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  1. Already own BFN so that's off the table. Tennis though? Easy pass.
  2. I got the 2nd one reserved, I'll see how things go and make the final decision when it's actually time to order it.
  3. Ontario has harmonized sales tax. The provincial tax is fused with the GST.
  4. Hmm.. It's tempting. I'm looking for a laptop, something portable, and this might do the trick.
  5. Don't have an opinion until I see it in action. Rebellion popped into my head when I saw the announcement, and that was not a fun game.
  6. How nice of Sony to send constant notifications from PS Now about Battlegrounds, then offer it up on PS+ a month later.
  7. I like the Isu and Modern storylines, so another season of DLC tells me the Siege of Paris will not continue either of them, that it's just another historical theme park. So I'll just do like I have been: not buying any of the DLC until they actually decide to continue the storyline.
  8. I finally got Master Assassin today, not that it was super bugged, I just took a while to get the kills. I started in Season 9 (it's now Season 11), every other trophy popped when they should have, but Master Assassin popped at 1002 kills. I kind of suspect it was off by 2 since a couple of times I was caught in my own grenade explosion, and while the game counted the kill, it didn't actually count. I only played FPP, didn't play Duos or Squads until Season 11.
  9. With this patch comes the last step of the relic weapon quest for the expansion. If you're needing to do Alexander, the Omegascapes, or Eden, there is going to be a ton of people running them over the course of the next 2-3 weeks. Just the normal versions, not the Savages. If you haven't run them yet, now is certainly a good time.
  10. I think the glitch with people being less than 100m away was fixed. I've switched from playing solo to playing 1-man squads and trophies have been popping when they were supposed to.
  11. What surprised me was the price of the Japanese voices: $7 Canadian. I've never seen a voice pack cost that much money.
  12. I should stop reading patch notes first thing in the morning.
  13. Patch notes say there's new trophies for the PS3/PS4 version, but the list hasn't been updated.
  14. I'm never touching the PS5 version. 3000 FATES? That is pure torture. Gathering AND crafting collectables? It went from a minor grind to an extreme grind. Oh, Expansion lists with Savage modes. Yeah, no. Definitely not touching it.
  15. I'd really suggest buying any physical games you want now as well, because the market for physical PS3 games will change for the worst when the digital option is gone. It really makes me wish I could check out the used section at EBGames, but they're all pick-up only here.