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  1. A missed opportunity if the Great Saiyaman poses aren't a DDR-type mini-game.
  2. The 100% trophy is bugged so it pops without having all the upgrades. I collected my last crown and it popped right after the King Crow trophy did, but I was still missing an upgrade.
  3. I did it in Private with AI.
  4. There's no XP multiplier because there's an ability you can equip that increases XP gains.
  5. No one knows but Ubisoft. The only thing we can go on is Ubisoft normally put DLC trophies up a month before the DLC went live.
  6. As long as you have the XP boost ability equipped, it isn't so bad. Also if you don't care about the items, you can just keep spending your coins on XP. The medals are really easy, they're just for doing little challenges (or big) in the quest areas.
  7. No, at least not yet. I bought the game, loaded it up, and there was no bonuses for having GW2 with Mastered characters. They might add something, they might not. They've changed things around this time. You don't unlock variations of the characters, you unlock abilities that the old characters had. As an example Sunflower can now have an ability to heal when dealing damage, just like the Vampire Sunflower had in GW2. Other changes include no more lootbox/sticker packs. You just drop gold into a gacha machine and they give you a random item. The quest hub is way larger, and I think there's multiple quest hubs? I'm not too sure, but each one has hidden gnomes and treasure chests, costume rewards. Let's just say the game is a lot larger than the previous one.
  8. I couldn't even put it in the cart, it was "Play on PS Now" on the PS4, and "Add to wishlist" on the web browser. Problem is solved though, someone on the PS Blog said Sony listed the wrong version of the game. The Playstation Hits version is free, so if anyone still can't add it, check the Playstation Hits section.
  9. It's looking like Canadians can't get Arkham Knight. I hope they fix this..
  10. I really don't know how many times this needs to be said. They do not develop the games. They are publishers. Their business model is approaching small developers who have either free to play games or $5 or less games on Steam, and offer to publish their games on Microsoft and Sony consoles for a cut of the profits. There does seem to be some deal where the trophies/achievements need to be easier than the Steam achievements though.
  11. They removed a lot of achievements from the PC version, but that's good since a lot of them were just grindy as could be (socketing/destroying gems, fishing, etc).
  12. Whoa! I'm gonna be honest, I had a feeling those games would eventually be PS+ so I never bought them.
  13. I could swear there was an option to hide it but it eventually came back.
  14. Hmm.. I'll give that elevation thing a try. My problem is my PS3 will read everything but blu-ray movies.
  15. There's more to it than just Disney wanting 50/50, they were trying to "offer assistance" with Venom movies and Spider-Verse, which is an attempt to get money from those movies as well. This is all Disney being greedy like they always have been, and they're probably going to cave (Disney, not Sony).