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  1. You're not buying a game, this is free to play, so that argument instantly goes out the window. Free trophies and people still complain....
  2. I was getting this regardless of the list. All those Castlevania games in one place, so good!
  3. Is the Rise of the Giant update on PS4? I play the PC version and when that patch was added, it became way easier.
  4. Gambling and spending money on lootboxes are two different things. Gambling can win you money back, and it's the thrill of the win people become addicted to. Opening a lootbox gets you nothing in real life, and it doesn't guarantee a win, so it can't be seen as gambling at all. It does share a lack of self-control with gambling, but that's it.
  5. Mmmm.. Timelog... I'll take that.
  6. They're retiring because they don't have time to play games?.. This isn't a sprint, you're not in a race.
  7. The broken games that have a bugged trophy and can't be finished, sure.
  8. That is a great list.
  9. It's already confirmed there's no new AC until 2020. All I want from E3 is information on when the next AC is set.
  10. Same here, played a quick game, deployed troops, and it popped up when I went back to the multiplayer menu.
  11. I really need to clear my backlog of PS+ games so I can cancel it. I haven't added any of these games in months. I feel like Microsoft and Sony both aren't even trying anymore.
  12. When they get rid of trophies.
  13. DLC can sometime take about an hour to "activate" after you buy and download it.
  14. Oh boy! DB Xenoverse 2 DLC on sale! Oh... not the newer DLC. A single One Piece game is on sale? And not Unlimited World Red for PS4? Well, there are some games I see that I might pick up, just have to wait for the CDN prices to be sure.
  15. The problem I see here is certain people derive self-esteem from trophies and are angry that others can get quick trophies with minimal playtime. The solution is quite easy: stop comparing yourselves to others. No, you're not going to get these games removed from PSN. No, you're not going to get people to stop playing them. Focus on yourself and your games instead. If you see one of their trophy lists added to the site, just roll your eyes and go back to what you were doing.