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  1. The modern Scarlet Spider, I was hoping that one would be in the game.
  2. Has good reviews on Steam and is pretty inexpensive, I'll pick it up for Vita.
  3. No they haven't. Venom just made $80 million in North America alone in one weekend, with a sequel being greenlit almost instantly. Then there's the Miles Morales movie coming out soon, which is animated so it's guaranteed to make them nearly 100x times the movie's budget (animated films cost barely anything to make and can't fail). To top it all off, they have Marvel making them Spider-Man movies, so they get to share the profits from any Marvel film with Spider-Man in it. That means Sony pays nothing, yet gets money. There's obviously some kind of video game deal in there as well, which is why the Spider-Man game is exclusive when Sony doesn't own the game rights. As for this topic, don't worry, Sony is censoring violence as well. With the Venom sequel greenlit and featuring Carnage, you'd expect it to get an R rating. Nope, PG13. They'll be toning down one of the most violent comic characters in existence so children can watch it.
  4. I don't think they can do crossplay, each version has different exclusive content that the other companies definitely wouldn't allow on other consoles. Sony has the Last of Us levels, Xbox One has.. uh.. I don't know, and Switch has the Zelda armors.
  5. Try doing it later on at night as well, I couldn't connect with my partner at all until really late at night (on PS3, Vita connected instantly).
  6. It's a different system. The problems Sony is talking about, and the fact that developers are going back into PS3 games to deal with this means Sony's system is extremely different. Xbox Live and Steam are just change your name, boom, done. No bugs, nothing. Whatever Sony did, they really made it difficult.
  7. For a company that has decided single player is pointless, they sure do like to add in fluff no one will bother to watch or listen to (the audio/video files).
  8. That was fast.
  9. This is a game made only to sell lootboxes, nothing else.
  10. I'd go with Legend of the Dragoon since I never played it back then, and I still own all my favorite PS1 games.
  11. Some people don't take the news of being fired too well either. Getting them out of the building quickly means the ill-tempered ones can't lash out.
  12. Iron Spider/Infinity War, whatever you wanna call it. I was really surprised that the eyes of the mask actually cast light. They sure put a lot of work into those suits.
  13. C'mon... It's fairly obvious why Telltale went belly up. They grabbed up too many big name licenses and they didn't sell enough to make up for it. Game of Thrones is huge, they thought if they got the rights, all the people that watch the show would buy a game based of it. Same with Guardians of the Galaxy, but nope, all the people who liked the show/movies didn't buy the games, and they didn't get enough profit to make up for their losses. Batman is another expensive license, it being 2nd or 3rd in super hero licenses, and again, the game didn't sell. I would guess they thought buying popular licenses would work, since their Walking Dead game sold so well at first when the Walking Dead show was very popular. Sadly they gambled, and they lost.
  14. To be under an NDA, you have to have signed something. If the game is shipped/bought early, there's no NDA in place. List looks fine, I hated the naval stuff in AC3 so I never played Rogue or AC4, but it seemed fine in AC Origins so if it's the same system from Origins in this game, that's alright. I really hope there's no trophies for romancing people... I really don't know why they added that to the series.
  15. And there I was wondering if Darius and his use of the hidden blade would be in the main game. Guess that answers that. I wonder if they're going to have someone else invent it and pass it onto him. Oh well, have to wait for DLC to find out.