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  1. I think the glitch with people being less than 100m away was fixed. I've switched from playing solo to playing 1-man squads and trophies have been popping when they were supposed to.
  2. What surprised me was the price of the Japanese voices: $7 Canadian. I've never seen a voice pack cost that much money.
  3. I should stop reading patch notes first thing in the morning.
  4. Patch notes say there's new trophies for the PS3/PS4 version, but the list hasn't been updated.
  5. I'm never touching the PS5 version. 3000 FATES? That is pure torture. Gathering AND crafting collectables? It went from a minor grind to an extreme grind. Oh, Expansion lists with Savage modes. Yeah, no. Definitely not touching it.
  6. I'd really suggest buying any physical games you want now as well, because the market for physical PS3 games will change for the worst when the digital option is gone. It really makes me wish I could check out the used section at EBGames, but they're all pick-up only here.
  7. Awesome, congrats! And thanks for that info, I've been sticking with just FPP solo so I might give the duo/squad modes a try now for the other trophies. Was the in-game kill counter accurate? I've been using the season results to add up my kills.
  8. Nothing. If I don't have the DLC already, it's because it's not worth it. Most I've played on another platform so I definitely know they're not worth the money.
  9. The FATES in Shadowbringer award you with a currency you can spend to buy things in each Shadowbringer zone, so there's now an added incentive for doing them. You will be able to buy everything you want before you hit 1000.
  10. You need to team up with another player once to get the "Revive a teammate" trophy, and the "Ride in a vehicle with an enemy player" has to be done with another player since bots won't touch the vehicles. The only time a game is finished quickly is Karakin, since it's such a small map, while all the others you probably won't see anyone for 10 minutes. Odds of running into another human player on those maps will probably take 20 minutes unless you drop as soon as you're allowed. That's solo FPP with crossplay off though, I've never tried the Duo/Squad modes yet.
  11. It should be lifetime, but each patch has the potential to bug it again. I've earned a few "Do this X times" over 2 seasons when I should have. Some confirmation would be nice though since I tend to put this game on hold for months at a time (I really shouldn't...). Also, good game this morning, hope you got the win.
  12. It's 2021. Tons of games have been shut down permanently and will never be played again. While I doubt this rumor is true, it will happen one day, so it's always a good idea to do what you need to do before a rumor becomes real.
  13. I've been running "Let The Games Begin" repeatedly to level Hawkeye. It doesn't disappear for me. Edit: Ok, with the new patch it does disappear.
  14. Got the 10 million. Trophy popped before the message even showed up.
  15. If you're trying to do "Let the Games Begin", power level 40 is the absolute minimum you can do. I tried to lower it with a really low character (28 or something), and it was locked. Switched to a 48, I could lower it to 43.