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  1. The trailer pretty much confirmed that with how they smashed someones head in and talked about power is everything.
  2. No. Inactive players are players that you don't have to worry about in rankings.
  3. Modern parenting is all about how blame needs to be passed onto someone else. It's never their fault when they ignore the ESRB/PEGI rating, it has to be Sony/Microsoft for allowing the game to be released. Dark times. Dark times indeed.
  4. Start a party, make it private. In Party Settings make sure Chat Audio is set to "Prioritize Party Chat", which will lock out all voice chat except your party (which is empty and no one can join it unless you invite them). That's the only way to mute in-game chats for games without the option.
  5. It better. Asterix comics were a staple in Canadian schools. I'll definitely be picking this game up. Edit: Nevermind, not buying the PS4 version. $66 Canadian on PS4 versus $30 Canadian on Steam? I've never seen a game this badly priced on PS4.
  6. It's a beta, there's going to be bugs.
  7. I held off on buying SOMA, hoping it would one day be a PS+ game. That day has finally come.
  8. It's happening! It's finally happening!
  9. Whoa, if this works, I definitely will go back to Rack N' Ruin.
  10. Just take some basic low level materia, slot it in some low level gear, then retrieve it and repeat. You don't have to put in 100 different materia, it can be the same one over and over.
  11. Square Enix absolutely hates the series. It's the only Eidos property they refused to give even the most basic remaster to (they updated all the Tomb Raider and Thief games back on the PS3/Xbox360 days). That Japanese list looks so much better.
  12. Infamous Festival of Blood for free? Yes please!
  13. The modern Scarlet Spider, I was hoping that one would be in the game.
  14. Has good reviews on Steam and is pretty inexpensive, I'll pick it up for Vita.
  15. No they haven't. Venom just made $80 million in North America alone in one weekend, with a sequel being greenlit almost instantly. Then there's the Miles Morales movie coming out soon, which is animated so it's guaranteed to make them nearly 100x times the movie's budget (animated films cost barely anything to make and can't fail). To top it all off, they have Marvel making them Spider-Man movies, so they get to share the profits from any Marvel film with Spider-Man in it. That means Sony pays nothing, yet gets money. There's obviously some kind of video game deal in there as well, which is why the Spider-Man game is exclusive when Sony doesn't own the game rights. As for this topic, don't worry, Sony is censoring violence as well. With the Venom sequel greenlit and featuring Carnage, you'd expect it to get an R rating. Nope, PG13. They'll be toning down one of the most violent comic characters in existence so children can watch it.