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  1. If they imported the same achievement list these games have on Steam, then yeah, it would require you to beat the game. In Cybarian's case, beating the game without taking any damage too.
  2. Yep, and decent price too.
  3. I'm glad they waited until the Big Mom arc was over.
  4. Yep, the copying is way worse. It also seems to be the smaller the patch, the longer the copying. Instant download since it's so small, but then 10 minutes to copy. 6GB download? Instant copy.
  5. The only real problem the game has is how the enemies become damage sponges the higher the level you get, specially the boss characters. You can counter that with stealth assassinations, but that doesn't solve the boss problem, where you just sit there wailing on them.
  6. Is this a joke? Easy pass.
  7. 50%, it says right there when you log into the game and gives you a splash screen asking if you want to buy the bundle that gives you 25 levels on the Hunter Pass.
  8. Yes, it doesn't work, although I only tested Castlevania 3.
  9. Thanks for the info, I had no idea this game existed. I'm definitely gonna check out EBgames for this gem.
  10. Ha, a trophy for dashing backwards. That was the only way to get around in SoTN.
  11. It's a beta, it's not a full release. They released it to test it out, and it's being tested.
  12. What are the dates on those trophies? That DIAMONDS trophy has changed, it used to be just acquire diamonds.
  13. Those aren't DLC, they're free "updates" they release every few weeks. One should probably be activated this coming week, the other.. not sure. Probably after Atlantis Episode 3. As was mentioned above, The Discovery Tour will be added later, I think the release date is sometime in the Fall. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they add trophies related to the Quest Maker they're working on.
  14. You didn't look at the list hard enough. The PS4 version has trophies the Xbox One version doesn't, namely God Mastery trophies. The PS4 version requires you to master 70 damn gods, while the Xbox One version, if you had actually looked at the list, requires you to do the little mini-achievements for certain gods (kill X number of enemies with this spell 2 times or something). You can finish those in less than 30 minutes. You can't master a God in 30 minutes, considering the average game takes 15-20 minutes each. So the PS4 version wants you to play 70 gods for a certain amount of time, while the Xbox version just wants you to play a new god for maybe 10 minutes. The PS4 version should take longer. As people said, make another account and do it again, or just do the mini-achievements for each god and earn in-game rewards instead.
  15. It looks... off. It's the characters, they look like they're trying to be the MCU versions, but they don't want to pay for the celebrity likeness.