grinding.
  12. I only know Quebec charges provincial taxes on digital goods, but other provinces that don't have harmonized sales taxes might have been as well. Companies didn't have to charge GST on digital goods, and since some provinces merged GST with provincial taxes (Ontario is one), tax couldn't be collected in those provinces. I guess there goes the tax-free games on PC as well.
  13. Thanks, I didn't know we weren't supposed to be overwriting it and I kept saving over it.
  14. Dauntless is undergoing an update on the December 3rd which will be altering the game quite a bit. They've said nothing about the trophies getting changed, but since it sounds like the entire "leveling" system is being changed, the Mastery ones may or may not become harder to earn. If you can, you probably want to finish them up now. The pursuits are also being removed, so trophies involving slaying certain behemoths maybe become sort of luck based. Edit: Well, looks like the trophies stay the same. Mastery levels are still in the game, but I can't tell if it takes longer to hit the required levels since I've already hit them. They did remove some but replaced them with more experience based mastery challenges.
  15. No bugs here but the cloud save has disappeared. Gone completely.