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  1. Game is $5 on Steam, it was released 2 years ago, and it has a grand total of 5 reviews.
  2. Big surprise, a battle royale mode. Yawn... Can't wait for EA to announce the same thing for Battlefield V, followed by Ubisoft announcing their version. And bold move cutting out the campaign to "spread" a story into the other modes, even though Zombies already had one.
  3. When it costs more to maintain the servers than what you're receiving from it, you shut it down.
  4. So uh.. the one thing no one has bothered to mention is the writer of the Jak series, Amy Hennig, doesn't work for Naughty Dog anymore. She quit after the directors from The Last of Us were brought on due to Sony and Naughty Dog thinking they could somehow improve Uncharted, since they (the directors of TLOU) wanted her to charge her story in favor of what they wanted. If there was a new Jak game, it wouldn't be the same.
  5. I don't need this right now... Too much temptation.
  6. I don't care.
  7. Oh, don't worry. I have a launch PS4 and it stopped pulling in discs a while back. No PS4 is immune to Sony patented "kwality" workmanship.
  8. Don't take the bait next time. That's what some people try to do, bait someone into swearing or insulting them, then report. It's petty, but it works.
  9. The game was released this morning and by the evening, it's already 50% off.
  10. So they've finally decided to release a $60 game that's nothing but a reskin of the previous version's multiplayer. The one thing that separated them from EA was EA just craps out the same sports games every year with a different roster, while Activision at least had a different campaign in their CoD games. If this ends up being true, I wonder if EA will do the same to their Battlefield games.
  11. World of Final Fantasy
  12. Konami is allergic to money.
  13. The developer is from Canada, so it's definitely in the PS Store. Check under "All Deals" in the Sale section; both games are permanently on sale because no one buys them.
  14. No, it's been like this for years.