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  1. The "hardcore" stuff is Savage Trials, and they're 100% completely optional. They add nothing to the story, the whole idea behind them is some bard is imagining a more exciting version of a battle. They give good weapons or armor that are a few items levels higher than what can be made or earned in the non-Savage raids. The big raids can be done with randoms in the Duty Finder without a problem, they allow for many errors in the fights.
  2. It's a completely random quest, but it's been quite a long time since I last had it. I unlocked it in January 2020 and I got it a few more times after that, but in the past few months I've never seen it. I don't reroll challenges though. I gave a look over at the Xbox version and people have been unlocking it there. Seems just like some people have had bad luck.
  3. What area are you in? I got it often when I was still on the Stonewood story and occasionally Plankerton, but I've never gotten it since I got to Canney Valley, and I've really taken my sweet time there.
  4. If it's grindy and I don't have to pay attention to in-game noise, I just boot up Spotify and listen to music.
  5. Battlefront 2 DLC is free. They removed all microtransactions as well. The entire game is open with no additional payments required.
  6. Once DLC2 came out, the CoD games would always switch to "Gold" versions that would include DLC1.
  7. I'm fine with cross-play between consoles, even cross-play with PC in coop games. In versus modes though, no to PC. PC players will either hack or cheat, or just plain have a massive advantage with a mouse and keyboard.
  8. No, parts of the main story, "100 raids", and the Coil trophy require you to group with people, although for the main story and 100 raids you just use the Duty Finder which teams you up with random people. Edit: Technically the Coil can be done alone if you have the expansions and just plain outlevel the boss.
  9. I'll second the part about 1000 FATES, that is where the real grind comes in. When the game relaunched, FATES were the best way to get XP and level up, but they would eventually nerf them and now they serve very little purpose until you get to Shadowbringers which boosted the XP a bit and gives you currency to buy rewards. If you're going to grind it out, just make sure you have something to watch or listen to.
  10. Everyone does things for different reasons. You seem to care more about rarity, while others care about how many more trophies they have over others. Some people just want to collect all the trophies from games/series they like. Some want to be the quickest.
  11. If you're looking at the guide, it is pretty outdated. Crafting and harvesting underwent a change last patch and are now easier and the trophies should come quicker. You're still going to need lots of materials, but the crafting is less complicated and harvesting is quicker. It's a good time to start because there's an event going on that gives rewards for lower level dungeons so there should be plenty of people running the older content. Just keep in mind the 1000 levequest trophy is going to take a while and you will have to pay a monthly fee if you want to platinum it.
  12. It's just the base game without the expansions. All the trophies can be earned with it, but you're not going to earn them all in the free month so you would eventually need to pay the monthly fee.
  13. You can easily switch between platforms, but you do need to buy the other version, it's not cross-buy. If you started on PC, you're going to have to buy the PS4 version. If you have any of the expansions, you're going to have to re-buy those as well.
  14. I like free. That's a nice bonus.
  15. And I said, it worked for me but I was already level 30 and had completed the story. All the DLC and other trophies from the base game still unlocked for me after using the boost. If I had to guess, it locks you out of trophies if you skip the main story, specially since other Ubisoft games do the same thing.