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  1. They've published a roadmap for what's coming early this year, found here: So next month, 2 new characters (Encanto character and Olaf). April is looking like Simba, at least, and then in the summer, the guess is Vaneloppe or whatever her name is from Wreck-It-Ralph. That's maybe 5 houses, although I could easily see Olaf being put into Elsa or Anna/Kristoff's house. Someone is destined for the pumpkin house in the dark forest. Getting there, slowly, but surely.
  2. The current "Share the Fun" expires in an hour for North America. I guess that's the new one that will replace it.
  3. This is about Assassin's Creed Infinity. Since the AC series will no longer be stand-alone games and will be played in AC Infinity, they need to figure out how to handle trophies/achievements for it and it's probably ruining whatever money-grabbing scheme they were going to run.
  4. Do you mean if you've finished/platinumed a PS5 game then moved back to the PS4 version? If so, it won't auto-pop trophies on the PS4 version, at least to my knowledge. I played Jedi Fallen Order up to a certain point on PS4, then took a (long) break, and when I got a PS5, played the PS5 version from scratch and platinumed it. I then went back to the PS4 version (on the PS5), loaded up the PS4 save file I started so long ago, and played thru it and finished it off. No auto-pop trophies.
  5. Fallen Order is perfectly fine on PS5. I had no problems with it at all. The PS4 version, that one had problems. I played them back to back (started the PS4 version first but took a very long break, then when I got a PS5 I switched to that version), so when I finished the PS5 version, I went back to the PS4 one and timing seemed way off on jumps/attacks/dodging/parrying, and it was really janky. I'll take Axiom Verge 2, not so sure about Fallout 76.
  6. Yep, you're right, it takes 5 minutes to respawn. I didn't notice because I only checked the first node after I had re-entered the mine.
  7. I gave the potion another test, you need to use the potion on the mining spots that show gems (the ones that are guaranteed to give you a gem at the end). Every strike will be a gem if you have the potion on. But.. In the process of getting the materials for the potion, I saw the Vitalys crystals count for mining minerals. Every Vitalys node in the mine will give a gem or a Vitalys Crystal, meaning if you want to farm the mining trophy, just go farm the mine once you have it opened, mining all the spots, then leaving and going back in to respawn them. Also, you cannot have someone with you when you mine there, it locks you out of mining the node. Edit: This one is weird, one villager locked me out of mining there, but another didn't. As for Buzz and Woody..... if you want to finish their questlines, stock up on blue flowers. That means removing areas of every single flower every few hours (or day, depends on how much you want to play) so new ones can grow. The last part of Buzz' questline requires 20 blue flowers from the Plaza, Glade of Trust, and Forest of Valor. After 2 days I've only got 5 blue milkweed from the Glade.. The 3rd villager in the patch, they take more than a week to unlock, so the sooner you start it, the better.
  8. The online statistic is once again completely off. I didn't play an hour of PUBG.
  9. Oh, they hid it in extras. I was going to rewatch it and now I know where to find it. Thanks! Reminds me of how the put the Comanche version of Prey in the extras instead of just the usual language options.
  10. So the newest update has come, and it added the cloud saving for your character/village to PS consoles that all the other versions have had since launch. I decided to give it a test to see if it would auto-pop the PS4 version trophies, and no, it did not. Even repeating the tasks that awarded the trophies (having a Daily Discussion with a Best Friend, selling something to try and trigger having 1.8 million cash) would do nothing. I'm too far away from any other trophy to test a PS4 to PS5 auto-pop. I have no idea if it's bugged, they tend to ignore any questions asked and just reply to people posting screenshots. The update also adds at least 2 more houses for the "Repair 30 homes", possibly a 3rd, one of the new villagers seems to be locked behind a time-gate. And because it adds 3 more villagers, the Daily Discussion should speed up if you don't have it. It might have also added a quicker way to farm the mining trophy, since it introduced a potion system that will buff your tools for a certain amount of uses. While most are pretty much whatever (fishing one will turn any rarity of fishing point to the best), the pickaxe one I assume makes every strike a gem. Since my counter was above 1k, it wouldn't give me an accurate number on the tracker, but I don't see why it wouldn't count. Edit: Now that enough time has passed, the 3rd village does have a house to repair. This brings the total to 12.
  11. I simply don't care. I do try to avoid broken games though unless they break after I've started.
  12. They're 100% optional and all the stuff they gave was terrible unless you wanted cosmetic armor. All the gear is available at some vendor in some town too, it just removes some boring quests where you bare-knuckle box or shoot targets with arrows. Finished it early today. I was let down, so basic. Does lead into AC:Mirage though, but since that game was supposed to be Valhalla DLC, it's not really surprising.
  13. Calm down.
  14. Turning off the seasonal quests too. Kind of strange, but the Yule one never worked for me to start with.
  15. Best place I found to grind is the Forgotten Land. It only has 2 ponds, so just pick one, catch the fish at the "bubbles" spawn, and within a few seconds another will spawn. You barely have to move and I think the longest I had to wait was 10 seconds.