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  1. Probably a little late to the party...but on my server (Goblin) if you're patient and check the market board several times throughout the week you can usually pick up multiple stacks of HQ potions for only 2g each. Doubles the exp reward and only cost 1/14th the cost of a potion from a vendor.
  2. I find it incredibly difficult to play solo. But I am probably doing something wrong like not grasping some fundamental aspect of this title's gameplay. Having said that, however, I contacted the developer because I was going to do a "Let's Play" on YouTube. I wanted to know if there was anything I wasn't understanding before I began recording and also because I wanted their permission to use their game - you know, the professional thing to do. Anyway, I wrote 3 emails and never received a response so I doubt they really care enough about their game to have made it truly "playable" in the first place.
  3. Not to mention that three of the trophies are glitched. In addition, you have to rotate the pieces 75% of the time, which just adds another unnecessary annoyance. Also, with that, you can't rotate said pieces completely around. What I mean by that is if you have a piece rotated right 90 degrees, you can't keep tapping the rotate button to get it to come full'd only be able to rotate right twice. To get it oriented the proper way, you'd have to rotate left. Not a big deal per se, but just one more annoyance to add to the list. Finally, most of the photos are crap.