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  1. No, it's an appliance.
  2. Because Sony gets money from them. Whatever fee it costs to list on the store then they get a 30% cut of every sale, and it costs them nothing. Money is all that matters. I suppose the simplest solution is to contact Sony and tell them you'll pay to keep those games off the store. You need to pay more than they earn though..
  3. Certain GameStops stores were/are selling it for an actual penny. It all depends on if the local stores.
  4. Yeah, just the 100%, thanks! The Dawn of the Druids was unaffected so I'm ok there. Edit: Mission doesn't effect the 100%, and this bug is on every platform too. One heck of a screw-up.
  5. I seem to have run into a bug, and I'm hoping it doesn't effect the 100% completion trophy. Does the Amber Sun quest count for the trophy? I'll spoiler the exact thing just in case. If quest completion is needed, I might be in serious trouble. I've tried loading an older save file and it didn't work either.
  6. Do you mean disconnect it from the Battle Royale completely? If so, no, that will never happen. If you mean shut down StW, eventually, when the entire game (both StW and Battle Royale) becomes unprofitable, they'll pull the plug on the whole game.
  7. Zero problems here, I actually enjoy the game. It's not very Assassin's Creedy as the ideal playstyle is just running up to enemies and killing them all in 1-2 hits, but I have fun with the game. Hopefully this mode will make combat a bit more challenging if things are randomized.
  8. There's a new Jeepers Creepers movie coming and he's not involved in any way. Without access to any legal documents, it's entirely possible he has no rights over the character.
  9. No, I really wish this would stop. If this keeps up there won't be anything left but a small handful of publishers.
  10. I'll take Yakuza and add it to the backlog. One day I'll get thru all of them..
  11. The other day I got the All Together Now daily mission, and while doing a Survivor Rescue mission, I noticed a majority of the survivors were counting twice instead of once, so when I finished the mission, All Together Now was listed as 27/50 complete, even though the mission ends at 15 Survivors. I figured I'd check the "Rescue Survivors" challenge today required for a trophy, and sure enough, it's awarding more than 1 survivor per survivor saved. It gave me 25 Survivors saved even though 15 had been saved. There didn't seem to be a specific survivor rescue type that "paid out" more than the others, it seemed random (out of the med kit, destroy a pack of husks, and save the survivor on top of a vehicle). I only tested it out on a low level mission (level 5), so I'm not sure about the higher level versions.
  12. How about Frogo? I platinumed that earlier in the month.
  13. Platinumed Bugsnax, surprisingly fun game. I vote for Monarch Butterfly. I try my best to help them since they breed here during the summer months, but last year almost all my adult milkweed was lost to a bacteria, and the ones that weren't had all the Monarch caterpillars eaten by hornets. I still managed to help out 3 caterpillars grow into butterflies since I could shield some younger milkweed. This year though... nothing at all. I think they could use all the protection they could get.
  14. No funny icons and no funny trophy names. For a game that seemingly embraces memes, they certainly skimped out with trophies/achievements.
  15. I wonder what the catch will be. The standard loyalty reward catch is points expire in a year or two. Maybe the same as Nintendo, where you get maybe $5 off when you buy a game, but physical game reward points expire after a certain amount of time.