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  1. Thanks for the Dark Reader suggestion. Installed it and looks great. It's a bit hard seeing the "Reply" box on these forums though, but hey, I found it anyways.
  2. I didn't even notice it was changed, so I'm fine with it.
  3. Signing up for Yonko, platinums are in my trophy cabinet.
  4. No, it wasn't even a time saver. It was just.. there. You earned better orcs and gear playing the game normally.
  5. Oh, let's see how many free Gold chests I get for the free. I really like that armor that gives you orcs a chance to resurrect if killed.
  6. Those descriptions are awesome.
  7. Oh, then yeah, should be fine.
  8. You're limited to 100 levequests, and it regens at something like 6 a day, so it's impossible to do that in 15 days.
  9. Guardian of Rebirth is the main story. Future Blessings would be next, then I suppose the new one, Wintertide Miracles, would be last.
  10. Where's Deception IV? It's seriously US only and not Canada as well? I went to add the games and Extreme Exorcism was there.
  11. Deception IV on PS3 is nice, I have it on Vita and it shares a list so eh. Maybe the last of the online trophies I need will be easier to get on PS3. The rest I'll pass on.
  12. I was never really that into GTA Online, but some kind of building management system has got my interest.
  13. Oh I know you didn't, I didn't mean to make it sound like you did. That part had been directed at others saying it was. I know what you mean about Savini Jason, I've always been too afraid to use him in a public match.
  14. Part of the fanbase has an unhealthy attachment to Jason X so it angers them. To those saying the game was a failure, it was the game making money and being a success that drew the attention of the lawsuit. Had it failed, this would have never happened.
  15. Is that "Ending" trophy image a little flame guy with 2 middle fingers sticking up?