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  1. Thanks for the notice, looks like an interesting game.
  2. I don't care about EA, Activision Blizzard is way worse. I'm interested in this game, Respawn is a great developer.
  3. Influencers are living, breathing commercials. Years ago people would always whine about ads on TV, but now those ads have just become people on social media trying to sell a product. People eat it up instead of complaining like they did with ads.
  4. Ha, I just bought Outlast 2 on Steam yesterday. Good lineup next month.
  5. The ride never ends!
  6. Weird that it's only one of the games that gets a majority of the trophies.
  7. It was announced a while back that Spec Ops is PS4 exclusive for a year. It's separate to make sure Xbox One and players can still complete the game.
  8. Speeding up repeat sales eh? Guess it will be Warner Bros. sale again next week, or maybe shake things up with a Rockstar sale!
  9. It does. The class specific ones work too except the 25 headshot kills, but since the game has been patched since then, maybe it works now.
  10. The platinum is unobtainable since the servers went offline a couple of years ago. I wouldn't recommend it unless you don't care about completion.
  11. There's a new training mode coming out soon (might be this coming Tuesday). Now the thing is it apparently will have every item available for you to test things out with, including both the Legendary Helmet and Armor. That might help out with the trophy, just have to wait and see. As for World's Edge, you need to shoot the loot bot when the orb turns red and it should drop a key. The problem after that is hoping you can get to the vault and not be ambushed, or it's not too late in the game that the ring has consumed both vaults. Edit: Ok, the Firing Range was added to the game and looting the helmet and armor there will not pop the trophy. Gotta do it the hard way!
  12. I see a trophy that will work well as a milestone.
  13. Oh boy! Speakers in the controller again. Yay..
  14. Private lobby, the game always kicks you to it if you're AFK for 2-3 minutes. Their servers were also taken offline a couple of times this week to fix some bugs.
  15. Working on Grinder Man in Surge Deluxe. Touch controls with the Vita and having to play it for such a long time really do make it painful. I get that these trophies are to make you play the game longer, but this one is really too much.